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Old 10-16-2011, 03:53 AM
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Hmm my topic has been merged.

One more thing.How many of you know that after the australian double dissolution which was ordered by the queen Both the Pm's of australia were the original force behind the republic referendum of 1999 and the monarch says that she has no authority to remove.The governor generals are the agents of the queen.
The queen is visiting Australia as to see if her puppet gillard can push the carbon tax.It is the queen who is pushing for carbon tax.If gillard failed then she would have been removed.

The house of hanover learned from thier mistakes of george the III.Now its done via stealth and all blame is taken by the governor general.

Another Article by D.M
Sayonara #6 - Royal Incubators

Presently, Elizabeth II remains the Queen of 16 countries. She is still involved with all 54 Commonwealth nations. It is claimed that she is only a figurehead, but is that true? If she were only a figurehead, then all the extravagance, pomp and ceremony surrounding the British monarchy would only be fanciful play acting, similar to that involved in Medieval reality games. The monarchy is supposed to be symbolic. If that be the case, the world has been drawn into a mass delusion that the royals are the mascots of many nations. Further, the whole world is facilitating the monarch's fantasy in a grand hallucination. All those who participate and support such a royal fantasy are giving licence and approval to the idea that class distinction and aristocracy are important and necessary to uphold. If the monarchy is just an arrogant, costly, pompous lark being acted out as an enormous fantasy game, it is nothing short of mass insanity. But, it would only be insanity if the Queen were just a figurehead.
The royal presence creates an artificial atmosphere of awe amongst the commoners, who will push and shove just to get a glimpse of a member of the royal family. The award ceremonies, gala events and seasonal garden parties for selected public guests result in more accolades for the Queen, and more support for the royals, because those involved have developed vested interests in expanding the prestige of their constitutional monarchy. How can Britain criticise and condemn other nations for not being democratic when they themselves support and maintain a monarchy that rules by succession, and has power to dictate to other countries, regardless of what the latter's people want or decide?
In reality, the Queen is no figurehead, and the monarchy is not symbolic. It wields power. All British soldiers swear allegiance to the Queen. Trooping the Colours shows the close bond between the Sovereign and the armed forces. There is a Royal Army, a Royal Navy, a Royal Air Force, Royal Guards, a Royal Train and what not. The Queen has governor-generals to represent her directly in all realms where she is Queen. She can negate legislation and effect the removal of prime ministers and dissolve parliaments. She also has the power to lead certain Commonwealth armies and navies. Contrary to the claim that she avoids politics, she is intently involved in world affairs, and has a strong agenda to pursue and implement emissions trading schemes and towards placing a price on carbon, amongst other global matters she addresses.
Every year the Queen gives out numerous awards and titles. If she were only a symbolic figure, every one of these awards and titles would be laughable and worthless, yet, the recipients of such awards and titles are not only respected, but admired. The sundry titles reinforce commoners' inferiority to the royals and aristocrats. If America had not banned titles within its government, one can just imagine newly-appointed lords and ladies parading around the White House and appearing in the media. Certainly, many of the Presidents would have been knighted, as would many Members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices. Before long, people would believe that America is actually led by the Queen.
Many in Britain claim that the monarchy is a way of holding onto 500-year-old traditions, and is therefore important to keep in place. If the five-centuries-old traditions are so vital, then they must be proud of their last 500 years. Public floggings, slavery and placing people in stocks were also part of that tradition. Does that mean that these things should also be preserved? The last five centuries are full of bloodshed, savagery, conquests, betrayals and plunder. The British monarchy was striving for world conquest and established a huge empire, which they are still earnestly pursing, although far more subtly than they did in the nineteenth century.
In the eighteenth century, Thomas Paine was a severe critic of the British monarchy. If the 500-year-old traditions are so important to observe and keep, then Paine's comments warning the world against monarchies in general, and the British monarchy in particular, are still pertinent. Paine observed that royals have a propensity to engage in wars that engulf the world. In The Crisis, he said: “Britain, for centuries past, has been nearly fifty years out of every hundred at war with some power or other.” He stated in Common Sense that: “In short, monarchy and succession have laid (not this or that kingdom only) but the world in blood and ashes.” Also in the same pamphlet was a severe warning against arrogant aristocrats: “For all men being originally equals, no one by birth could have a right to set up his own family in perpetual preference to all others for ever.” If the royals maintained a semblance of decency, they would be too embarrassed to allow other human beings to bow down to them or to be addressed as, “Your Royal Highness” or “Your Majesty.”
The monarchs have long held contempt for Americans. As Paine said in The Crisis: “It was the determination of the British court to have nothing to do with America but to conquer her fully and absolutely.” When King George III failed to conquer by force, he set many plans in motion that were followed by his successors. Paine also warned about George III, stating: “He may accomplish by craft and subtilty in the long run, what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one.” The situation today is reminiscent of Paine's time. Through cunningness and subtleties, the Queen and her ancestors have persuaded the United States to fight many wars for them.
Presently, there are many wars; many soldiers have fallen. Their families are told the soldiers have not died in vain, that they have died for their country, for freedom, and for democracy. They are told that the price of freedom is dear. Are these just cheap words? How many rulers really care? These days, most soldiers do not die for freedom; they die for conquest, and they leave a void in their families. Many of the surviving soldiers of the wars are maimed or otherwise permanently scarred. Who takes care of them and their families?
Those who promote and love wars should be on the front lines and also send their own children to the front lines. Since the monarchy has a long and bloody history of engaging and promoting wars, the world's princes should be on the front lines, not for show, but for the duration of the battles, to be real leaders and soldiers on the battlefield. If all the world's monarchs' children were on the front lines for the duration of the wars, including Prince William and Prince Harry, you can be assured that wars would be shorter and less frequent.
Since the ruling elite have invested so much into the monarchies, they are assisting them in carrying out their agendas. Regardless of their appearances, the royals are not innocuous. In this day and age, to have such an anachronism as monarchies indicates that humankind is still sadly enslaved to the master-slave mentality. All monarchies, especially those with a succession of heirs, whether East, West, North or South, are plain wrong, and indecent affronts to humanity.

In a monarchy the king is the law,in a republic the law is the king-Thomas Paine.
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Old 10-16-2011, 04:31 AM
Emperor Roku XIV's Avatar
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Location: Somewhere, Canada
Posts: 29
Originally Posted by BeatrixFan View Post
This has been touched on in other topics but as there isn't one set topic for a discussion I decided to start one and at this point I'll add a little request from Elspeth that there be no politics or swipes at foreign leaders!

I'm a monarchist. I like living under a monarchy and I have always been brought up to believe that the Queen is there because God put her there and you not only respect her and show due deference to her, you respect her family and the institution of monarchy. I've always thought the grand titles, medals and sashes, the idea of things belonging to the Queen and the whole Royal thing to be beneficial and I think it's an important part of the British character and heritage. But recently I read the biography of the President of Latvia and wondered whether some countries are naturally suited to being a republic and what would happen if the monarchies we talk about here were suddenly replaced and if they were, what with?

Personally I wouldn't like to see Britain become a republic but if it did, I always assumed it would become America Mark II. I assumed that the House of Commons would become the House of Representatives and the House of Lords would become a Senate. We'd have a President and a First Lady and everything would change. I actually don't think that's what we'd have were Britain to become a Republic. Being a firm pro-European, I think that if we did have to have a Republic, the best form would be a Latvian or French model. I'd be extremely sad to see the Queen and her family go but what do you think would stay or go? Would we keep the Order of the Garter or invent a new Order of the British Republic? Would we have an a-political President and a political Prime Minister?

And what about other countries? Do Monarchies work because some countries are simply suited to them and vice-versa where Republics are concerned? What would you rather live under - a monarchy or a republic and why?
I always want to live in a monarchy, and if Canada were ever to split off from the monarchy, I would still consider the royal family to be the head of state for me. God save the Queen.

- Supreme Lord and Emperor of the Flood
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:11 AM
thomaspaine's Avatar
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Location: new york, United States
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Monarchists how do you debunk this
Prince Charles has been offered a veto over 12 government bills since 2005 | UK news | The Guardian
Ministers have been forced to seek permission from Prince Charles to pass at least a dozen government bills, according to a Guardian investigation into a secretive constitutional loophole that gives him the right to veto legislation that might impact his private interests.
Since 2005, ministers from six departments have sought the Prince of Wales' consent to draft bills on everything from road safety to gambling and the London Olympics, in an arrangement described by constitutional lawyers as a royal "nuclear deterrent" over public policy. Unlike royal assent to bills, which is exercised by the Queen as a matter of constitutional law, the prince's power applies when a new bill might affect his own interests, in particular the Duchy of Cornwall, a private £700m property empire that last year provided him with an £18m income.

I will paraphare thomas paine again.Read my sign.
Its high time the British people say that they have had enough and replace this medieval pomp with a President.
In a monarchy the king is the law,in a republic the law is the king-Thomas Paine.
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:22 AM
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Imperial Majesty
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No one cares, because you never listen to the arguments put up against you.
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:58 AM
Fürstin Taxis's Avatar
Serene Highness
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Charles is digging his own grave.
My problem with him is that he wants more power than he is allowed to.

To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old!
Christopher Lee
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Old 10-31-2011, 12:47 PM
Heir Apparent
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Location: Toronto (ON) & London (UK), Canada
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Originally Posted by Fürstin Taxis View Post
Charles is digging his own grave.
My problem with him is that he wants more power than he is allowed to.
The review of legislation that may impact on the Duchy of Cornwall is not a power grab by Prince Charles, it is part of the ancient rights of the Dukes of Cornwall. The DM is making a story out of nothing. Must have been a slow news day.

Its not much different than the laws of the UK not necessarily being applicable to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man which still retain tradition and ancient rights in their islands or for that matter the right of the Queen to advise and consent and HM signing legislation to make it legal.
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:22 PM
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Imperial Majesty
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Back in the deep distant past the Duke's of Cornwall were given certain rights. Charles still has those rights but that doesn't mean that he has ever excercised them. The fact that he has the right to veto certain laws doesn't mean that he actually would do so - and if he did then there would be a right royal beat up about it.

This tradition is no different to the one that gives the monarch the power not to sign legislation - hasn't happened in over 300 years but she still can refuse to sign it.

It is merely a tradition now.

It isn't something to get hot under the collar about.
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:24 PM
Heir Presumptive
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Ancient rights, are like the "goold old days". They were a right secured by power and fear. Charles will do what it takes to keep and put in his pocket, but that is not new and not just Charles.
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:38 PM
BeatrixFan's Avatar
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Location: London, United Kingdom
Posts: 6,859
Thank God that Charles has this power. I don't think there should be any opposition to another level of advice on changes to British life. It should be welcomed and I'm glad to see that the government have no intention of getting rid of it.
Kaye aka BeatrixFan
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Old 10-31-2011, 10:43 PM
lauren grace's Avatar
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Monarchy forever.

Sir I heartly disagree with you. I live in America and I am a royalist all the way.My adopted Abba was a retainer to the Shah of Iran, as was his father before him. My British Uncle and American Aunt raised me until I was nearly 5. So I say God save the Queen!!! Royalty is either in your blood or your soul. The Royal family is indeed important to their people,as is any Monarchy. Symbolism is a powerful thing, used properly it can uplift it's people. A republic does not have that at all. We have the President of course but it is not the same as a reigning Monarch providing the Monarch is of good character and heart. No sir I disagree with you, there is a reason for Monarchies in the world.It was once said the that there would some day be only 5 kings left in the world:King of Diamonds-Spades-Clubs-Hearts and the King of England. I will always hold to that!! God save the Queen.
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Old 11-01-2011, 01:14 AM
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The royals these days, as I've said, have far more in common with us than the politicians and businessmen who make the real decisions and run our lives, in fact the corporate and political class has grown more aloof from the people than ever before. Not only has history shown that worse regimes replace monarchies, but also that inequities have not been abolished by abolishing monarchies or having more "democracy"- they are in many ways getting worse.

Let's not kid ourselves here. Governments today have more power over us than absolute kinds of over 200 years ago ever did. The US presidency is seen by many as having more power than Wilhelm II, Nicholas II, etc did in their day, which Congress and the courts seem loathe to do anything about really.

Never mind that what came out of the fall of monarchies in the 20th century, Communism and Nazism, also constituted a rejection of traditional values and morality which led to bestial crimes being committed in a never seen before scale and hopefully never again. Or that Eastern Europe was imprisoned by Communism for 40 years. And what about Latin American republics like Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc that tortured and killed thousands of their own people? And still have dreadful inequality and corruption today?

Class, wealth and status should not be seen as bad things. After all, every achievement in art, culture, science, technology and sport relies on elevating some above the rest- the opposite of today's "equality". And the modern ideas of "democracy" and "equality" have come to mean dumbing down everything, which is why our "culture" and "entertainments" are so banal and vulgar these days- isn't it ironic that people actually get rich out of doing that?
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Old 12-22-2012, 08:14 PM
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I found a blog on blogger it shows the reason why a monarchy is better than a republic so far has three posts i believe Monarchy is the way forward !
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:09 PM
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Location: galway, Ireland
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Safeguarding monarchies of the world

In my opinion it is our job to safeguard these monarchies from threats such as dictatorships and republicans . These republicans are annoying and their arguments are folly we must persuade the populations of these countries to return to monarchy from a republic and to stop the transition from a monarchy to anything else. With blogs like these being able to help to spread the word of the political system that works
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:48 PM
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In my opinion the population of the countries themselves should be allowed to decide what they want, monarchy or republic.
We Will Remember Them.
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:52 PM
Kit's Avatar
Kit Kit is offline
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As always I wholeheartedly agree with you Lumutqueen! It is for the population to decide if they want a monarchy or a republic.
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Old 12-24-2012, 03:55 PM
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I am in agreement with Lumutqueen and Kit: it is up to people of a given country to choose their system of Government.
As someone who happens to live in an "annoying" republic, what with Armenia facing so many problems in so many areas, Monarchy is the last thing we need. Or want.
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Old 12-24-2012, 04:10 PM
Serene Highness
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I think its self evident that the people will decide the fate of monarchies. There is no Divine Right

Every monarchy has a 'republican' movement that campaigns against it, so monarchists should and are entitled to support and safeguard their monarchy by whatever means they can.
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Old 12-24-2012, 04:31 PM
Iluvbertie's Avatar
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As a citizen of a country that has one vote to become a republic and will have another I know, and agree, that it is up to the people of the country to decide whether or not they should be a monarchy or a republic.
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Old 12-24-2012, 05:25 PM
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All I can say is that if the US had a monarch as head of state, our elected officials would spend more time getting things done and less time campaigning for positions that cost billions of dollars.
No law can be sacred to me but that of my nature. Good and bad are but names very readily transferable to that or this; the only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it.

~~~Ralph Waldo Emerson~~~
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Old 12-24-2012, 06:01 PM
Princess Yasmine S's Avatar
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Safe Guarding Monarchy

Safe Guarding Monarchy:

Have we a true grasp on the Monarchy Root? Monarchy was established by the people! The People that these Monarchy were established for were, Family from Tribal Cultures, Independant but of One Divine Source. If we were where our Origins began, then maybe as 'Family Members' we would not contest the Imperial 'Leader' provided and learned to Serve the People of the 'given' Tribe under Critique?
It is important to recall: Life has many forms and each form has a right to 'Life'! When a people as a 'Nation', stand-up to rise against the Imperial Social Structure, we know that Allah-God was right, in stating, to the People: " You know not what you want, nor will you like that which you choose over me above Your God!".
We as usual, a People of Divine Source, now turn to the World and deem Allah-God a Divine Source of Wisdom, owed Respect in being Infallible of Word; yet often misinterpreted due the lost state of 'Spirited Oneness' in fallible 'Mankind'.
The Land belonged to the Imperial Leaders, and they the 'Leaders' were family for the 'People' they Shepherded. This is a Eason for us all to Pray, where is my place my Divine Source, that I might not fail to remain in Thy understanding?

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