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Old 05-10-2003, 11:29 AM
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Hi !

I got mail yesterday i got disppointment because of Kate who flirt at him i not appearicate she play with him at rugby im honest you read it them !

i have attrachement here it them ! you know that i not like that girls who flirt with Prince William when i read People magazine yesterday i got SO shock it ! maybe will get more from Hello! the British Magazine soon wait find out then will send you.

i dont know how to make image ? said must http:// ? you know how ?

Sara Boyce :

Old 05-11-2003, 03:19 AM
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text from

May 10 2003

THE story that Earl Spencer is to put Princess Diana's actual bed on display at his family home is typical of the man.

To begin with I could hardly believe what my colleague Jane Kerr wrote in the Mirror on Tuesday, but I'm not sure why I was so stunned. I've known the chap since he was a squit at Eton and was waiting each Sunday for his doting sibling to turn up at college to take him out to lunch.

Since those days Spencer has proved more than once that he will do virtually anything to get punters into his stately pile. The figures of those visiting Althorp are hugely down; he apparently desperately needs the £10.50-a-head revenue.

He can think of nothing better so, bingo... he decides to pull this tacky stroke. This involves putting on display the very four-poster where Big Sis, the world's most famous woman, slept with Prince Charles and did "that wicked thing".

I have to say it's this behaviour, this pervasive attitude, this let's-not-give-a-damn about anybody or anything as long as the dosh rolls in that has made his "blood relatives", William and Harry, keep their distance from Uncle Charles. Did I say "keep their distance"? I can't recall the last time the three set eyes on one another.

Why? Because, just like you and me, they don't trust him. They think he talks to the papers far too much and that he let their mother down by not allowing her to live in a house on the family estate, Althorp, as she wanted. At the time of Diana's funeral, Charles Spencer vowed from the pulpit at Westminster Abbey that the princes' "blood family" would have a huge input into their upbringing. Well, they don't.

I get the feeling that William and Harry, particularly since the court case against Paul Burrell, see almost nobody, but specifically on their "not wanted" list is their uncle. They go out of their way to avoid him. This is particularly true of William. Harry, I am told, is closer.

The biggest charge against Spencer comes from the older prince. He's always accused his uncle of "feathering his own nest through his relationship with my mother".

The story revealed this week for the opening of Althorp on July 1 just endorses this sense of disgust. I suppose they don't have the cost of maintaining Spencer's magnificent Northamptonshire home (it's far nicer, even grander, than Sandringham) but they will accept no excuses even though viewing figures since the place was first opened in 1998 are down from 140,000 to 113,000.

A much-asked question is whether the boys ever go to Althorp to view the grave of Princess Diana, buried on a soggy island in the middle of a lake. The answer is yes but not often.

And when they do go, they always try to visit when Spencer isn't in residence. They find out when he's abroad and then say that is the time they want to go. Says a pal: "They've got their strategy down to a fine art."

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May 11 2003
EXCLUSIVE: Out Of Africa theme for William's 21st
By Deborah Sherwood and Emma Cox

PRINCE William is planning an Out Of Africa-themed party for his 21st birthday bash at Windsor Castle.

Guests have been told to dress in keeping with the Oscar-winning movie starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford which was set at the time of the First World War.

And it is believed rooms at Windsor Castle will be transformed into scenes from the African bush for the night.

The Out Of Africa theme will bring back fond memories of William's three-month stay in Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya two years ago.

He was fascinated by the wildlife and conservation projects he saw and said afterwards: "I loved Africa and learned a lot from it. I met some really decent people."

Last week 225 specially-designed invitations to the exclusive gathering began being sent out to close friends and family for the party on June 21.

They feature a cut-out of a grey elephant charging through pampas grass and were made by artist Alec Cobbe, who has designed invitations for previous royal parties.

Underneath, in copper-plate scroll is written, "HRH The Prince of Wales requests the pleasure of your company to celebrate Prince William's 21st birthday at Windsor Castle on 21 June 7.30pm for 8.15pm. Dress: Out Of Africa".

An insider said: "Guests are expected to arrive in safari-type clothes, or pith helmets looking like extras from the film.

"It is a really small party by royal standards. There were huge parties for other royal birthdays.

"William's will be very select and very exclusive. There will be a lot of people who will be absolutely delighted to go - and many who will be furious they are not going.

"It's the party Charles is giving for his son. It will be incredible."

Well-placed royal insiders have revealed how Prince William was determined not to have some "stuffy" do for his 21st and took a large part in coming up with ideas for the party.

"What William did not want was some stuffy invitation going out like normal with gold edging. This is more flamboyant."

However, one thing Prince Charles is thought to have had some say in was the music. "He said we're not having any heavy metal - it's Windsor Castle," said a royal aide.

"It was all tongue-in-cheek. William is more keen on girl groups."

William and Charles spent ages planning the party along with loyal aide Michael Fawcett, who was forced to resign from the Palace earlier this year after it was revealed he sold unwanted royal gifts.

Fawcett, dubbed "The Fence", now runs a freelance party planning company, with the Prince of Wales as his main client.

As a result of that scandal, William will have to keep a precise inventory of all the gifts he receives and will not be allowed to sell any of them. "The only gifts that can be given away are perishable items with a value of less than £50,"said a spokeswoman for William. All other items must be recorded and kept.

A royal aide revealed there has been talk at St James's Palace about inviting a number of high- profile guests from Africa. Last night Elizabeth Duckworth-Chad, whose daughter Davina has been invited , said: "We do not want to comment. The party is a private affair."

Rosemarie Hicks-Lobbecke, whose daughter Natalie is also going to be there, said: "We would rather not say anything."

Kate Middleton, who shares a flat with William at St Andrew's University in Scotland, said: "I realise everyone is interested in the party, but please understand that I can't comment."
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William Gives Stamp Of Approval To The Royal Mail

12 MAY 2003
Prince William's 21st birthday is to be commemorated with a new set of stamps. The series, which will go on sale four days before he comes of age on June 21, features some of the most memorable photo portraits of the Prince, including one taken by a paparazzi photographer.

There will also be a set of limited edition coins to mark the event, but the stamps will go on general release. And Royal Mail is so convinced of William's popularity that they are printing some 20 million units, in denominations of 28p, 37p, 47p and 68p.

"We were delighted when the Palace agreed to a set of commemorative stamps being released to mark this special occasion," said a Royal Mail spokesman. "We expect these striking images of Prince William will have a worldwide appeal with the public and collectors alike."

Wills is also looking forward to a wild birthday bash at Windsor Castle. The celebrations are to have an Out Of Africa theme, with guests dressed in the style of the Oscar-winning movie.

The Queen has given permission for all the castle's state rooms to be transformed for the night and invitations, featuring a charging elephant, have already been sent out to over 200 guests. The young prince is adamant that it won't be a "stuffy" affair, though his father has set some parameters on the choice of music. "He said we're not having any heavy metal," revealed an aide. "After all, it is Windsor Castle."

From Hello.

The photo used in the 28p stamp was taken by paparazzi photographer Brenada Beirne when William arrived at St Andrews in 2001. The snapper took the picture at a legitimate photo opportunity, however
Attached Images
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The 47p stamp shows a Camera Press shot taken when William visited the Anchor Mills project in Paisley in September 2001

The 68p stamp meanwhile employs a portrait by royal photographer Tim Graham

The 37p stamp also employs a portrait, taken by Tim Graham at Highgrove in 2001
Attached Images
You have your life, I have my life, you do your thing, I do my thing, I understand that you were not put on this earth to please me, just as I am not here to please you, but if we should meet, it would be a beautiful thing.
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Ever notice his smile's the same?
Old 05-13-2003, 07:35 PM
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I would want that his stamps too and coins also !!!! maybe i will order from Majesty's magazine because im still subcribe i always order all the times like as Queen Elizabeth 2 and Prince William, anythings too i have stamps of Princess Diana first times about years ago like as 1961-1997 i have it and i got another one from London England where i going trip also one year ago. and another one from order company i always kept it forever i have plates of Princess Diana's from my Aunt's i will put plates soon.

I hope so i will get buy from London that my favourites buy from there my mother knew it i always buy anythings of Prince William and Princess Diana and anythings like that!

Sara Boyce
Old 05-15-2003, 05:39 AM
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By Colin Wills

AMERICA went wild last week over the Sunday Mirror's exclusive report that Prince William wants to live in New York after he finishes at St Andrews University.

The reaction from newspapers and TV networks across the country was the same: "Great Wills - come on over." And all were speculating on what Wills would do and where he would live.

The New York Daily News said: "He has all of the former colonies to choose from, but William wants to take a break from royal routine in New York." The rival New York Post added: "Better sit down for this one, all you single girls - William may be headed for New York."

Then the paper gave 10 tongue-in-cheek reasons why Wills should move to NYC. They included a reminder that the city's bars don't have a "sissy midnight curfew", US girls have better teeth and the strippers have better silicone jobs, while the only queens he would have to deal with are the transexuals.

The Kansas City Star tried to persuade Wills to move West instead "if you really want anonymity".

All the US reports pointed out that neither Buckingham Palace nor St James's Palace denied our story.
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From Rex Features
Attached Thumbnails
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Hey Josefine,
I afraid I end up posting the same story as you, so I decide to go back to edit and post this instead.
Seeing how Prince William's Birthday is so close it made good sense to me to give so background info on him.

Prince William
William of Wales

Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was born on June 21, 1982 at St Mary's Hospital in London. From the start his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, tried to give him as normal a life as possible. He was the first heir to the British throne to be born in a hospital, the first to wear disposable diapers, and the first to attend nursery school.

Of course, Prince William's childhood was anything but typical. At the age of five he told friends that he wasn't allowed to know the name of his school "for security reasons." He can't fly in the same plane as his father because an accident might take the lives of two future kings. Wherever Prince William goes, bodyguards (and photographers) are not far behind.

Prince William has one sibling, his brother Harry, who was born in 1984. It's said that they get along well together, and that William is very protective of his brother. In fact, William is said to get along well with everyone. His father had trouble fitting in at school and was cruelly hazed, but Prince William has always been popular with his classmates. His first school was Mrs. Mynors's Nursery School in London, which he attended for two years. Then he spent three years at Wetherby School, also in London. He proved to be good at reading, spelling and swimming (a sport his mother excelled at during her school years).

At first Prince William was a rambunctious little boy. The media gleefully reported his every misbehavior, from flushing his father's shoes down the toilet to fighting with a flower girl at his uncle Andrew's wedding. As he grew older he became more quiet and thoughtful. "That child is a deep thinker," Princess Diana once said. William still had a rebellious streak, however. After he slipped away from the security staff at Balmoral Castle for half an hour, he was given an electronic tracking bracelet.

At age eight Prince William was sent to Ludgrove, a boarding school, where he shared a room with four other boys. He spent five years there. During that time his parents separated. When they weren't at school William and Harry divided their time between Charles and Diana. The Prince and Princess of Wales were both reportedly warm parents, but Prince William was especially close to his mother. Princess Diana broke royal protocol by hugging the boys in public and taking them to amusement parks and McDonald's. Prince Charles showed his sons no affection in public except on one occasion when he paused during a polo match to pat their heads. He was often elsewhere when Diana visited the boys at school or took them on vacations. This was in keeping with the stiffly proper way Charles himself had been brought up.

The contrast between Charles and Diana's attitude toward their sons was never more apparent than when Prince William was accidentally struck on the head by a golf club. Both parents rushed to William's side and accompanied him to the hospital, where Prince William was diagnosed with a depressed fracture of the skull. Diana remained at the hospital as Prince William underwent surgery - but Charles left to attend an opera. The next day Princess Diana was still at the hospital with her recuperating son, while Charles was attending environmental conference. This made perfect sense to Charles and his advisors; Prince William was in no danger, and Charles's engagements are scheduled months, even years in advance.

At Ludgrove Prince William proved to be an excellent athlete. He was on the school soccer, basketball, and swimming teams, and became captain of hockey and rugby teams. He also participated in clay pigeon shooting and cross country running. Another of his interests was acting; he appeared in several school plays and said in 1993 that he would like to become a professional actor.

Dreamboat Willy

In 1995 Prince William left Ludgrove and entered exclusive Eton College. He lived with some 50 other students in an ivy-covered dorm called Manor House, where he had a small room to himself above the kitchen. He was the only student with a private bathroom. But he had to follow the same rules as everyone else (no posters allowed on his bedroom walls, for example) and wear the same uniform (striped pants and a tailcoat). On his school track and bathing suits were the initials W.O.W., for William of Wales. He was chosen to be the co-captain of his swim team during his last year at Eton.

The other students sometimes teased him about his sex symbol status, whistling at him and calling him Dreamboat Willy, which was said to embarrass him. He was allowed to attend teen discos, where upper-class girls approached him offering to "snog" (kiss). Prince William supposedly refused these offers politely.

It was widely reported that Prince William was allowed to attend clubs and discos if he obeyed the following rules set down for him by the queen:

No smoking, alcohol, or drugs.
No kissing girls in public.
Avoid being photographed by the media.
Arrive and leave with royal aides.
Be accompanied by detectives and a trustworthy friend.
Get permission to attend the party, and be home on time.

In August of 1996 Prince Charles and Princess Diana were divorced. Prince William's housemaster at Eton, Dr. Andrew Gailey, is said to have helped William deal with the blow. Unfortunately, a worse blow was to follow.

On August 31, 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris. Prince William helped to make the arrangements for his mother's unusual funeral. It was his idea for Elton John to sing "Candle in the Wind." Prince William walked in the funeral procession with his father, brother and grandfather.

After Diana's death Prince Charles made an effort to spend more time with his children. Prince William could also turn for support to Prime Minister Tony Blair; family friend Tiggy Legge-Bourke Pettifer, who had her own room in Charles's five-bedroom home, York House; his cousin, Peter Phillips; and other, less famous friends.

In a written interview with the British Press Association, Prince William revealed several details about his private life. Here they are, along with facts drawn from other sources: his favorite pet was Widgeon, a female black Labrador (named after a kind of wild duck). He enjoyed drawing, painting, silver-working, reading poetry, and playing video games. He was a fan of the Spice Girls, Oasis, Pulp and All Saints, and said he enjoyed both techno and classical music.

During his years at Eton, Prince William often visited his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on the weekends at Windsor Castle, a short walk away. His grandfather, Prince Philip, sometimes took him duck hunting. After William's mother died he spoke frequently with her sisters, Jane and Sarah, but it is reported that he has little contact with the Spencer family these days. Prince William's favorite memento of his mother is her Cartier watch.

Prince William Grows Up

In 2000, Prince William graduated from Eton and passed three A-level exams, receiving an A in geography, a B in the history of art and a C in biology. (A-levels are necessary in the British school system before a student can attend a university.) He was accepted by the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Before attending the university he spent a year traveling and pursuing educational projects. His first stop was a jungle in Belize, where he took part in military exercises with the Welsh Guards. Later that year he visited Chile in a visit was organized by a group called Raleigh International, which takes young people on three-month expeditions that include environmental and community projects.

In a written interview published by PA News a few days before his 18th birthday, William said, "I enjoy water polo, football and rugby -- mostly team sports." He also enjoyed "being with my friends, going to the cinema, and watching football and rugby matches." He preferred action movies, casual clothing, and dance and pop music. He dismissed rumors that he was dating singer Britney Spears as "nonsense" and declined to say whether he had a girlfriend. Admitting that public attention made him uncomfortable, the prince said, "I am grateful to the media for helping to protect my privacy and I hope I can enjoy the same freedom at university."

Like most of his family, the prince is very athletic. He plays tennis, rows, bikes, skis, fishes, and hunts. He probably also plays pool, since Prince Charles has a pool table at York House, where William and Harry live when they aren't at school or Charles's country estate, Highgrove.

Prince William is around 6'2", taller than his father, who is around 5'10". William is left-handed. In 1996 People Magazine named him "Best Dressed," and why not -- for his 13th birthday, his father gave him a valet! For his 17th birthday, Prince Charles reportedly gave William his first car, a VW Golf.

Miscellaneous facts about Prince William which may or may not be true: His favorite colors are blue and green. His favorite foods are chocolate, poached eggs, fruit salad, hamburgers, pasta and venison. His favorite drinks are Coca Cola and red wine. Rumor has it that he is already quite a lady's man.

The prince began his four-year university course in autumn 2001. At first he studied art history, but in April 2002 it was reported that he was thinking about pursuing a geography degree instead. He was registered under the name "William of Wales," and kept a deliberately low profile. It was rumored that he was lonely and bored and wanted to change schools, but his father encouraged him to stick it out.

The Future

After graduating from St Andrews, Prince William will probably enter the military. (When William was younger it was reported that he did not wish to follow family tradition and join the Royal Navy. However, his uncle, Earl Spencer, stated in 1999 that William does want to go into the armed forces. William was a member of the Combined Cadet Force at Eton.)

William apparently shares his mother's down-to-earth style. It has been reported that he wishes to postpone using the title HRH (His Royal Highness) and prefers to be called simply William instead of Sir. It has even been reported that he doesn't want to inherit the throne. Nonetheless, he probably will be crowned King William V someday. As the title of one book about the prince proclaims, he was "Born to Be King."


Where can I write to Prince William or Prince Harry? You can write to them care of: St. James' Palace, London SW1A 1BS, United Kingdom

If I write to Prince William, will he write back? I doubt it. However, an acquaintance of mine once sent a card to Princess Diana and received a note from someone on her staff, so you might get some reply.

What is Prince William's e-mail address? I don't know. This isn't public knowledge and never will be.

What are the requirements to marry Prince William? William is free to marry whoever he wants. Under current law, if he marries a Roman Catholic, he will no longer be eligible to inherit the throne. Otherwise there are no requirements, except that William can't get married before age 25 without the queen's permission.

What will happen to William if he marries a Catholic? Nothing will happen except that he will lose his place in the line of succession. He will still be a member of the royal family. It isn't against the law for William to marry a Catholic, but if he does, he can't become king.

Why can't William become king if he marries a Catholic? This is spelled out in the Act of Settlement, passed in 1701, a time of religious conflict in Great Britain.

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I found out last night in England News about him!

Prince William wanted quit University because he needed private life he not wanted around over girls over him he shy like his mom!

you would read it !

he will til done in 2004 or 2005 because he will not done without degree of history of arts then he have change of Geography.

Sara Boyce
Old 05-19-2003, 10:44 AM
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Prince William was today proposed as the figure to lead London's bid for the 2012 Olympic Games.

William, 20, was named by Camelot chairman Sir Michael Grade at a conference unveiling the new Olympic Lottery game.

"Prince William would be a fine figure that people would be pleased to meet and a great ambassador for Britain," he said. "Whether he wants to do it... I don't know."

Others touted for the role include newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald, 63.

from This is London

Sara Boyce
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Whether or not William wants to do it is one thing, but whether William has the experience and knowledge of such an undertaking is another important consideration. Leading an Olympic bid is a big deal for any city, and to propose William to lead it just because people want to meet him ignores all the hard work that would go into such a campaign. I think they are more interested in capitalizing on William's popularity and public interest than in his experience and know how in this field.
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Wills is grin the money


A SCULPTOR told yesterday how Prince William put him in a spin — by insisting he appeared SMILING on his first coins.

David Cornell — who worked with Princess Diana and the Queen Mother — said Wills’ beaming face and spiky hair made his task “incredibly difficult”.

Wills insisted the coins to mark his 21st birthday next month reflect his modern style.

David, 67, said: “It’s very unusual. Because the metal is shiny, teeth can look prominent.

"And the mouth can turn black over time, so it looks like someone with the plague. Hairstyles are usually formal too.”

The £5 coins are based on portraits by photographer George Bodnar.

Just 5,000 pairs will be sold in a presentation pack for £9.95.

From The Sun.
Attached Images
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thanks a lots, Jenna1186 !

i look in Sun Newspaper last night first its so awesome.

I would want see that coins like him!

Sara Boyce
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Having Will on the coin sure beats George Washington or Wilfred Laurier anyday!
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The boy who would be king

May 20 2003

Prince William comes of age next month, but how ready is he for the unique role he is destined to play? Based on a series of revealing interviews with friends and royal aides, Andrew Alderson paints an intimate portrait of Britain’s future king.

It was a spring evening at Ma Bells, one of the most popular student haunts in St Andrews. More than 40 young people were in the bar, most of whom had arrived just before 7.45pm to watch the night's big football match live on television.

Among a group of five male students sitting in a corner and straining to get a view of one of the two large screens at each end of the pub was Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Wales, second in line to the throne. Dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a striped rugby shirt with the collar turned up, he was sipping a pint of lager as he watched Manchester United play the second leg of its quarter-final match against Real Madrid in the Champions League in European soccer.

This was Prince William — as he approaches his 21st birthday on June 21 — at his most content: an anonymous face in the crowd, relaxing over a couple of beers with his pals after a long day of studying.

"William isn't the one who sits quietly in the corner on his own and he isn't the one who dances naked on the tables. But he certainly joins in and he knows how to enjoy himself," says a friend and fellow student at St Andrews, the Scottish university town where one-third of its 18,000 residents are students.

As the preparations begin for his "coming-of-age" party at Windsor Castle, Prince William is happier than he has been for years. He is more contented than he was 18 months ago, when he was so dejected that the Prince of Wales asked his most senior aides to devise a "strategy" to enable William to leave St Andrews.

At the end of his first term, William felt lonely and isolated. He was convinced he had chosen the wrong university and the wrong course (history of art), and pleaded with his father to be allowed to leave. It was not simply a question of his being homesick: after all, he had been a boarder at Eton College for five years. He did, however, feel detached from his family and his close friends.

He also felt overburdened by the workload, which was heavier and harder than he had anticipated. The extent of his unhappiness became apparent when he returned to Highgrove for the Christmas holidays. Relieved to be back home, he concluded that St Andrews was not for him.

Initially, Prince Charles, who had himself spent some unhappy times at boarding school and university, was completely sympathetic, telling his two most senior aides — Sir Stephen Lamport, his private secretary, and Mark Bolland, his deputy private secretary — about William's unhappiness. However, both men — who have since left the royal household — were horrified at the request to devise a plan to enable William to leave St Andrews at the end of his first year. Lamport, a veteran diplomat, and Bolland, Prince Charles's well-connected "spin doctor", were determined not to have to "sell" the unsellable to the media and, ultimately, to the public.

"It would have been a personal disaster for William — he would have been seen as a quitter — and it would have been an even bigger disaster for the monarchy, particularly in Scotland," a senior royal aide says. Prince Charles decided that his two employees were right. Early in 2002, he sat down with his then 19-year-old son and persuaded him to continue at St Andrews.

Who is the real Prince William, the young man destined, after his father's death, to reign as the country's 42nd monarch since William the Conqueror claimed the English throne in 1066?

Unlike Prince Charles, William does not seem prone to self-pity and indecision, and he displays the common sense of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. "He is very sensible, and always has been," says one senior royal aide.

Like his mother, William has a pervasive sense of humour. "He is not the sort to tell jokes all the time, but he always sees the funny side of something. If a discussion is getting too intense, he lightens the mood. I don't think I have ever had a conversation with him where he hasn't made me laugh at some point," says the aide. William is also a tremendous mimic: his father and Ali G are among his best impressions.

"Unlike some members of the royal family, he doesn't ring you up at 3am when he thinks of something. He is aware that other people have commitments and families. He doesn't want to impose on you."

Others who know William well portray a similar picture of a handsome young man with an engaging manner. Although naturally shy and wary, he has developed the confidence — but not arrogance — that most children receive from a public school education. Inevitably, however, there are character weaknesses, too. Critics of his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, described her as a "control freak", and William seems to have inherited aspects of this trait. "If he has a fault, then it is that he is very controlling, both of a situation and people," says one royal official. "He can also be quite stubborn. If he decides that black is white, you will have one hell of a job convincing him that he is wrong."

Whereas Prince Charles is somewhat naive about those he associates with, William — perhaps not surprisingly, given his mother's life and ultimate fate — is far more wary. "He can be very untrusting and suspicious of people: you can see him thinking, ‘What's his or her angle?' " one aide says.

For the moment at least, William shows no sign of inheriting the Windsor obsession with dressing immaculately, and he has no wish to be acclaimed for being stylish. He prefers old jumpers, baggy sweatshirts, worn jeans and old trainers. "He's basically just a scruffy student," says one friend.

His interests are wide-ranging. He is a keen sportsman: a fine shot, a stylish swimmer, a talented polo and water polo player, a fair tennis player and a competent skier. Despite his sporting skills, however, he is rarely a match for Harry at any sport: his younger brother is, for example, a fearless skier and a brilliant polo player.

When William is at Highgrove, he loves hunting and riding his red Yamaha 125cc motorcycle. He enjoys the thrill of speed and the anonymity of riding on a public road in a helmet. At 21, he will be able to ride a more powerful motorcycle, although his father, like most parents, fears for his son's safety on two wheels. Prince Charles is happier when his son is driving his black VW Golf, a car William takes to St Andrews, along with his bicycle — he is often seen cycling around the town, peaked cap pulled well over his face.

William is a keen reader — his preference is for autobiographies and books about people, such as the explorer David Hempleman-Adams, who have embarked on real-life adventures — and he enjoys listening to music, particularly rhythm and blues. Unlike his younger brother, he is a non-smoker and tells people he has never had a cigarette.

He works out regularly in the gym and disapproves of drugs, but he likes a drink: pints or bottles of lager after sport; cocktails in the early evening; and champagne if there is an excuse for a celebration. He is unaccomplished in the kitchen — once describing himself as "the worst cook in the world" — and often, with fellow students, eats out in pubs and cheap restaurants. He likes simple Italian food, particularly pasta and pizzas.

In four years' time, when he is 25, he will take control of a multi-million pound legacy from his mother's estate: £21 million ($A52.6 million) divided between William and Harry. Until then, he receives a "modest" monthly allowance from his trust fund and often complains that he is short of cash. "He's as tight as hell," says one royal aide, leaving it uncertain whether it was a flippant comment or a blatant criticism. Being careful with money is another Windsor trait.

William is happy to stay at Highgrove at weekends and will soon have his own suite of rooms at the newly refurbished Clarence House, the former home of the Queen Mother.

William has had several short-term girlfriends, and undoubtedly enjoys the company of sporty, witty, attractive young women. He can flirt with the best of them, but is not a womaniser who boasts of the number of notches on his bedpost. He chooses well-educated girlfriends from good families who would never pick up the telephone to a tabloid newspaper.

William is insecure, too, about the prospect of a long-term relationship. "Why would anyone want to go out with me?" he recently asked a friend sadly, wondering why any sane girl would want the inevitable media intrusions into her private life. Nevertheless, he has been "linked", often erroneously, with countless girls since he was in his mid-teens. Arabella Musgrave, the daughter of a retired army officer, who now runs Cirencester Park Polo Club, was said to be his first "serious" girlfriend, but the relationship faded after only a few weeks.

Earlier this year, William was photographed walking along a street in St Andrews with Bryony Daniels, the daughter of a wealthy landowner from Suffolk. The tabloid which published the picture hinted strongly that they were lovers, something William laughed off, insisting, rather convincingly, that he knew the picture was old because he had not seen Daniels for several weeks.

The girl he sees most is Kate Middleton, 20. They share a flat with two other students and have a warm, affectionate relationship which friends insist is platonic.

William, who is 187.6 centimetres tall, blue-eyed and left-handed, had a materially comfortable childhood but not always a happy one, as he was caught between two feuding parents whose love for each other had faded by the time he was born.

"He probably knows too much and has seen too much: because of his parents' divorce and his mother's death, he has had more than his share of trauma," says one aide.

William's relationship with his father is close, although not without its difficulties. "Both William and Harry are more tolerant of their father than he is of them. They forgive their dad a lot," says a senior royal aide.

The Prince of Wales gets impatient and angry if he considers his elder son has been lazy or thoughtless. He is continually irritated by William's scruffy appearance and fumes if his son stays out all night without letting him know. But Prince Charles, whom William calls "Papa", kisses and hugs his son when they meet and their relationship has always been tactile.

William tends to lighten the situation if his father annoys him, telling him to "get a life" if he thinks Prince Charles has been unfairly hard on him. But he is also fiercely loyal towards his father and deeply annoyed by suggestions that he, not Prince Charles, could and should be the next king.

William's relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles is complex. She is, of course, the woman the Princess of Wales blamed for her "crowded"' marriage, and she has shared his father's life, on and off, for more than 30 years. Prince Charles has made it clear to the royal family that Parker Bowles is a "non-negotiable" part of his life.

"Camilla's desire is to be there for Prince Charles, whom she loves. She has no interest in being part of the royal family or a surrogate mother to his children, but she doesn't want to be treated with contempt either," a friend of hers says. "William — and Harry — treat her well and they respect her position in their father's life. When they are together, they get on fine, but there is undoubtedly baggage that is never talked about. Camilla doesn't get heavily involved in William's life, nor he in hers."

William, however, is deeply protective of his mother's memory and abhors what he sees as disloyalty. When Patrick Jephson, the Princess of Wales's former private secretary, published a book attacking her character, William personally insisted on issuing an aggressive statement in which he accused Jephson of "betrayal".

William, like his father, understands the concept of duty and accepts his future role — but, for the moment at least, he does not relish it. In a world in which young people crave fame above all else, William, famous from birth, would rather do without it.

He hopes to avoid public duties and public life for as long as possible; but he has taken an interest in the workings of the Duchy of Cornwall, the royal estate which, when he is heir to the throne, will provide him with a multi-million pound income.

At the end of this term, William will sit down with his tutor and discuss his exam results and how he should spend his final two years at St Andrews: he has no doubts now that he will complete his honours course at the university.

He must decide whether to concentrate on a single honours degree, choose a joint honours or even give up history of art altogether, possibly for geography. "I have a hunch that William may switch," says a Buckingham Palace official.

Many senior royal officials think it is likely that William will join one of the armed forces after leaving university, probably the British Army. There has been speculation, which may prove accurate, that he will go to Sandhurst before joining the Welsh Guards, but he has not yet put his name down for the regiment of which his father is colonel.

He may, however, opt for an alternative career course with more freedom. During his gap year, William was happy travelling in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, yet the part he enjoyed most was the month he spent working as a farm hand in the West Country, getting up at 4am each day to milk cows. "That tells you a lot about William," says an official close to Prince Charles.

As the monarchy adapts, it is difficult to know what sort of institution will be in place when William becomes king, probably in two or three decades from now. "Unlike his parents, William doesn't crave publicity or popularity," says one palace aide. "I would be astounded if he took on any sort of public role for at least another five years. And when his turn comes to be king, he will do it on his own terms."


Photo and Article From: The Age
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Thanks Jacqueline for the great article!
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Your Welcome Jenna! :)
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
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WORRIED Prince Charles has slammed the brakes on daredevil son William having a 160 mph motorbike for his 21st birthday.

Two-wheel fanatic Wills had set his heart on a 750cc monster bike worth $8,000 to mark his coming of age.

But a royal insider revealed: "Prince Charles was intially keen to say YES - until he learned of the speed and power involved.

"He then backtracked because he terrified William could kill or injurie himself in an accident."

The Queen shared Charles's concerns and was quick to make her feelings known to her grandson.

Wills passed his motorbike test a year ago and already owns a modest red Yamaha DT-125cc. Worth about $ 2,000, it can do 70 mph -at a push.

But under 21s not allowed to ride the most powerful bikes.

SO with Wills due to come of age on June 21, he had been scouring motorbike magazines for a 750cc machine like a Suzuki GSXR can go from 0-60 mph in four seconds.

But Charles is actually sensitive to the dangers of speeds after Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris in 1997.

Our source said: Motorcycling is one of William's favourite hobbies.

"He loves the freedom and anonying it gives him- but feels silly wearing biker gears on a 'learner's' machine. He had been counting the days till his 21st birthday when he can use more powerful bikes.

The insider added: "William even suggested a compromised of using the 750cc bike just for off- road use.

"He's disappointed but appreacites his Father's concern. He determined to get his hands on a bigger motorbike one day"

reports from

Sara Boyce

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