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Old 10-03-2017, 01:32 PM
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Victoria and Daniel attended today at Board meeting of The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation. So far no photos of the meeting.

The video of Daniel and Estelle is now also at Daily Mail.
Princess Estelle joins father Prince Daniel to showcase her gymnastic skills in adorable new video _ Daily Mail Online

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Old 10-12-2017, 03:05 PM
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Representatives of GEN-PEP's Steering Group, Knowledge and Collaboration Partners:
Cristina Stenbeck, Kinnevik
Elin Annwall, Managing Director, The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation
Karl-Johan Persson, CEO, H & M
Mai-Lis Hellénius, Professor at Karolinska Institutet
Per Strömberg, CEO, Ica

wrote an article, which was published yesterday, on World Obesity Day, at Dagens Industri DI.
Parts of the article:
Today, on World Obesity Day, we are forced to say that as much as every fifth child in Sweden suffers from overweight or obesity. Obese children often develop insulin resistance, blood fatigue and hepatic impairment. This can lead to illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease already in young years. Today, four-year-olds sit still almost half of their awake time, seven out of eight 13-year-olds move too little and Swedish children's nutrition intake amounts to 22 % of sugar. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that we must now consider childhood and adolescent obesity as a new national disease...
Against this background, Generation Pep (Gen-Pep), an organization founded by the Crown Princess couple, was founded last year with the aim of creating an opportunity and willingness for children and young people to live an active and healthy life regardless of socio-economic background. For more than a year, Generation Pep has worked in three main areas:
Partnership. About 30 actors from the Swedish business community are actively working with various health related initiatives for children and young people. One such example is a children's book, the purpose of which is to inspire families for business pleasure.
Driving forces. Children's and youth associations around the country have launched grassroot work to spread knowledge, "pepp" and inspiration about the importance of good health care.
Own initiatives. Knowledge dissemination of diet and physical activity in schools and local Pep days to increase joy of movement. Generation Pep will also hold a first Pep Forum at Karolinska Institutet on October 20th. There we gather several hundred actors from different parts of society, which we believe can contribute positively.
The work is in full swing but we need to do more, much more. We now call for more and wider action from politicians, authorities, researchers, civil society, industry, schools, individuals and families to address the problems.
Generation Pep wants to be a catalyst and one of many actors working on these issues. We want to test new tracks and forms of communication and new business ideas. We hope that we will succeed more often than we fail, but are aware that it will never be possible to progress if you are not prepared to fail.
And we have to do it together with others.
"60 minutes a day" and "500 grams a day" are two mantras which are associated with Generation Pep. It is the current recommendation time that a child needs to move every day and the amount of vegetables, fruits and berries that young people need per day... "60 minutes and 500 grams a day" doesn't solve everything, but they should solve a lot. Come on Sweden!
Cristina Stenbeck m.fl_ Så kan Sverige komma till rätta med barnfetman

Dagens Industri is a financial newspaper.

GEN-PEP has its first PEP Forum on 20th October. The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation has a seminar on 24th November. Victoria and Daniel attend on both.

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Old 10-13-2017, 04:38 AM
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GEN-PEP published this humorous video, where comedian, actor and TV-host David Hellenius (looking like Daniel with glasses and GEN-PEP shirt) tells that every child should move 60 minutes in a day and tries to get his son Leo do an obstacle course, which Leo doesn't want to do. Hellenius says that Prince Daniel and Estelle did it and everyone thought it was cute and clapped their hands and thought it was cozy. Then Daniel comes to the place and says: What are you doing now? Are you imitating me again? Hellenius: No, what, imitate? No, of course I don't do that. But his son Leo says: You said that you wanted to be like prince Daniel. Hellenius: Now we will go, go home and eat 500 grams of fruit and green. That's good, says Daniel.
David Hellenius was one of the actors at Hey Baberiba (2005-07), in which they imitated the members of the royal family.

GEN-PEP has now published the Daniel and Estelle at an obstacle course video also at their Youtube.
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Old 10-13-2017, 09:20 AM
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David Hellenius och prins Daniel återförenas _ Nöje Expressen
Se David Hellenius oväntade humorfilm – med prins Daniel! _ Svensk Damtidning
David Hellenius prins Daniel-parodi – inför ögonen på kungligheten _ Aftonbladet
Dagens skratt_ Missa inte roliga filmen med David Helenius och prins Daniel!
Här dyker prins Daniel upp – mitt under Hellenius klockrena imitation _ Hä

Aftonbladet's royal expert Jenny Alexandersson at her blog:
It's great to see that Prince Daniel has humor. Or yes, we already knew that he has a pretty subtle special humor. But this joke movie with David Hellenius is a great way to send a message right into a young audience. Those whom Daniel and Victoria are trying to achieve through their organization Gen-Pep are children and adolescents and they are extremely sensitive to what is upset or wrong ... yes you with children understand what I mean. This movie is fun! Congratulations to the whole gang behind Gen-Pep!
Komikern härmar prins Daniel _ Hovbloggen
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Old 10-18-2017, 12:31 PM
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GEN-PEP's project leader Carolina Klüft gave birth to her second child, another daughter, last Friday. Carolina and Patrik Klüft had their first daughter Laleh in December 2014.
Carolina Klüft mamma igen _ Aftonbladet

Carolina should be the other moderator at GEN-PEP's first Pep Forum on Friday. We will see if she wil be there.
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Old Yesterday, 11:27 PM
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GEN-PEP organizes the first Pep Forum today at Karolinska Institutet.

All children and young people are entitled to a healthy lifestyle
Pep Forum is organized at Karolinska Institutet in Solna to inform, inspire and bring together people who believe we can help to improve children and young people's opportunities to live a sound and healthy life.
Moderators are Carolina Klüft and Leo Razzak.
Victoria and Daniel speak at the Forum.
In addition to them among the speakers are Annika Strandhäll, the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, vice-chancellor Ole Petter Ottersen from Karolinska Institutet and Victoria and Daniel's friend Cristina Stenbeck, one of the founders of GEN-PEP with her Cristina Stenbeck Youth Foundation. During the day there is also a panel discussion by the representatives of partners and associates of GEN-PEP.
From the program:
HRH The Crown Princess
- All children and young people are entitled to a healthy lifestyle
Annika Strandhäll
- Why is it important for Sweden's welfare to protect children and young people's health?
Carl Johan Sundberg
- The importance of physical activity for young people's health. Focus on effects on the body in the short and long term.
Cristina Stenbeck
- About Involvement in Generation Pep
HRH Prince Daniel
- The thoughts behind Generation Pep and the importance of work for children and young people's health
GEN-PEP - Pep Forum den 20 oktober

The Crown Princess Couple and Generation Pep launch Pep Forum
Pep Forum is Generation Pep's next step in creating conversation, dedication and change for children and young people's health.
"Generation Pep was founded to spread knowledge and create commitment to children and young people's health. Pep Forum is aimed at anyone who has a responsibility and ability to make a difference. Collecting and uniting forces throughout society is a major and important part of this", says H.R.H. Prince Daniel.
Kronprinsessparet och Generation Pep lanserar Pep Forum - GEN-PEP

Annika Strandhäll, the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, told on Wednesday that she attends at Pep Forum.
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Old Today, 04:42 AM
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Victoria speaking at the first Pep Forum this morning.

GEN-PEP's project leader Carolina Klüft (who gave birth last Friday) and Leo Razzak are moderators at the Forum.

Victoria said to Carolina:
- Carro, you are a fighter, we all know that! It is not many days since you gave birth to your second child. Thank you for being here!
Victoria and Daniel arriving to the Forum.
Victorias varma ord till Carolina Klüft_ “En kämpe!” _ Svensk Damtidning

Carolina Klüft asked from Victoria where she finds her joy of movement. Victoria said that it is so natural for her to go out to the nature, and she sees that it is like that also for Estelle.
Victoria om speciella glädjestunderna med Estelle _ Svensk Damtidning

Short video of Victoria arriving to the stage to speak, at first she thanks Carolina Klüft.
The poster: "I wish that all of Sweden could have been with and listen to all the brilliant lectures and conversations today. Now I want to change the world. Again."

"Children and young people in focus on @gen_pep Forum today: "All the good forces are needed and they are there, which is hopeful," said the Crown Princess. #health"

"Honored to participate in #genpep's first forum to strengthen #children's and #adolescent's # health"

"The ”health divide” is growing in Sweden, let’s close the gap and create a healthier future for all #genpep #genpepforum @gen_pep"

"What a wonderful morning to listen Swedish Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel with many many other great speakers Life is good no matter what" (2 photos)

Short video of Daniel with Leo Razzak
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Old Today, 09:39 AM
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IBL Bildbyrå
Belga Image

Inspirators and experts talk about how together we can increase activity and movement in children and young people. A problem that Victoria and Daniel embarked upon early through the founding of Generation Pep, which works with just those questions.
Crown Princess Victoria began the day with a speech. She was welcomed by moderator, Leo Razzak (who often is as a moderator with Daniel at Prince Daniel's Fellowship school visits), who told about his first meeting with the Crown Princess.
- I was in a project with Fryshuset about honor violence and we, eight boys from the suburb, gathered in the City Hall. It really felt like we had made a class trip, Razzak said.
The Crown Princess would come there - which raised expectations among the eight guys who worked on the project.
- This was before you got married, said Razzak, generating laughter in the audience - and, of course, Victoria and Daniel.
He added:
- And we were so fascinated by the Crown Princess! So human, so down to earth ... We saw her, she saw us and it just said "click"!
"Click" was the word the king used to describe how it felt when he and Queen Silvia met for the first time. The Crown princess received Leo Razzak's words to her and Daniel with great joy.
- Thank you for the warm words, Leo, she said when she got up on stage.
Leo Razzak also told what it meant for him and his friends to meet Crown Princess Victoria.
- For us, in our class, our meeting changed forever the perception of the possibilities that lay in front of us!
Skådespelaren Leo Razzaks kärleksskämt till Victoria _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Six years. It is generally the difference in a lifetime between a uneducated and a highly educated person, Prince Daniel raised the class difference in a speech on the "Pep Forum", where he told why he and Crown Princess Victoria founded Generation Pep.
He marked strongly against inequality in human health and well-being.
- No, Sweden should be a country where all children and young people have the same conditions for an active life, he said in his speech.
Prince Daniel exemplified what a six-year shorter life means and linked it to his own daughter, Princess Estelle.
- We who have children know how much happens in six years and how much you miss if you can not be with. Our little girl there at home, Estelle, turns six years in February. Just the thought, I can hardly talk about missing a month or a year of her life due to ill health. I can hardly think of that personally, Prince Daniel said, remarkably moved.
- Six years is the entire trip from birth into the school's six-year-olds activity.
Prince Daniel pointed out concrete everyday situations:
- There are six birthdays with more and more candles on the cake. It's 300 cozy Fridays. But above all, it is more than 1,000 dull weekdays with dinner and leisure activities.
In his speech, he took up his own experience of ill health.
- When you suffer from ill health, which I have experience of, it is those dinners with friends and everyday life that you value the most.
Prince Daniel urged action and responsibility from all parts of society.
- We can not accept that some lives have so many fewer days than the lives of others. Just because you happen to be born in another family with other socio-economic conditions, the prince said.
Här brister det för prins Daniel i talet om dottern prinsessan Estelle _ Kungligt _ Expressen
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Old Today, 10:37 AM
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Some participants of Idol 2017 sang at Pep Forum today. Idol 2017 is a TV4 program and TV4 is a partner of GEN-PEP.
Royal recharging for the evening's Friday final! Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel invited the Idols to Generation Pep because they are so important role models for young people to make them move! See more in Idol Extra tonight!

Daniel speaking
Victoria and Carolina
Victoria got a book of a woman attending at the Forum

A young royal blogger was also at the Forum, here with Victoria.


Photo by Stella Pictures
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Old Today, 11:08 AM
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The dailymail also has some photos from today:

** dailymail: No rest for this royal! Crown Princess Victoria looks elegant in a ruffled lace blouse as she attends health forum with Prince Daniel..**
**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Old Today, 02:22 PM
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The royal court about Pep Forum at its website:
The seminar was organized by Generation Pep in order to create conversation, commitment and change for the health of children and adolescents.
The Pep Forum held in Aula Medica in Solna gathered around 800 participants representing politics, business, community, research and practitioners.
The Crown Princess began the day saying "All children have the same right to an active and healthy life, but for different reasons, not everyone gets that opportunity. Perhaps you lack knowledge or motivation. Maybe you don't have physical or economic conditions. Or maybe you don't have support from home. But for whatever reasons, the fact remains: Far too many children and young people in Sweden live in a way that is directly dangerous for their future health. And those who eventually suffer from ill health are the ones who are already having life financially and socially difficult. It's worrying, it's deeply unfair and it's unsustainable." [...]
Prince Daniel closed the Forum and said: ".. the whole society must be united in joint effort. Therefore it is so important to get together politics, business life and organizations - just like we do today. [...]
Therefore, it is wonderful to see that Sweden is filled with organizations and driving forces who want to make a difference. We have really known this since we started.
It was also very hopeful to hear how some of Sweden's absolute largest companies discourse about their commitment and responsibility in these questions.
But you don't have to drive a company to understand how important it is to invest in the future, and to invest properly. And when it comes to investments that we make together, as a society, I can't actually imagine anything wiser or more necessary than equipping the next generation for a long, healthy and active life.
Because what my wife said when she started this meeting:
Sweden should not only be a prosperous country. It should be a country where all children and young people have the opportunity to feel good."
In the afternoon, workshops were held on issues such as; How are healthy living habits for children and young people formed? and What can we do together in different areas to influence to the right direction?
Kronprinsessparet vid Pep Forum - Sveriges Kungahus

Victoria's speech
H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victorias tal vid öppnande av Pep-Forum, fredagen den 20 oktober 2017 - Sveriges Kungahus

Daniel's speech
H.K.H. Prins Daniels tal vid PEP Forum, fredagen den 20 oktober 2017 - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Instagram

Annika Strandhäll, the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, spoke at the forum. From her Twitter:
"The Crown Princess couple focuses on children's and youth's health / movement. Fun to talk at @gen_pep along with business, research, associations #pepforum

Besides Annika Strandhäll, also another minister attended the Forum - Esben Lunde Larsen, Minister for the Environment and Food of Denmark.
Photos from his Facebook: "A very exciting and profitable day in Stockholm in the company of the TRH Crown Princess Couple, which has taken the initiative for Gen-Pep, which is a major project for lifting the Swedish society's challenges with nutrition and health - completely in line with the Danish government's work with our interministerial work with diet and health. Both Sweden and Denmark have enormous health, human and economic challenges with life-related illnesses - and the challenge is getting bigger, why we have to act.
And then there was also a little entertainment of Idol 2017 participants. Good weekend here from Stockholm"

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