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Old 06-30-2010, 05:43 AM
H.I.M. Yao Sui's Avatar
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China's Official Royal Family/Zhou Dynasty


Today is my first day on Not much is known about China's royal family, because they went into exile with the Manchurian conquest of China in 1644. Not even scholarly journals record our family history and hidden succession from our Manchurian invaders. Perhaps, if we were known back in those days and perhaps even today, we would be killed. When I examine the history of China's Qing Dynasty (Manchurian conquest of China), I shudder!

From an examination of other royal forums and from postings on the internet, there are a lot of fakes and pretenders to the many imperial thrones around the world. It is therefore very difficult for people to know who is real from who is a fake.

Then, too, if you were Chinese and the nation of Japan conquered your lands, would the emperor of Japan now be your emperor? If you were Anglo-Saxon and Abyssinians conquered your lands, would you now bow down to these people, your lords and saviors, and do everything that they command of you? Would you be happy to be their slaves?


China has always been governed by Han-Chinese people, descendants of Emperor Huang Di (not the same person as Chin Shih Huang Di, the pretender), with the exception of the Mongolian conquest of China in 1206-1368 and the Manchurian conquest in 1643-1912. Today, China is a republic under communist rule.

China's current Han-Chinese imperial family, the Zhou Dynasty, is the backbone of the entire 4,000 year Chinese imperial system and China's current imperial family. Imperial family in exile that is.

From 1206-1368, Mongolians ruled China. Genghis Khan wanted to kill of China's people and use China as grazing ground for his ponies. From 1368-1644, China was under Han-Chinese rule once again. Manchurians (considered to be foreigners to the Chinese people) in 1643-44 conquered China. The Manchurian emperor did not permit intermarriage between Manchurian and Chinese and considered these two groupings of people to be different from one another. Much like the Mongolian's view of Chinese. Chinese who rebelled against Manchurian rule were killed and other Chinese became trators to the Chinese race and turned in Chinese who would not obey their new Manchurian captors.

This was a sad day in China's history as death and killing is never a happy event.

The imperial family of China, today, consist of about 300-600 people about the size of Kuwait's royal family. Most of them live in exile in the United States of America and away from the political reigns of China's present government. We are China's official Han-Chinese Imperial family.

I hope to make many friends here and to one day regain my family's throne in China.


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Old 07-01-2010, 12:31 AM
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your family? what is your lineage from the zhou kings?

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Old 07-01-2010, 12:53 AM
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I don't want to sound mean or like a bully but, do you have any proof you're part of the Chinese Imperial Family? I mean,anyone can just come here and pretend they're someone they're not.
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
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Old 07-01-2010, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by H.I.M. Yao Sui View Post
Not much is known about China's royal family...We are China's official Han-Chinese Imperial family.
Yap, not much is known. Still Mandate of Heaven is working.
Do you have any proof of your royal/imperial connections?
Another Han-Chinese Imperial family heir is more popular among Chinese people.
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Old 07-01-2010, 08:17 AM
H.I.M. Yao Sui's Avatar
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Reply to Postings - 07-01-2010

I have been on the internet for sometime now and there are many frauds and pretenders. A true claimant would possibly not post here due to his concern about being harassment. I don't think your forum has many members of nobility. Mostly people who want to learn about the nobility of this world. Facebook has many members of European nobility willing to befriend people and speak to them. Question: Are there members of nobility on this forum?

True nobility in my opinion falls into two classes. (1) Recognized and even wealthy, and (2) poor and unrecognized. Frauds and pretenders do not count in my book. And with respect to China, the nation of China's nobility system rest with the Zhou Dynasty out of the 1640s.

History: From 1610s to 1620s a number of marriage-ties were made between the Chun clan of the Ming Dynasty and the Chou Dynasty. When the dynasty fell court and others that maintained the mandate of heaven installed Chou Shun Cheong as its emperor, rather than a Chun. This was done as a reward to the Chou Dynasty for their support of the ming. Not many China scholars around these days.

Chinese custom resembles ancient royal customs and is nothing like modern day world or Western customs. China's true imperial customs are nothing like Japan's, yet I am known to Japan's royal family and emperor. I correspond with him via his Imperial Household Agency.

I am known to the British Queen and to Portugal's king and royal family. Living in America, I have been mistreated and abused. People sometimes do not understand the high standards of conduct of true members of nobility. This conduct transcends the average man.

I am here to speak about, to inform, and to teach people about China's nobility history and to make a few friends.

If a man is poor, everything he has can be stolen from him. If a man is rich and secretly evil, he can and will take anything that he pleases from the poor and less fortunate.

The Chou Dynasty, Zhou in Mandarin, and Jo in the English romanization of our family surname, is a Hebrew dynasty of people who were enslaved by Nimrod in ancient times, conscripted, and intermarried into the Han-Chinese race of man. Prior to this we were Hebrews.

I am a Christian today, a true Christian and upright Methodist, wanting to take God home with me to China in an effort to give good gifts to all of China's people. 1.3 billion of them.

How many Christians would want God in China and China's people free of sin? How many Christians would want this? How many follow Jesus's admonition at Matthew 28:19,20? I suspect not many.

My lineage is the Chou Dynasty king's lineage. In ancient times our family's history and lineage was protected. Today, information is open and freely accessible to all people. Rich steal from those less powerful and evil seems to dominate in this world. My family, once again, I say, is a Hebrew tribe that was sinocized by Nimrod in ancient times (2000 BC), conscripted into slavery, and many of my family left off our family worship to God. The duty of any true king, in Chinese custom, ancient custom, is to give prayers on behalf of the whole family to God. Not many Chinese do this in China and around the world. People tend to pray to the underworld god, openly and/or covertly.

The Chinese Mandate of Heaven is no different than true Christianity (as a matter of fact, exactly the same as my family is Hebrew-based) and the underworld god wishes to control everything. Steal from people that which he can take and that which is allowed for him to steal.

All Chinese have a single character, single syllable surname. Manchurians have four. Ai-sin-chi-lo is their surname.

If a more powerful warlord comes along, it is he that takes the kingdom and its people. If the population are with the true god, then no man can steal them from God's hand.

These are the rules of the kingdom.

Good leaders are few, ungodly people are many.
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Old 07-01-2010, 08:18 AM
H.I.M. Yao Sui's Avatar
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I am not a claimant. I am the succession holder.

Zhū Róngjī is a very capable leader, yet it is God (Jehovah) who is king. A true Christian looks to God for his salvation and not to man or mankind's leaders. The Hebrew Jo (Jehovah) Dynasty, my family is no more, my hope is in God that he will use me and allow all of the people of China as well as our cousins in Iraq to be able to learn of him, the true god, and to come to him in true Christian faith. Not all Christians are Christian and not everyone in China wants to worship God.

May I ask, who will win the hearts and minds of China's people?

Originally Posted by Kasumi View Post
Yap, not much is known. Still Mandate of Heaven is working.
But, not in China or in many nation's around the world. In ancient times, people loyal to god, be they few in number, gave worship directly to God and not via some church of congregation. Mandate = (in my book) the true worship of (God) Jehovah. Is this working and in existence and widespread in China? What you read in the free encyclopedia is nice, but not all that accurate or true. Sometimes, writers are able to skillfully write articles and not yet tell the whole truth. Such as you see in the article that you quote.

"If the population are with the true god, then no man can steal them from God's hand." --HIM Yao Sui 07-01-2010.
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Old Yesterday, 05:50 PM
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The Margianan Connection to the Han Imperial Dynasty

There have been years since your last message. The Morgan Family (UMARGGA or Haumarga of America and for whom America is named), hope you are doing well. The Saka Haumarga were the Tribe that encountered the sons of the Khanseperre, a pharonic prince of Egypt in Khanspur (present Pakistan) and conquered them. Later, the offspring of the two Tribes broke free to throw off the shackles of slavery. The Saka Haumarga (sometimes called Haumavarga because they mixed natural ephedrine, mare's milk and pomegranite juice together and drank it), were mean customers. They ate people, blinded their male slaves to keep them from running, and forced those slaves into vats of mare's milk to help in mixing their drink. Herodotus has the story of the Mixed Tribes from whence almost all Chinese descended from the Emperor Qin hail:

Herodotus on the Scythians
[The History of Herodotus, George Rawlinson, ed. and tr., vol. 3, Book 4, Chapters 2-36, 46-82. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1885]

2. Now the Scythians blind all their slaves, to use them in preparing their milk. The plan they follow is to thrust tubes made of bone, not unlike our musical pipes, ( in) the mare , and then to blow into the tubes with their mouths, some milking while the others blow. They say that they do this because when the veins of the animal are full of air, the udder is forced down. The milk thus obtained is poured into deep wooden casks, about which the blind slaves are placed, and then the milk is stirred round. That which rises to the top is drawn off, and considered the best part; the under portion is of less account. Such is the reason why the Scythians blind all those whom they take in war; it arises from their not being tillers of the ground, but a pastoral race.

3. When therefore the children sprung from these slaves and the Scythian women grew to manhood, and understood the circumstances of their birth, they resolved to oppose the army which was returning from Media. And, first of all, they cut off a tract of country from the rest of Scythia by digging a broad dyke from the Tauric mountains to the vast lake of the Maeotis. Afterwards, when the Scythians tried to force an entrance, they marched out and engaged them. Many battles were fought, and the Scythians gained no advantage, until at last one of them thus addressed the remainder: "What are we doing, Scythians? We are fighting our slaves, diminishing our own number when we fall, and the number of those that belong to us when they fall by our hands. Take my advice- lay spear and bow aside , and let each man fetch his horsewhip , and go boldly up to them. So long as they see us with arms in our hands, they imagine themselves our equals in birth and bravery; but let them behold us with no other weapon but the whip, and they will feel that they are our slaves, and flee before us."

4. The Scythians followed this counsel, and the slaves were so astounded, that they forgot to fight, and immediately ran away. Such was the mode in which the Scythians, after being for a time the LORDS OF ASIA, and being forced to quit it by the Medes, returned and settled in their own country."

This quotation is for educational use only.

The Saka Haumarga did not stay with the offspring in the Land of Nod. But they went back in the time of Marco Polo to hear their cousin, the Great Kubilai Khan, promise to evangelize the whole of China if he became a Christonly.They had become followers of Christ in a great return to the Lord God of Noah.

The Saka Haumarga became the Oenotrians and Morgetes Tribes of Italy, as well as the Bituriges Tribe (later called Cornovii or Kournaovioi, for their naval prowess. Kournaovioi is Aeolean Greek and means "men of the well lit ships."). The Kubilai Khan also had a great desire to have a mighty navy. Is it true the flag of the Kubilai Khan was torn in half to become the flags of Nippon and Taiwan? "Nippon" originally meant "Moon" I was informed. Taiwan got the "Sun."

Thank you for sharing.

Princess Wincess

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asia, asian, china, chou dynasty, royalty of china

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