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Old 05-04-2003, 11:04 AM
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i remind when Princess Diana been visit USA for funds raised charity she mostly visited New York and Chicago only then she visit New York for Dress Auction. I think so Prince William will lived in USA he will be alone like that he wanted be indepdent maybe lived in New York or Chicago but both Chicago and New York not safe for Prince William because have crime there if he have choose them !

I would want meet Prince William when he lived USA i wishes it.

Sara Boyce

Old 05-04-2003, 11:51 AM
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:woot: wow!!! how can i be on the guess list??lol
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Old 05-04-2003, 11:52 AM
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I agree Josefine: Would William be really left alone in the United States? Americans are most familiar with the British and Monaco royals. William would hardly be anonymous in New York. Not as Infanta Elena of Spain and her family have been, anyway.

And as I see it, it is William's way of escaping the inevitable. He has to start facing up to his responsibilities and future role some time. Prolonging it more and more isn't going to help him I think. Not that I think he should be thrown head first into public and royal life full of duties. But he has to start some time and the press have been pretty accomodating for the past 4 years while William has been away at St. Andrews. And now he wants several more years in New York or Chicago? The press aren't going to be nice to him for very much longer.
Old 05-04-2003, 01:31 PM
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Princess Madeleine of Sweden has more and more duties as a princess and duchess, and she is third in line to the Swedish throne
She is in training to help out her sister later, she will be a support to Victoria, and William has not yet started his "King school"…
(Victorias education has been called Queen school)
They are just a few weeks apart in age..
The longer he waits to be come more familiar in is role the harder it will be..

I don't think he can have a low profile in the US, look at all the famous people that has paparazzi after them..
The US magazines would follow him around and just wait to see if he is dating or just walk together with an American girl,
She will be called an American princess, be compared to princess Grace and his mother Diana, Princess of Wales…
Old 05-05-2003, 11:15 AM
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I read the news about the Prince William he will lived USA after St. Andrews in 2005 he not wanted get from spotlight like media as his mother do ! he wanted away from spotlight its sad news the royals wanted down Prince William.

here websites is

i will more add news soon

Sara Boyce
Old 05-05-2003, 03:04 PM
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These are the stamps for Prince William's 21st birthday.
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Old 05-05-2003, 03:47 PM
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5 MAY 2003
article from

Fast approaching his landmark 21st birthday on June 21, Prince William has startled royal watchers by revealing he would like to spend some time in the States when he finishes college. Britain's future king will complete his fine arts degree at St Andrews University in Scotland in two years' time.

A weekend newspaper report said that William has told courtiers he would like to do a post-graduate course in New York, or perhaps work in an art gallery or auction house for a year or two. He apparently hopes for a "free and easier" lifestyle away from the full glare of public interest, and believes he could find it in America.

A royal source stresses that the option is merely "under discussion" at the moment, but even so, the report has caused ripples because the tradition is for royal males to spend time in the armed forces before taking up their public duties. "To go abroad in his position would be unprecedented," said one expert.

William, however, has always been reluctant to face his future as king, despite his popularity. He rigidly avoids the limelight and has set his face against public celebrations for his upcoming birthday, insisting instead that he wants to mark the occasion by having a few drinks and dancing the night away with friends in London.
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Old 05-06-2003, 02:20 PM
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May 5, 2003 -- Better sit down for this one, all you single girls -
Prince William may be headed for New York.
The hunky blonde royal, considered one of the world's most eligible
bachelors, is said to be eyeing the Big Apple as his new home after
he graduates from college.

William, 20, has reportedly told his dad, Prince Charles, that he
wants to spend "a few years" living in the United States, where he
could enjoy a "free and easier" life away from the prying eyes of
British media.

"He is determined to maintain a degree of anonymity and feels America
offers him the best chance of that," one royal source told Britain's
Sunday Mirror.

"At the moment, it is under discussion, with New York as the option
he prefers."

The source added that William might work in an art gallery or auction
house, or possibly go for a post-graduate degree.

"Like his mother [Princess Diana], he wants his independence, and is
convinced the States will offer that to him."

If Wills settles in Manhattan, it would be a major departure from
what other young heirs to the throne have done.

Traditionally, royal princes join the military immediately after
leaving school, and Wills' kid brother Prince Harry has already said
he wants to join the Army.

But William apparently wants to put his years at St. Andrew's
University, where he's studying art and geography and will graduate
in 2005 - to use in the civilian world before considering an official
role in the royal family.

When he reaches 21 in six weeks time, the prince will be able to draw
on a $3 million trust fund. At the age of 25, he'll get another $35
million trust.
Old 05-08-2003, 01:24 AM
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you have websites ?

for Prince William's 21st birthday stamps ?

Sara Boyce
Old 05-08-2003, 02:37 AM
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Hey Sara1981,

I don't have any website for you to go online and buy the stamps.I got the pictures from allover press.
You have your life, I have my life, you do your thing, I do my thing, I understand that you were not put on this earth to please me, just as I am not here to please you, but if we should meet, it would be a beautiful thing.
Old 05-10-2003, 04:20 AM
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This was sent to me by The Royal_Fanatsy Yahoo group.

Could Prince William and his flatmate Kate Middleton be
romatically involved?

Louisa Pearson

It appears that rumours of the demise of the fairytale princess have
been greatly exaggerated. This weekend, the Sun ran an article with the
headline, "Is This William’s Queen of Hearts?" This exclusive speculated
that Prince William "only had eyes for the girl beside him", his
flatmate Kate Middleton. Despite the agreement forged between St James’s
Palace, the Press Complaints Commission and newspapers not to pursue the
prince while he was at university, it seemed inevitable that sooner or
later these stories would start to appear. But the really low blow is
that Wills’s potential Miss Right should be presented as a replacement for
Diana, a woman whose own fairytale romance went badly awry.

The idea that Prince William and Kate Middleton are romantically
involved seems based on superficial evidence. As flatmates and second-year
students at St Andrews University, the pair are often seen together.
Their attendance at a recent rugby tournament prompted an unnamed source to
comment: "Their body language was very revealing. They looked very
close." In contrast, the father of Miss Middleton commented: "People do not
seem to realise that there are two girls and two boys sharing the flat
at the university. They are together all the time because they’re the
best of pals - and yes, cameramen are going to get photos of them
together. But there is nothing more to it than that. We are very amused at
the thought of being in-laws to Prince William, but I don’t think it is
going to happen."

It’s clear the couple have much in common. Both are aged 20 and
attended exclusive public schools; they share a love of sport and met while
studying History of Art. But the Middleton family business, running a
mail-order children’s party toys company, leaves them somewhat removed
from the House of Windsor.

Kate Middleton is not the first girl to be linked to Prince William.
Unlike his father, William has been allowed to choose his own girlfriends
without the palace using the power of veto. At St Andrews he has also
been linked to a fellow student, Bryony Daniels, the daughter of a
wealthy landowner. The response from Daniels’s family to these rumours was
dismissive, her mother saying: "They naturally see a fair amount of each
other because they are studying the same things." Casual romances have
been reported with businessman’s daughter Emilia d’Erlanger, who joined
William on a cruise, and he has enjoyed the company of Arabella
Musgrave, a stalwart of the polo circuit set. Tongues wagged when six girls
were among the party of student friends the prince invited to Wood Farm,
near Sandringham, for the weekend.

No-one could dispute that the heir to the throne would be quite a
catch. He has inherited his mother’s good looks, and when he reaches 21 this
summer he will be able to draw on a £2 million trust fund set up for
him by the Queen Mother. At 25, he will get another £22 million trust. It
is easy to visualise the kiss’n’tell dollies hanging out in the bars of
St Andrews, hoping to snare themselves a prince.

But, a few natural lapses notwithstanding, William has been a picture
of restraint during his time as a student, enjoying a few drinks in Ma
Bells and the Gin House in St Andrews and being a regular at K Bar in
Soho and Jak’s in Lower Sloane Street in London. In Cotswold pubs and
restaurants he mixes with the polo set where there’s no shortage of pretty
girls vying for his attention.

Parallels could be drawn with the summer of 1971, when a young Prince
Charles was pictured chatting on the polo field with Camilla Shand. But
for today’s young Royals, the rules of dating have changed. When Diana
was first courted by Prince Charles, she was required to call him Sir,
right up until their engagement. Prior to his relationship with Diana,
Prince Charles played the field in full view of the press and the
public eye.

An oft-quoted memorandum from Charles’s great uncle, Earl Mountbatten,
written in 1974 said: "I believe in a case like yours that a man should
sow his wild oats and have as many affairs as possible before settling
down. But, for a wife, he should chose a suitable and sweet-hearted
girl before she meets anyone else she might fall for." Mountbatten told
Time magazine that Charles was always "popping in and out of bed with
girls". Before his hunt for a suitable wife began, the Prince of Wales was
romantically linked to a string of well-connected women, including Lady
Jane Wellesley, Davina Sheffield, Sarah Spencer and Anna Wallace. Some
were seen as "suitable"; others, such as Buddhist Zoe Sallis, were not.
Charles’s courtship with Diana Spencer was played out in the media
almost like an informal interview, guaging her suitability for a place in
the monarchy. The nation watched every stage unfold as if it was a soap
opera. Diana passed the initial test, but in the end turned out to be
unsuitable, like so many other royal matches.

Edward VIII started the trend for falling in love with the wrong sort
of girl when he married American divorcee Wallis Simpson. In recent
decades Prince Andrew followed suit, first by falling for American Koo
Stark, an actress who drew immediate comparisons to Simpson. Stark
described it as "a relationship between two young people that was not
dissimilar to any other love affair", but it soon turned to scandal after
revelations that the actress had once starred in an erotic film.

Making Sarah Ferguson his wife was equally unsuccessful for Prince
Andrew, as the lively redhead found it difficult to settle into the routine
of royal life. Princess Diana soon emerged as another woman who found
the demands of protocol and etiquette too much. Harold Brookes-Baker,
publishing director of Burke’s Peerage, has said: "In any group you have
to conform to the group rules and if you don’t then you don’t stay in
that network for very long. In general, the aristocracy are not as open
as other sections of society; they also tend to abide by a different
set of rules, which if you are not from that section of society can be
terribly divisive." For Diana and Sarah, the fairytale implications of
marrying a prince turned out to be strictly fiction.

Today, the young Royals seem to be treading cautiously before
committing themselves to marriage. Princess Anne’s children, at her insistence,
do not have titles but they still rank high in social circles. Peter
Phillips lived with American heiress Elizabeth Iorio for eight months and
more recently had a four-month romance with air stewardess Tara Swain.
His sister Zara and her live-in boyfriend, National Hunt jockey Richard
Johnson, invited Hello! magazine to photograph their Cotswold home.
Although the Phillips siblings are not subject to the same scrutiny as
Prince William, the approach to their love lives seems unconstrained by
protocol or parental pressure - the idea of "living in sin" would have
been unthinkable a generation earlier.

As the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince William will have to find
a method of dealing with the inevitible media scrutiny. According to
royal biographer Ingrid Seward in her book, William and Harry, William’s
favourite chat-up line is: "Hi, I’m the future king, wanna pull?" He
might give it an ironic inflection, but with public confessions of
admiration from students and even pop princess Britney Spears, it’s an
invitation plenty of eligible young ladies would jump at.

Having enjoyed a degree of privacy as a student at St Andrews, perhaps
it’s not such a surprise that William has announced his intention to
spend a few years living in the United States after he finishes his
degree. Work in a gallery or auction house, and the possibility of a
post-graduate degree, have apparently been discussed. Says a courtier:
"William is determined to maintain a degree of anonymity and feels America
offers him the best chance of that." This would be an unprecedented move.
But William seems determined to forge his own path - he rarely
undertakes royal duties and signs his cheques "William Wales".

The chance of a relationship surviving seems to decrease in proportion
to the amount of time a person spends in the public eye. At the age of
20, William still has plenty of time to find the girl of his dreams,
but it’s no surprise that he craves anonymity and independence. Having
seen every detail of his parents’ relationship photographed, analysed and
commented on, it seems clear that when he does embark on a serious
relationship, Prince William will strive to keep it under wraps.
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Old 05-10-2003, 04:26 AM
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Shocked ... William

EXCLUSIVEWills' fury at paparazzi pic


PRINCE William is “furious” after learning that a photo used on a stamp commemorating his 21st birthday was taken by one of Princess Diana’s paparazzi tormentors.
Friends say he is shocked the Royal Mail made such a blunder.
A photograph by Brendan Beirne has been reproduced on a 28p stamp to be issued next month.
It is one of four commemorating William’s 21st birthday.
A St James’s Palace spokesman said last night: ”It is very unfortunate this has happened.”
The colour snap taken by award-winning Beirne shows William arriving for his first day of term at St Andrew’s University in Scotland.
Beirne, 45, was at the event for international picture agency Corbis.
But he is best known as one of the paparazzi who trailed Princess Diana around London in the 1990s.
The Princess even went as far as to accuse Beirne of “harassment” after he was involved in an ugly street scuffle with her in the months before her death.
A Palace aide said: “The Royal Mail should have made detailed checks. They must know how sensitive an issue photos are with William.
“He will be very unhappy but there is nothing we can do.”

it's from the sun. poor william... :(
Old 05-10-2003, 11:29 AM
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Hi !

I got mail yesterday i got disppointment because of Kate who flirt at him i not appearicate she play with him at rugby im honest you read it them !

i have attrachement here it them ! you know that i not like that girls who flirt with Prince William when i read People magazine yesterday i got SO shock it ! maybe will get more from Hello! the British Magazine soon wait find out then will send you.

i dont know how to make image ? said must http:// ? you know how ?

Sara Boyce :
Old 05-11-2003, 03:19 AM
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text from

May 10 2003

THE story that Earl Spencer is to put Princess Diana's actual bed on display at his family home is typical of the man.

To begin with I could hardly believe what my colleague Jane Kerr wrote in the Mirror on Tuesday, but I'm not sure why I was so stunned. I've known the chap since he was a squit at Eton and was waiting each Sunday for his doting sibling to turn up at college to take him out to lunch.

Since those days Spencer has proved more than once that he will do virtually anything to get punters into his stately pile. The figures of those visiting Althorp are hugely down; he apparently desperately needs the £10.50-a-head revenue.

He can think of nothing better so, bingo... he decides to pull this tacky stroke. This involves putting on display the very four-poster where Big Sis, the world's most famous woman, slept with Prince Charles and did "that wicked thing".

I have to say it's this behaviour, this pervasive attitude, this let's-not-give-a-damn about anybody or anything as long as the dosh rolls in that has made his "blood relatives", William and Harry, keep their distance from Uncle Charles. Did I say "keep their distance"? I can't recall the last time the three set eyes on one another.

Why? Because, just like you and me, they don't trust him. They think he talks to the papers far too much and that he let their mother down by not allowing her to live in a house on the family estate, Althorp, as she wanted. At the time of Diana's funeral, Charles Spencer vowed from the pulpit at Westminster Abbey that the princes' "blood family" would have a huge input into their upbringing. Well, they don't.

I get the feeling that William and Harry, particularly since the court case against Paul Burrell, see almost nobody, but specifically on their "not wanted" list is their uncle. They go out of their way to avoid him. This is particularly true of William. Harry, I am told, is closer.

The biggest charge against Spencer comes from the older prince. He's always accused his uncle of "feathering his own nest through his relationship with my mother".

The story revealed this week for the opening of Althorp on July 1 just endorses this sense of disgust. I suppose they don't have the cost of maintaining Spencer's magnificent Northamptonshire home (it's far nicer, even grander, than Sandringham) but they will accept no excuses even though viewing figures since the place was first opened in 1998 are down from 140,000 to 113,000.

A much-asked question is whether the boys ever go to Althorp to view the grave of Princess Diana, buried on a soggy island in the middle of a lake. The answer is yes but not often.

And when they do go, they always try to visit when Spencer isn't in residence. They find out when he's abroad and then say that is the time they want to go. Says a pal: "They've got their strategy down to a fine art."
Old 05-12-2003, 04:43 PM
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May 11 2003
EXCLUSIVE: Out Of Africa theme for William's 21st
By Deborah Sherwood and Emma Cox

PRINCE William is planning an Out Of Africa-themed party for his 21st birthday bash at Windsor Castle.

Guests have been told to dress in keeping with the Oscar-winning movie starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford which was set at the time of the First World War.

And it is believed rooms at Windsor Castle will be transformed into scenes from the African bush for the night.

The Out Of Africa theme will bring back fond memories of William's three-month stay in Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya two years ago.

He was fascinated by the wildlife and conservation projects he saw and said afterwards: "I loved Africa and learned a lot from it. I met some really decent people."

Last week 225 specially-designed invitations to the exclusive gathering began being sent out to close friends and family for the party on June 21.

They feature a cut-out of a grey elephant charging through pampas grass and were made by artist Alec Cobbe, who has designed invitations for previous royal parties.

Underneath, in copper-plate scroll is written, "HRH The Prince of Wales requests the pleasure of your company to celebrate Prince William's 21st birthday at Windsor Castle on 21 June 7.30pm for 8.15pm. Dress: Out Of Africa".

An insider said: "Guests are expected to arrive in safari-type clothes, or pith helmets looking like extras from the film.

"It is a really small party by royal standards. There were huge parties for other royal birthdays.

"William's will be very select and very exclusive. There will be a lot of people who will be absolutely delighted to go - and many who will be furious they are not going.

"It's the party Charles is giving for his son. It will be incredible."

Well-placed royal insiders have revealed how Prince William was determined not to have some "stuffy" do for his 21st and took a large part in coming up with ideas for the party.

"What William did not want was some stuffy invitation going out like normal with gold edging. This is more flamboyant."

However, one thing Prince Charles is thought to have had some say in was the music. "He said we're not having any heavy metal - it's Windsor Castle," said a royal aide.

"It was all tongue-in-cheek. William is more keen on girl groups."

William and Charles spent ages planning the party along with loyal aide Michael Fawcett, who was forced to resign from the Palace earlier this year after it was revealed he sold unwanted royal gifts.

Fawcett, dubbed "The Fence", now runs a freelance party planning company, with the Prince of Wales as his main client.

As a result of that scandal, William will have to keep a precise inventory of all the gifts he receives and will not be allowed to sell any of them. "The only gifts that can be given away are perishable items with a value of less than £50,"said a spokeswoman for William. All other items must be recorded and kept.

A royal aide revealed there has been talk at St James's Palace about inviting a number of high- profile guests from Africa. Last night Elizabeth Duckworth-Chad, whose daughter Davina has been invited , said: "We do not want to comment. The party is a private affair."

Rosemarie Hicks-Lobbecke, whose daughter Natalie is also going to be there, said: "We would rather not say anything."

Kate Middleton, who shares a flat with William at St Andrew's University in Scotland, said: "I realise everyone is interested in the party, but please understand that I can't comment."
Old 05-13-2003, 04:16 PM
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William Gives Stamp Of Approval To The Royal Mail

12 MAY 2003
Prince William's 21st birthday is to be commemorated with a new set of stamps. The series, which will go on sale four days before he comes of age on June 21, features some of the most memorable photo portraits of the Prince, including one taken by a paparazzi photographer.

There will also be a set of limited edition coins to mark the event, but the stamps will go on general release. And Royal Mail is so convinced of William's popularity that they are printing some 20 million units, in denominations of 28p, 37p, 47p and 68p.

"We were delighted when the Palace agreed to a set of commemorative stamps being released to mark this special occasion," said a Royal Mail spokesman. "We expect these striking images of Prince William will have a worldwide appeal with the public and collectors alike."

Wills is also looking forward to a wild birthday bash at Windsor Castle. The celebrations are to have an Out Of Africa theme, with guests dressed in the style of the Oscar-winning movie.

The Queen has given permission for all the castle's state rooms to be transformed for the night and invitations, featuring a charging elephant, have already been sent out to over 200 guests. The young prince is adamant that it won't be a "stuffy" affair, though his father has set some parameters on the choice of music. "He said we're not having any heavy metal," revealed an aide. "After all, it is Windsor Castle."

From Hello.

The photo used in the 28p stamp was taken by paparazzi photographer Brenada Beirne when William arrived at St Andrews in 2001. The snapper took the picture at a legitimate photo opportunity, however
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The 47p stamp shows a Camera Press shot taken when William visited the Anchor Mills project in Paisley in September 2001
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Old 05-13-2003, 04:23 PM
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The 68p stamp meanwhile employs a portrait by royal photographer Tim Graham
Attached Images
You have your life, I have my life, you do your thing, I do my thing, I understand that you were not put on this earth to please me, just as I am not here to please you, but if we should meet, it would be a beautiful thing.
Old 05-13-2003, 04:28 PM
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The 37p stamp also employs a portrait, taken by Tim Graham at Highgrove in 2001
Attached Images
You have your life, I have my life, you do your thing, I do my thing, I understand that you were not put on this earth to please me, just as I am not here to please you, but if we should meet, it would be a beautiful thing.
Old 05-13-2003, 04:28 PM
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Ever notice his smile's the same?
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