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thank you LadyFinn. Busy day for Daniel

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Expressen's royal reporter Elias Giertz and photographer Sven Lindwall are in Helsinki.

This is a joint visit within the framework of Prince Daniel's Fellowship, which is a collaboration between the Prince, the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and outstanding business leaders and entrepreneurs.
During the trip, the delegation will study the Finnish climate for entrepreneurs.
- This is exciting, says Prince Daniel to Expressen immediately after receiving a presentation at Aalto University.
The reason why Crown Princess Victoria is not on the trip is that it is an area of ​​interest that Prince Daniel himself has.
The trip to Finland is not an official visit but focuses entirely on studying the entrepreneurial climate.
- We are looking at how they have succeeded in building entrepreneurs in Finland. It's a very exciting trip. For me as an entrepreneur, it is extremely exciting to see what business opportunities are available for my company here in Finland, says entrepreneur Gunilla von Platen.
What does Prince Daniel's commitment to these questions mean?
- I think that means a lot. He has a credibility because he is an entrepreneur essentially. The work he does is amazing!
But what can he, as a prince, actually add in this? He is not an entrepreneur.
- He can add a lot. In addition, he focuses on this topic. I think that's incredibly good, we have never had any prince or princess who has done this before. It is very valuable that he pays attention to these questions, says von Platen.
Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Prince Daniel's Fellowship, adds:
- You can be entrepreneur in many different ways. He has created his own business once upon a time. What the prince is passionate about is a commitment to new companies and those who are behind them: the entrepreneurs themselves.
The big highlight is, however, on Thursday when Prince Daniel is going to visit the giant entrepreneurial event Slush. Hotels in Helsinki have been sold out for a long time to the fair.
To the fair comes also the former US Vice President Al Gore who will hold the opening speech at Slush.
Accordingly, Daniel will also meet the Duke of Cambridge.
At the video Marcus Wallenberg says that Daniel's engagement in Fellowship means a lot. He visits also schools to speak about entrepreneurship, the possibilities in Sweden to build new companies and that is something which is very important, absolutely. Gunilla von Platen says has been at Prince Daniel's Fellowships for some years. She says that the work Daniel does is fantastic, to take with him entrepreneurs, we can be inspirators at schools all over Sweden.
Prins Daniel reser till Finland utan kronprinsessan Victoria _ Kungligt _ Expressen

From ambassador Anders Ahnlid's Twitter, visiting Supercell

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Daniel at the opening of Slush together with president Sauli Niinistö and the Duke of Cambridge.
Prinssi William, prinssi Daniel ja presidentti Sauli Niinistö samassa seurueessa Slushin avajaisissa - katso kuvat

Daniel and William seemed to have a good time together.
Prinssejä molemmin puolin! Presidentti Niinistö isännöi Williamin ja Danielin tapaamista Helsingissä – katso kuvat - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat/
Slush käyntiin arvovaltaisesti – prinssit William ja Daniel sekä presidentti Niinistö iloisessa rivissä - Viihde -
Prins Daniel och William i Finland _ Svensk Damtidning

According to Expressen, Daniel, William and president Niinistö had a short meeting behind the scenes before they arrived to the opening. Information officer Johan Tegel from the swedish court told that Daniel and William were among other things talking about that they are looking forward to meet again in Sweden in the beginning of next year.
Prins Daniels privata möte med prins William _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Daniel met Emma Rispoli from Country Branding Office at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Emma said that the meeting was very nice.

Court Instagram, Daniel at Slush
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HRH Prince Daniel visit to Helsinki in Finland.

10th of July 1559-Death of Henri II ,King of France.
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Old 11-30-2017, 10:12 AM
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Daniel met president Sauli Niinistö at president's residence Mäntyniemi.
From President's Flickr

From the President's website
The President and the Prince discussed about entrepreneurship and business as well as about Nordicness as a positive force in competitiveness. Prince Daniel attended in Slush organized at the Helsinki Fair Center during his visit to Finland.
Presidentti Niinistö tapasi Ruotsin prinssi Danielin* - Suomen tasavallan presidentti

Prinssi Daniel vieraili yllättäen Sauli Niinistön luona Mäntyniemessä — tapaamisesta ei mainintaa ohjelmassa

From Flickr of Slush

From ambassador Anders Ahnlid's Twitter:
Daniel met Alexander Stubb, his friend and the former prime minister of Finland. Now the Vice President of European Investment Bank. Stubb started yesterday also as the Chairman of the Board of Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), which is founded by president Martti Ahtisaari.

HRH Prince Daniel visits @SwedishHotspot at #Slush17. 150 Swedish startups present. 30 in @BusinessSweFIN ’s delegation.

Succesful @SwedishHotspot investor lunch with around 350 participants in presence of HRH Prince Daniel. Numerous startups meet key investors
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Iltasanomat writes:
Huge crowd of people followed prince Daniel: he was joking and laughing relaxed - "He could be my best friend"
Prince Daniel is today a technology and growth company event in Slush. He began his tour from swesdish Hotspot focusing on Swedish start-ups.
The happy and smiling prince spoke relaxed with both managing directors
and assistants, and gathered enormous crowds walking behind him throughout the event area.
The Prince visited the VR-technology company Varjo and Finland-stand organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Daniel discussed a long time with Urho Konttori, the ceo of Varjo and he even tried VR-glasses.
Prince Daniel liked to discuss and enjoyed a lot in a company event. Urho Konttori said after Daniel had gone:
- Daniel was a very pleasant person. It felt like he could be my best friend. We talked to Daniel about our technology and what it makes possible.
Discussions were also held about entrepreneurship and new innovations.
Prinssi Daniel keräsi peräänsä valtavat yleisömassat_ hassutteli ja naureskeli rennosti – ”Hän voisi olla paras kaverini” - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Shaking hands with Elias Giertz, the royal reporter of Expressen

At Varjo StartUp

From Twitter of Ilkka Paananen, ceo of Supercell.
"Greetings from HRH Prince Daniel: “Finland is a great country, great neighbour, has great entrepreneurship and unfortunately a good ice hockey team"

Visiting Marimekko

Belga Image

It seems that president Niinistö and Daniel have a very good relationship.
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Long day for Daniel, from the breakfast to the dinner at the Embassy.
From Facebook of the swedish Embassy:
Versatile program for Prince Daniel during the second day of the visit to Helsinki with Prince Daniel's Fellowship and Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The day started with a breakfast lecture by the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, and continued on a visit to the Slush launch fair, where the Prince visited, among other things, Swedish Hotspot, which gathers about 150 Swedish startup companies attending the fair. Later in the afternoon there was a meeting with President Sauli Niinistö at Mäntyniemi and a visit to the company Marimekko. On the evening program, a dinner was held at Swedish Embassy with Ambassador Anders Ahnlid as host.

From Instagram of Prince Daniel's Fellowship, the first photo is a nice group photo taken at Marimekko
"Yet another inspiring day in Helsinki with this lovely gang! Breakfast speech of @alexstubb and then visit #slush2017 where we met several Swedish startups. The day ended with a wonderful visit to @marimekkodesignhouse

Prince Daniel's Fellowship has also some young entrepreneurs at the trip, here a couple of them with Daniel at Marimekko.

Daniel at Marimekko with Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, president & CEO of Marimekko, and Kristiina Lindhe, ceo of Lexington

As a Finn, this warms my heart: Lisa Lindström, one of the entrepreneurs who met president Niinistö with Daniel at her Instagram "You should be proud of thus curious and humble President"

The royal court on its website about the visit
Prins Daniel i Helsingfors - Sveriges Kungahus
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About the visit to Marimekko:
Prince Daniel's visit to Finland culminated in a corporate visit to the world-famous Marimekko's factory in Herttoniemi. Daniel was received by President and ceo Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko and Chairman of the Board Mika Ihamuotila.
Daniel, Alahuhta-Kasko and Ihamuotila started their visit with relaxed chatting. The conversation revealed that Daniel's visit to Finland had gone very well
- This has been awesome, the prince summarized his visit.
The prince was in a very jokey mood and made Marimekko's representatives and others laugh with a very relaxed attitude.
- Do you speak Swedish? Daniel asked Ihamuotila.
- Of course, Ihamuotila responded casually and continued to speak smoothly in Swedish.
The official part of the tour was started with a short corporate presentation. Alahuhta-Kasko told about the making of fabrics, and introduced printing machines where each color is printed on the fabric one at a time. The prince was very interested in technology and admired the Finland100 fabric in the making, which depicts the animals of the forest.
- The wish to this visit came from the court, Piia Kumpulainen, Communications Director at Marimekko, told to IltaSanomat.
The visit was very successful.
- We exchanged ideas about entrepreneurship and building the future, Alahuhta-Kasko told later.
One of the emerging issues in the discussions was the co-operation between Finnish and Swedish young entrepreneurs.
- It would be good that there would be more cooperation like with the older generations. Daniel was very excited about the idea, Ihamuotila told.
The prince was also introduced to the Marimekko collection. He was particularly interested in the men's clothing collection.
- I said, that downstairs there is a 15% discount. Daniel replied with a joke and wondered that only 15 percent, Ihamuotila told reporters.
- I promised that if he takes homecoming presents to Victoria, then it could be sold at half the price, Ihamuotila said.
Alahuhta-Kaskola and Ihamuotila got a pleasant and positive image of the Prince of Sweden.
- He was really warm and very approachable, Alahuhta-Kasko said.
- Daniel was genuinely interested in Finland and us, Ihamuotila agreed.
Yksi lause tiivisti prinssi Danielin Suomen-vierailun – murjaisi vitsin suomalaisten suosikkituotteiden hinnoista - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

From Marimekko's Twitter with a photo
"#Throwback to yesterday and this week’s highlight: #Marimekko had the honour to host the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Daniel and his delegation of Swedish entrepreneurs in our Herttoniemi printing factory. Thank you for the interesting talks!"
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The Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences about the visit at their website:
The Acacemy's project Prince Daniels Fellowship arranged a trip to Finland focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. During two intense days, the University of Aalto, the game company Supercell and start-up event Slush were visited. The delegation was chaired by Prince Daniel's Fellowship's chairman Marcus Wallenberg and Prince Daniel participated in the trip as the honorary chairman of the project.
The purpose of the trip was to give close to 40 selected entrepreneurs and business leaders the opportunity to visit innovative, Finnish environments and companies.
Startups på agendan när Prins Daniels Fellowship besökte Finland - IVA

At Slush

Aalto University tells about Daniel's visit at their website:
Prince Daniel visited Aalto University on Wednesday as part of his two-day visit to Finland, which was inspired by innovation and entrepreneurship in Finland. Taking part in the visit were a 40-member delegation, including top figures in Swedish business and young entrepreneurs. The Prince and his large entourage were especially interested in the university's cooperation with entrepreneurs and in startup entrepreneurship.
News_ Prince Daniel of Sweden visits Aalto University - Aalto University

Daniel visited Metropoli's Sohjoa robot bus in Otaniemi. CoReorient uses the robot bus to develop sustainable transport solutions.
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Press release from the government yesterday:
Invitation to the press: Prince Daniel and the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér meet children, young people and parents in Skarpnäck.
On Wednesday, December 6, HRH Prince Daniel and the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér are in Skarpnäck to meet children, young people and parents. The program includes a visit to preschool Långe Erik and a presentation from the Skarpnäck's district administration of the Skarpnäck model - a model for early efforts in collaboration between preschool, school and social services.
Pressinbjudan_ Prins Daniel och barnminister Åsa Regnér träffar barn, unga och föräldrar i Skarpnäck -

Minister Regnér on her Twitter
"On Wednesday: I and prince Daniel visit Skarpnäck to meet children, young people and parents".
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Expressen's royal reporter Elias Giertz followed Daniel on his two-day visit to Helsink last week, and Daniel gave him an interview.

Prince Daniel has been on an entrepreneurial trip to Finland. Despite many meetings with young entrepreneurs and inspiring business executives, Daniel doesn't regret his choice to leave life as an entrepreneur - to become a prince of Sweden.
The entrepreneurial prince is an epithet that is often pasted on Prince Daniel.
Prior to marrying Crown Princess Victoria, he was named Daniel Westling and registered in 1998 his first single company. Over the years he has run training company Master Training, Balance and also held a board assignment in a hotel project Brasil Development AB.
Now he is a Prince and has put most of the business on the shelf. But he still tries to engage - and highlight - issues concerning the entrepreneurial climate in Sweden and in the world.
- Something concrete as I do is just this Prince Daniel's Fellowship. A mentorship program where we travel to universities, colleges and upper secondary schools and meet a lot of young people looking after opportunities and who want to dare to take the step, says Prince Daniel.
Just "dare take the step" are the key words that the prince often returns to in his commitment.
- The vision is that every young person who wants something will dare take the step. Now there is a discrepancy between what you want - and what you dare. There I think we can all try to be a little more encouraging and ... "supportive".
The Prince himself has a background as an entrepreneur. Does the prince again feel that fear of not daring to pursue a dream or vision?
- Because I really did that, I probably didn't have that fear. I was not afraid to fail, no.
When the Express meets him, he has just swapped a few words with the Duke of Cambridge. Now he walks around among the stands at Slush, a giant fair for startups and investors in Helsinki.
- This is exciting. It is a real "melting pot" for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. As a Swede, you have every reason to be proud. We are really at the forefront, for example within the digital. It feels very fun.
But the prince doesn't miss entrepreneurship?
- No, I don't. This works well.
Prins Daniel om tiden innan kronprinsessan Victoria _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Daniel and Mika Ihamuotila, Chairman of the Board of Marimekko. Photo from Ihamuotila's Twitter
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Today Daniel and Åsa Regnér, the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality, are in Skarpnäck to meet children, young people and parents. They visit preschool Långe Erik and get a presentation from the Skarpnäck's district administration of the Skarpnäck model - a model for early efforts in collaboration between preschool, school and social services.

Court Instagram
"Today, Prince Daniel and Minister Åsa Regnér visited Skarpnäck, to get information on how the district administration is working on early efforts for children, young people and their parents to prevent young people from entering intonegative patterns."

From Facebook and Instagram of photographer Pelle T Nilsson
Pelle got also a close up when Daniel was attacked by...

From Twitter of Skarpnäck's district's administration
"A Visit, among other things, to preschool Långe Erik today by Prince Daniel and @regner_asa. We told about our work on early child and youth efforts in collaboration between preschool, school and social services."

The court about the visit at it's website
On Wednesday, December 6, Prince Daniel was together with Åsa Regnér, the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality in Skarpnäck to meet children, young people and parents.
The day started at Skarpnäck's city district administration where Prince and minister Regnér were received by Ewa Larsson, chairman of the district council, and Victoria Callenmark, deputy neighborhood director. Here was a presentation of the district's mission, challenges and priorities in the work aimed at children, young people and their parents.
The visit continued at preschool Långe Erik. After a tour, Prince Daniel and the minister heard about the Skarpnäck model - a model for early efforts in collaboration between preschool, school and social services.
Prins Daniel i Skarpnäck - Sveriges Kungahus
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Great photos of the visit at these articles

Se härliga bilderna! Prins Daniel besöker förskola _ Svensk Damtidning

Skarpnäck's city district administration has received SEK 20 million from the city of Stockholm for the pilot project Skarpnäckmodel, which means creating an integrated preschool and school unit to support children in preschool and school.
Today, Prince Daniel and the Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér, visited Preschool Långe Erik in Kärrtorp to hear more about the Skarpnäck model.
- It's impressive how you think and how you go in for. Early efforts are good in all contexts. Within medicine, you often fix what's wrong, you have to work more preventively in all activities, says Prince Daniel.
Prins Daniel besöker förskola i Kärrtorp – Mitt i Stockholm

You have a stick insect here, where does it live, Daniel asked.
The children said it's called Lillis and lives in an aquarium. And soon the stick insect came to the prince's hand.
5-year-old Tua had drawn a drawing with different colored balloons that Daniel showed great interest in.
- He asked a lot of questions, Tua says.
Lillis på rymmen ville också träffa prinsen

Fotobanka Profimedia

Prinsbesök på förskola i Skarpnäck _ SVT Nyheter

The royal court and goverment take part in the Skarpnäck model
Hovet och regeringen tar del av Skarpnäcksmodellen -
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Here is still a gallery of Daniel's visit to Skarpnäck, to Långe Erik preschool on 6th December.
ROYAL: Daniel besucht den Stadtteil Skarpnäck in Stockholm
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Daniel attended today at the Board meeting of Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation. He is Honorary Chairman of the Foundation.
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Daniel visits Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan in Kiruna in northern Sweden with Prince Daniel's Fellowship entrepreneurial program on Monday 18th December.
With him he has as inspirators entrepreneurs Stina Bergfors (United Screens), Filip Engelbert (Avito) and Elin Kling (Totême). Moderator is Leo Razzak.
They visit only one school and in the afternoon they visit Space Campus at the Luleå University of Technology in Kiruna.
Prince Daniel's Fellowship about the visit at their Instagram
Article in Norrbottens Affärer
Prins Daniel till Kiruna
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Daniel visited today Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan and Luleå University of Technology's Space Campus in Kiruna in northern Sweden with Prince Daniel's Fellowship entrepreneurial program. With him he had as inspirators entrepreneurs Stina Bergfors (United Screens), Filip Engelbert (Avito) and Elin Kling (Totême). Moderator was Leo Razzak.

Prince Daniel at a school visit
- It's a monumental change that's incredibly important, says Prince Daniel about the metoo appeal during his visit to Hjalmar Lundbohmskolan.
He visited the school to talk about young entrepreneurship together with successful entrepreneurs Stina Bergfors, Filip Engelbert and Elin Kling. They held a lecture together where they told about their experiences as entrepreneurs and give tips and advice to the students.
- It was very fun and inspiring, there were many exciting ideas and a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. I hope the students will feel that there are all possibilities. This is a generation that is often very value-driven, wants to be involved and not only do good to themselves but affect the environment and society as a whole. As I see it, there are only few things that can affect the environment as much as business.
The young entrepreneurs were given the chance to sit on a round table conversation with Prince Daniel and the entrepreneurs. There they started by presenting their own corporate ideas, ranging from light making, t-shirts and juice made of local berries.
- There were several very good ideas. This is the UF company (Young enterprise), you run the company for a year and then you end it, others take it over. But I think there were several exciting thoughts and ideas, says Prince Daniel.
One of his tips for young people who want to run their own business is to have their own mentor.
- And so it's a lot about daring to get started, thinking less about what it's for product or service to sell but getting started and learning on the way.
Linnea Henningsen was one of the students who participated during the conversation.
- It was instructive, interesting to listen and sit here and talk, she says.
Mattias Gren took the message to go in for it and drive hard.
- You can not die so it's just wagering everything you can to see where it's going, he says.
For Prince Daniel, a visit at Space Campus was next at the program. Before leaving, he thought about the metoo appeal against abuse and sexual harassment.
- I think it's a paradigm shift we see, a monumental change that is incredibly important and, about what I'm incredibly happy, that it has come to this, it is so important.
Prins Daniel på skolbesök

Prince Daniel would like to see more Sami entrepreneurship.
- I have some experience of it. When I have met Sami people and seen the amazing craftsmanship and there is a skill in these areas that is incredibly impressive. We have actually talked a little bit about how to sell that kind of products today and maybe broaden the market. Where there is digital it is creating the good conditions.
Prins Daniel lyfter ungas företagande under besök i Kiruna - Sameradion & SVT Sápmi _ Sveriges Radio
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Daniel gave a short interview to SVT
Expectations to prince Daniel's visit in Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan were high especially among the students who have Swedish as a second language and have come to Sweden unaccompanied.
They sent a question to SVT's reporter Teuvo Palomäki to ask from the prince. They wanted Prince Daniel's advice on how to get into Swedish society more easily when they lack social networking.
- It is a difficult and complex question, but the school, to get friends at school and getting to know their parents and I hope that the not-for-profit sector takes responsibility in this. And the business community is also a good opportunity. But it is not easy. It is difficult and complicated.
Prins Daniels svar till de ensamkommande _ SVT Nyheter

What a day, what people!

Photo gallery from Facebook of Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan.

The court about the day at their website:
The day was started at Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan where moderator Leo Razzak, together with the Prince and entrepreneurs Stina Bergfors, Filip Engelbert and Elin Kling met the upper secondary school students.
The program started with a lecture and afterwards some students got an opportunity to talk more about entrepreneurship, own ideas and future dreams in round table discussions with the Prince and the inspirators.
In the afternoon, the Prince and the inspirators visited Luleå University of Technology's Space Campus in Kiruna for further lecture and round table discussions with the students.
Prins Daniel i Kiruna med Prins Daniels Fellowship - Sveriges Kungahus
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Prince Daniel's Fellowship about the visit at the website of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, a couple of good photos:
Prins Daniels Fellowship peppade elever till entreprenörskap i Kiruna - IVA

Our team had the opportunity to present our project and experiment to His Royal Highness Daniel, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland.
A big thank you to the Prince Daniel Fellowship and the Prince himself for their interest in our work:

The Prince's greetings are sent to Jupiter - a 10-year trip
Prince Daniel signed a space instrument when he visited the Institute of Space Physics, IRF, in Kiruna. Now his signature will be sent to Jupiter.
It was during Monday that Prince Daniel visited IRF and Space Campus in Kiruna. During the visit he signed an instrument to be sent to the planet Jupiter.
Prince Daniel's signature is expected to arrive at the planet Jupiter in 2030 and at the end of the mission, the satellite will conduct a so-called controlled crash landing on Jupiter's glacial moon Ganymedes.
Prinsens hälsning skickas till Jupiter – en resa på 10 år _ SVT Nyheter

When Prince Daniel's Fellowship visited the Institute of Space Physics, IRF, and Space Campus in Kiruna, the Prince was allowed to sign a part of an instrument to be sent to the planet Jupiter in 2020.
"Prince Daniels signature reinforces the instrument's identity of being built in Sweden and by the Institute of Space Physics", said Stas Barabash, director of IRF.
It is not the first time that the Royal Family has been asked for a similar mission. IRF was honored with His Majesty the King's signature on the satellite Munin separation system, which was broadcasted in 2000.
Prins Daniels namn på IRF_s instrument till Jupiter – IRF
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Press release from the municipality of Ockelbo:

The Prince and World Stars inaugurate the combi hall - A prince and a whole bunch of hockey kings and queens
Prince Daniel's team includes Peter Forsberg, Nicklas Lidström, Mats Sundin, Markus Näslund, Maria Rooth, Mattias Norström, Emelie Berggren and a series of other former world stars.
- History will be written. It is great, says Christian Stark, Ockelbo HC's chairman.
Prince Daniel played ice hockey when he grew up in Ockelbo. And he does not mind paying back for what he experienced.
Not only is Prince Daniel participating at the inauguration of Ugglebo Arena on January 25th. Attending the inauguration match between his own team Team Generation Pep and Ockelbo HC, the prince has a whole bus filled with Olympic gold medalists, Stanley Cup winners and world champions.
- Prince Daniel continues to deliver. Time after time he shows what enormous commitment he feels for his hometown, says municipal commissioner Magnus Jonsson. He is pleased that the prince and world stars come to Ugglebo Arena to spread star glory over the family celebration that the opening ceremony is supposed to be.
In fact, it was the prince himself who threw the idea that he would "put together a bunch of people he knows" and play inaugural match to support little but hard-working Ockelbo HC, the engine in the building of the arena for hockey, inlines, archery and other sports.
- We met when Prince Daniel was in Ockelbo at Christmas and was skating with Princess Estelle last year. That's when he said he might have some acquaintances who would like to play inaugural match to give us some attention, says Stark.
Prince Daniel seems to have shared some thoughts and ideas with Bosse Stark, also a famous Ockelboprofile, who then went to his brother, hockey club's chairman.
Now Prince Daniel reveals that the acquaintances he pulled together to the match are some of the world's best ice hockey players ever, and other highly-rated players.
- You get shivers when you only think about it. Together they have won everything that is possible. The question is how often so many world stars meet to play a stunt match. It feels a bit historical, says Stark.
The joker in the match is Jörgen Nyström, one of Ockelbo's best ice hockey players ever. A 48-year-old who finished his career as late as a couple of years ago and now has the chance to play with the world stars.
- Jörgen has been Mr. Ockelbo Hockey in 25-30 seasons. I mentioned to Prince Daniel that it would be fun if he had a place for him. Then he called and invited Jörgen.
Team Generation Pep
21 Peter Forsberg
13 Mats Sundin
4 Mattias Norström
5 Nicklas Lidström
19 Markus Näslund
24 Andreas Dackell
27 Maria Rooth
2 Mattias Öhlund
10 Andreas Johansson
12 Jörgen Nyström
32 Mikael Tellqvist
73 Prince Daniel
55 Emelie Berggren
Prinsen och världsstjärnor inviger kombihallen— Ockelbo kommun

Prince Daniel inaugurates the hockey arena in Ockelbo - with a star team of hockey legends.
Prins Daniel inviger hockeyhallen i Ockelbo – med ett stjärnlag av hockeylegendarer

Superstars together again - thanks to prince Daniel
Superstjärnorna återförenas tack vare prins Daniel _ Aftonbladet

Prins Daniel ska spela hockey med Foppa, Lidas och Sundin _ Hockey _ Expressen

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current events, daniel, prince daniel, sweden

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