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Old 04-13-2018, 09:45 AM
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Here's an article about today's hike:

** dailymail: Sweden’s Crown Princess and mother-of-two Victoria displays her maternal side as she joins schoolchildren on a nature hike..**

**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Expressen Kvällsposten:
The Crown Princess was welcomed by thousands of people on the square in Ronneby and governor Sten Nordin held a short speech. After the speech, about 400 people followed the crown princess to look at agility in Brunnsparken.
The Crown Princess paused for lunch and finished the city walk to go for a walk in Södra Brunnsskogen.
In the afternoon, the Crown Princess was allowed to try bird watching. Jörgen Pitch is a member of the Västblekinge Ornithological Society and along with 10-year-old Felix Johansson he guided the Crown Princess in the bird tower.
- She was interested, it shows that she likes this with nature, says Jörgen Pitch.
During the bird watching they saw tufted duck, blue tit and great tit.
- It's a little cold. Had it been warmer the Crown Princess had probably seen more birds.
- It is a great honor and a privilege to guide our Crown Princess. And for Felix it's a memory for life!
In addition to birdwatching, the Crown Princess has also watched aquatic animals and danced and sang together with children from Friluftsfrämjandet. She has also tasted krabbelurer, Friluftsfrämjandet's unofficial main course.
According to Kvällsposten's photographer Stefan Lindblom, the Crown Princess was so interested in the children's activities that the press officer had to notify her to go further.
Kronprinsessan promenerar genom Vårblekinge _ Kvällsposten

- I really looked forward to this day and to visit Ronneby, we will open our eyes for the amazing we have just on our doorstep, "aid Victoria when she took over the microphone.
- We need nature for body and soul and then we must also take care of it, I hope there are those who want to follow the walk today.
En skål för brunnsvattnet, Ronneby! - Sydöstran

Victoria said to Sveriges Radio P4 Blekinge during her hike, that the weather is great and they had got some people hiking with them from the Square. Old buildings, being close to the nature, that is precise what she wants to highlight on these hikes. The reporter interviewed also a woman, who had come to see Victoria. She says that Victoria is fantastic, she does so much for our country, she is so warm person. So she came to see Victoria.
Kronprinsessan vandrade i Ronneby - P4 Blekinge _ Sveriges Radio

Videos of Victoria arriving to Ronneby
WEBB-TV_ Här anländer kronprinsessan till Ronneby - Sydöstran

Video of Victoria playing ”Knack, knack är Mulle hemma” with Skogsmulle and Skogsknyttar.
Kronprinsessan jagades av Skogsmulle - fick springa riktigt snabbt - Sydöstran

Video of Victoria drinking the water from the old well
Kronprinsessan smakar brunnsvatten

Video of Victoria meeting children
Prinsessan möter alla barnen

Video of Victoria singing with Skogsknyttar
Friluftsfrämjandet sjunger med Victoria

Lots of photos at social media
We got really surprised today when crown princess of Sweden came to town! She seemed very sweet.

Interviewed by Sveriges Radio

From Instagram of the County Administrative Board of Blekinge

Photos from lunch, from Facebook of Friluftsfrämjandet Ronneby

From Belga
The gallery
Belga Image

From Profimedia
The gallery

Court website
Kronprinsessans vandring i Blekinge - Sveriges Kungahus

Short video at court Instagram
Victoria says: What a beautiful day, what a nice hike this has been. I'm so glad that so many wanted to hike with us. Different environments I got to see. Great, great fun, really.

Great photo by Mikael Persson/MiP Media
And other by Stella Pictures

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Old 04-14-2018, 06:13 AM
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A short video and photos from SVT
The Crown Princess began her visit in Ronneby to greet the pre-school children in Hulta. The children go to a newly built municipal preschool based on the principle that the business should be both environmentally and socially sustainable. Victoria was guided around by preschool chef Kerstin Bergskans Mattson.
The preschool children handed a picture as memorial gift to the Crown Princess - a gift that was appreciated.
- A very nice memory, although the children seemed to want it themselves, Victoria said after the gift was left.
Här får barnen besök – av kronprinsessan _ SVT Nyheter

A short video from SVT
Folk festival in Ronneby when Victoria greeted
Several hundred walked up on Ronneby square to get a glimpse of the Crown Princess. After a spontaneous speech about the importance of enjoying what is nearby, the Crown Princess invited all Ronneby residents to follow her ten kilometres long walk in the municipality.
The visitors at the square in Ronneby were both happy and expectant over the Crown Princess's visit:
- It puts Ronneby and Blekinge on the map. We are a small county, with beautiful scenery and this makes us being noticed, says Berit Kullman, one of those who came to the square to get a glimpse of Victoria.
Folkfest i Ronneby när Victoria hälsade på _ SVT Nyheter

Photos from Facebook of Ronneby municipality
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Old 04-14-2018, 06:31 AM
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So much enjoying these pics and vids, what i wonderful idea these hikes are (and what gorgeous nature Sweden has)!
Wisdom begins in wonder - Socrates
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Old 04-14-2018, 02:59 PM
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Some great photos at Facebook of Ronneby Orienteering Club
"Today, the whole Ronneby has had a nice visit on this beautiful spring day. It is Crown Princess Victoria who chose to place her province hike in Ronneby and what kind of endorsement it became! The hike started at the new Hulta preschool and afterwards she walked down to the square via the old water tower, and then descended to Brunnsparken. After lunch in Mandeltårtan, the Crown Princess continued her activities. To our great joy, and also to the Crown Princess's, she had to try out a few checkpoints on the new Find out map! Guided by siblings Olof and Louise Edvardsson, the Crown Princess was well looked after and introduced to the Find out project. The Crown Princess seemed genuinely amused of this activity, and when Ronneby OK finished this part of the walk, the Crown Princess spontaneously exclaimed: "Is it already over? We just got started!" It must be a good reference if anything :-) Thank you all involved for all the planning and preparation you made and because you have represented our association as well!"
Ronneby OK - Idag har hela Ronneby haft finbesök denna... _ Facebook

Photos from Facebook of Friluftsfrämjandet Ronneby
"One day to really be remembered in a very positive way. For both adults and children it became an afternoon out of the ordinary. Thank you all for a great event!"
Fredagen den 13 april! En dag att... - Friluftsfrämjandet Ronneby _ Facebook

Photos by Suzanne Wernersson, Linslusfoto

Photos by Björn Hansson, Linslusfoto

Videos from Bunte
Victoria von Schweden_ So viel Zeit muss sein_ Trotz straffen Programms nimmt sie sich DAFÜR einen Moment _
Victoria von Schweden_ Ganz schön mutig! DAS hätte nicht jede Prinzessin mitgemacht _
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Old 04-15-2018, 08:52 AM
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Photographer Jonas Gustafsson (takes photos for the newspapers in Blekinge) posts photos of Victoria and writes in his Instagram:
"She came to the dark and boring Ronneby. As a sunbeam, our Crown Princess spread light and warmth and it really was contagious.
Viktoria gave everyone a chance. Everyone got the space to take part in her hike and presence.
Then she waved to me from the bird tower and agreed that bird watching is incredibly fun and interesting. What a nice day it became ☀️
The best thing was probably that auntie we met at the end of the forest walk.
Viktoria - Hi, are you out and exercise in the nice weather?
Aunt - Yes, and I had hoped not to meet you! Now it gets crowded and I have to stop.
Viktoria laughed and said sorry, the meaning was not to spoil your tempo.
The whole crowd cheered and then she gave us something of herself once more. That's how she is.
Our Crown Princess. Our very own crown princess Viktoria❤️."

Governor Sten Nordin gave a gift to Victoria, photo from Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Blekinge.

Governor Sten Nordin at his Twitter:
"Yes, it was a very successful province hike - reflected in today's newspapers - which our Crown Princess yesterday did in Ronneby and Brunnsparken, which represented our province."

Lovely flowers at Victoria's place at the lunch at Café Mandeltårtan

The County Administrative Board of Bleking at Twitter:
"It became a great response from the public at @ronnebymunicipality and from the press and media, when Crown Princess Victoria visited Blekinge on Friday. But most glad were surely all children who met a real princess:-)."

ROYAL: Victoria wandert durch die Provinz Blekinge
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Old 04-16-2018, 01:29 PM
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Ronneby Police at Instagram
"Ronneby showed off from her finest side, with radiant sunshine, happy children and adults who stood on the way and greeted H.Kr.H Crown Princess Victoria during her walk through the city! It was nice to see that so many joined the walk and walked parts of it! Thank you to all who contributed to a very nice day!"

Ronneby Parish of the Swedish Church at Facebook
"H.R.H. Crown Princess on the way to the Heliga Kors Church. The church received also a royal visit."

The County Administrative Board of Bleking at their website
"Even though it was Friday the 13th, everything went like clockwork. The sun shone over Ronneby, the winds got the flags to weave, and many came to Brunnsparken and Brunnsskogen. The Crown Princess was curious, happy and energetic. Thank you for a fantastic province hike all you who came and made this day a special day!"
Kronprinsessans dag i Ronneby - Länsstyrelsen i Blekinge län

From Paris Match
Victoria de Suède, sur les terres de sa nouvelle nièce Adrienne

Victorias spännande resa i Blekinge _ Stoppa Pressarna
Victoria vandrade i Adriennes hertigidöme _ Svensk Damtidning
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Victoria got gifts on her hike in Ronneby/Blekinge. One of the gifts was Kim M Kimselius' book "Mysteriet med guldgubbarna".
Kim M Kimselius writes at her blog:
Have been in a meeting about one of the secret projects I'm dealing with. There I found out that the municipality had bought my book Mysteriet med guldgubbarna to donate to Crown Princess Victoria when she was visiting Blekinge last week.
I had to sign the book to Crown Princess Victoria. It felt great. Think that the municipality bought my book as a gift to Sweden's future queen. Wow!
Glad I have written about Blekinge, otherwise it would not work. Mysteriet med guldgubbarna is besides an exciting story, also a historical story about Blekinge's past.
Today I received an email that Crown Princess Victoria had got the book to her home. Imagine how happy my mother would have been if she had lived. She was so fixed with celebrities, not to mention how she looked up at the royal family and named us girls after the then princesses, Birgitta and Margareta. As you can see, M is in Kim M. Kimselius for Margaretha.
Well, I'm glad on my mother's behalf and feel extremely proud of having come a little further on my authorship. Having got my book into the library of our future queen, Crown Princess Victoria.
Skrivarbloggen Kim M. Kimselius_ Kronprinsessan Victoria och Mysteriet med Guldgubbarna

Press release from the court
H.R.H. The Crown Princess hikes on Gotland
The eighth hike of the Crown Princess's hikes through Sweden's provinces takes place on Friday, May 4th on Gotland.
The hike begins at Harudden and the Crown Princess walks along the coast of the Hall-Hangvar nature reserve, ending at Svarthäll at Ireviken. The stretch is 14 kilometers long and part of the planned Klintkustleden.
During the hike, bird watching and rod fisning are shown. The Crown Princess, and the accompanying hikers, also get to know how Swedish draft horses can be used in nature conservation. During the hike, orientation clubs are also planning to provide orientation lessons.
H.K.H. Kronprinsessan vandrar på Gotland - Sveriges Kungahus

Press release from the County Administrative Board of Gotland
All people on Gotland are invited to hike with H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria
On Friday, May 4, Crown Princess Victoria makes her provinc hike on Gotland. The public is welcome to follow the walk.
- We are very proud to showcase our beautiful scenery and the planned Klintkustleden that will enrich the outdoor life of Gotland. I hope that as many people as possible will take the opportunity to accompany on the hike, said governor Cecilia Schelin Seidegård.
Alla gotlänningar inbjuds att vandra med H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria - Länsstyrelsen i Gotlands län

The royal court has put to their press room HQ photos of Victoria's hike in Ronneby/Blekinge on 13th April. Photos have been taken by photographer Raphael Stecksén.
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Tomorrow's hike in Närke:

Crown Princess Victoria meets Spring in Närke. On Friday we will receive Crown Princess Victoria for a province hike in Närke.


09.30 Arrival at the nature reserve Sörön. Governor Maria Larsson welcomes Victoria to Närke.
09.45 The hike starts. Total distance about 6 km. The public is welcome to hike along.
09.55 Ängen, Sörön Nature Reserve. Activity 1. "Calm in Nature", Daniel Gustafson, 10 min.
10.05 The hike continues
10.45 Åslaholmen, nature reserve Kvismaren. Activities 2-3. Activity with the Nature Conservation Association, the Ornithological Society of Örebro and Örebro Nature School's integration work "language between the pines". Bird ringing, Kvismare bird station.
11.05 The hike continues. Fridhems school's grades 3-5 join the hike.
11.40 Öby Kulle - The snakes' paradise. Activity 4.
Snake guiding: Lars Johansson, Folklore Society, together with the Nature Conservation Association's children's activities Natursnokarna.
12.00 Hike towards the bird tower.
12.10 Bird Tower. A bird watching tower adapted for wheelchair users.
The walk ends at the bird-tower "Dansbanan" where Rikard Södergren, who is in a wheelchair himself, conducts a guided tour.
12.30 The hike ends.

14.00 Cycling from Kävesta Folk High School towards Kvarntorp Outdoor Area. Activity 5. 6-7 km. about 45 minutes (at the right tempo).
The association Örebro cyclists cycles and joins the group. Mixed substrates, partial gravel and tractor road, partly smaller country roads. The public is also welcome to participate with own bikes.
15.00 Kvarntorpshögen / Art project Konst på Hög.
Welcome to the "staircase". A work of art that has become a motion phenomenon and focal point for both elite and athletes.
The staircase leads up to the peak of Kvarntorpshögen. The staircase was built in the summer 2005 at the initiative of Kumla artist Olle Medin. The staircase is one of Europe's longest wooden staircases consists of 427 steps. Each step has a small name tag with their owner's name, the steps were sold one by one in order to finance the construction. Towards högens top are several ledges where you can rest and gather strength to continue. The reward will be at the top with all the artwork and a great view!
15.20 Kvarntorpshögen / Art project Konst på Hög.
Short walk down to the artwork Arken where the day ends. Governor Maria Larsson finishes the hike and thanks for the day.
15.30-16.00 The day ends.
Kronprinsessan Victoria möter våren i Närke - Länsstyrelsen i Örebro län
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Photos from 13th April from the hike in Ronneby, Victoria arriving to lunch to Cafe Mandeltårtan, photos from Café's social media.

Victoria has arrived to her hike in Närke. She got a warm welcome from governor of the Örebro County, Maria Larsson. Maria Larsson served as Minister for Children and the Elderly 2010-2014 and as Minister for the Elderly and Public Health 2006-2010. First some breakfast and then the hike started.
Belga Image
IBL Bildbyrå

Meeting governor Maria Larsson


"Calm in the nature"

Bird watching

Activities with children

Posing for photographers


Snakes at Öby kulle, looking at a viper

With children
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Radio Sweden P4 Örebro's Ture Tur och Retur on his way to meet Victoria.
Waiting for Victoria
Video of Victoria meeting Ture

Se bilderna från Victorias vandring i Närke _ Svensk Damtidning

With special glasses and a stick trying out how it is to watch birds when you are visually impared

The cycling starts

Going to the top of Kvarntorpshögen, there is a staircase with 427 steps.

On the top

At an art work
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The Princess visit became a true sunshine story
No, Crown Princess Victoria visit to Närke couldn't be better framed.
We caught her at Kävesta Folk High School. There she put words on what she saw and heard.
- It can not be more spring than this.
The school's choir sings beautiful spring songs. "Happy as the bird", "In the glory of the glorious spring sun" and others. At the same time, the april sun flowed over the Crown Princess, who had an equally happy governor Maria Larsson on her side.
Victoria greeted relaxed people around, and when Länsposten asked her if it was nice to be in Närke, we got thumbs up.
And there may be extra reason for her to like this landscape. It was in Närke that the Bernadottes were elected as a throne followers in 1810.
After lunch it was time to go out on a bike ride. The Örebro cyclists accompanied Victoria along the scenery to Kvarntorp, where it was time to step up, thus climbing the stairs to Kvarntorpshögen.
When Victoria cycled past our camera, she waved smoothly, which is a so comprehensive and symbolic picture for her entire appearance.
Here is not really the royal house outside and cycling, though it still is.
This was a day going to Kävesta's history, and given the sunny day, it's probably remembered in the aftermath as the "sunshine visit" by Crown Princess Victoria.
LänspostenPrinsessbesöket blev en riktig solskenshistoria _

Photos from Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Örebro
Naturvandring i Närke med Kronprinsessan... - Länsstyrelsen i Örebro län _ Facebook

Photos from Facebook of Kävesta Folk High School. Victoria had lunch there before the cycling started.
Kronprinsessan Victoria besökte Kävesta 2018-04-20 _ Facebook

Photos from Facebook of Hopajola Association: "Pictures of Hopajola's birdwatching with accessibility theme, in conjunction with the crown princess Victoria's province hike in Närke. The participants tried to move on to wheelchairs, how to have different visual impairments and to experience nature with blindfold. In conclusion, the Crown Princess visited the bird tower."
Hopajola - Bilder från Hopajolas fågelskådning med... _ Facebook

Photos from Facebook of Natursnokarna Askersund: "What a wonderful day we had together in Öbykulle today! Thank you all you who came, now we have seen both snakes and a living princess"

Photos from Facebook of Örebro Cyclists: "More than 70 people cycled with Crown Princess Victoria from Kävesta Folk High School to Kvarntorpshögen. Thanks for today!"
Drygt 70 personer gjorde Kronprinsessan... - Örebrocyklisterna _ Facebook
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Short video from court Instagram
Victoria says: "I would like to thank you for a fantastic day, it has really been an incredible experience. It's not for me this hike is done in our provinces, but it's my way, I try to remind ourselves of the amazing we actually have".

Videos and photos at SVT's website
Följ med under besöket med Kronprinsessan _ SVT Nyheter

The visit was shown at SVT Örebro news, it starts at 1.52 The man, who guided Victoria says: "The crown princess is an unique person. This is the highlight of my life". The man got also to hug Victoria. He tells that he had said that he wanted to hug Victoria, but he was told, that he can't do it. But Victoria said "Yes, it's ok". And in the end it is shown how Victoria hugs the man.
Lokala Nyheter Örebro - Ikväll 19.55 _ SVT Play

Victoria met also local priest: "What a nice morning I got: the sun warmed, the birds sang and Crown Princess Victoria visited the beautiful Kvismare parish with Öbykulle, Sörön and Norrbyås church on the program. What an adorable person our princess is!"

"Warm and sunny day with a sweet relaxed crown princess at Kvarntorpshögen. Together with half Kumla we defeated the stairs"

Photos from Instagram of photographer Pelle T Nilsson: "Oh what a day with #victoria in #närke!"

The royal court at the website
Kronprinsessans vandring i Närke - Sveriges Kungahus
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Great photos by photographer Joakim Hjortsberg at his blog:
Kronprinsessans vandring genom Närke – Team JOE

More photos by Joakim Hjortsberg

Good video
Landskapsvandring i Närke

Crown Princess Victoria lunched and cycled from Kävesta Folk High School to Kvarntorpshögen.
The day began at 9:30 when the Crown Princess arrived at Sörön's Nature Reserve.
After that she visited Åslaholmen, bird area at Kvismaren to move on to Öby Kulle and meet with a school class and some snakes maybe. After this, Victoria went to Kävesta Folk High School where lunch was waiting. Salmon and potatoes should be offered in the school's dining room. After that, a bicycle ride waited.
An estimated 75 cyclists trampled from Kävesta, towards Ekeby and Björka and finally to Kvarntorp. It became a bit surprising a widespread bicycle gangway.
If this was because Victoria cycled quickly or those in the back slowly, at 14:30 they were at Kvarntorpshögen.
Many wanted pictures with Victoria who gladly put up on this before she, and everyone behind, walked from the lodge to the infamous staircase.
The chairman of the municipal council, Katarina Hansson, gave a small speech before Victoria went to walk the 427 steps towards the top.
The undersigned had prepared some questions, but they were not given the opportunity to ask. "You'll listen to what she has to say instead," explained the court staff.
One who, however, had a small chat with Victoria was Roberth Gyllberg, who coined the phrase "Defeat the stairs" lunched with Victoria.
- We talked about the stairs, training and heathcare and how to get people to start to work out. I think she is genuinely interested in training and healthcare actually. Much of what she's allowed to do is probably in her role, but this trip she's doing now is a great way to spread the message she wants to reach, I'm impressed, said Roberth Gyllberg.
After reaching the top, Victoria showed a sense of humor as she sat down at a bench and a flock photographer's cameras began to smear.
- I thought there would be a nice view from here, said Victoria when all photographers obscured the view of the mighty hill.
In the end Victoria went to the Arken artwork. Only a few got to follow. She stayed for quite some time, and occasionally, applause broke from within.
At 3:30 pm cars were driven outside Arken.
- Thank you very much for a wonderful day. I've had a great time and hope you've had it too, said Victoria, waved and thanked for the day.
Sydnärkenytt Prinsessan Victorias dag

"A Day of Joy, a Bicycle Tour with Crown Princess Victoria. So beautiful, so softhearted, patient, calm and balanced as well as fair. Love And what a condition"
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What I have seen, Victoria has at these hikes with her at least three bodyguards, her aide-de-camp, Marshal of the Court Karolin A Johansson, and information officer from the court.

"The children have today walked the stairs and then had a break with the Crown Princess in Arken together with Kumla Ski Association, satisfied and happy"

Victoria and Marshal of the Court Karolin A Johansson

ROYAL: Victoria wandert durch die Provinz Närke

During Friday, Crown Prince Victoria walked in the bird-watching area of ​​Kvismaren, from Sörön, via Åslaholmen and Öby kulle to Lötenplattformen.
The walk started at the Sörön Nature Reserve and then continued to Åslaholmen where Ulf Jorner, chairman of the Ornithological Society of Närke, was given the opportunity to exchange a few words with Crown Princess Victoria.
- I was going to show a red-necked grebe, but when the crown princess came, all the birds disappeared into the water, except some greylag geese. So typical, says Ulf Jorner.
- But I was lucky, an Eurasian bittern honked and we talked a little about it. The Crown Princess is knowledgeable and interested. She is already a good representative for Sweden.
Then a long walk along the valley followed, among other things, Kvismare Bird station showed how to ring birds.
Crown Princess Vicoria's walk in Kvismaren ended with a visit to Lötenplattformen where she and many others took part in looking birds around the tower.
Dansbanan vid Kvismaren ett givet stopp för kronprinsessan Victoria

From Paris Match
La princesse Victoria de Suède fait une pause en curieuse compagnie
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Video from Kävesta Folk High School. The trumpeters played a fanfare when Victoria and the others started their cycling.
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Press release from the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten, about Victoria's hike in Lappland today.

Program for Media at the Crown Princess Province Hike in Lappland 25 April
Media has the opportunity to participate throughout the program, including province hike on skis in Hemavan.

Location: Tärnaby and Hemavan

8.30 Visit to the Skytteanska school in Tärnaby (outdoors). Students start school day with outdoor exercise.
8.50 Visit at Tärnaby Sameskola (sami school). Information about the school.
9.30 IK Fjällvinden celebrates 90th anniversary
Location: Ingemarbacken, Tärnaby.
Then the program continues in Hemavan, about 15 minutes drive from Tärnaby.
10.35 The Crown Princess arrives at the Hemavan gondola lift.
11.15 The Crown Princess begins her province hike
14.30 The Crown Princess meets Plupp together with a preschool class.
Location: Alpine Botanical Garden, Nature room Fjällparken
The program ends at approximately 15.00
Program för media vid Kronprinsessans landskapsvandring i Lappland 25 april - Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten

The visit begins in Tärnaby, where the Crown Princess visits Skytteanska school and Tärnaby Sameskola, and meets Tärna IK Fjällvinden, which this year fills 90 years. After that, the Crown Princess does her province hike on skis in Hemavan together with young people from local associations, schools and the public.
The public is welcome to meet the Crown Princess at Ingemarbacken in Tärnaby at 9.30 and at Hemavan Gondola at 10.30. In Hemavan you can also take part in the hiking / skiing trip. The prerequisite is, however, that you have mountain equipment and that you can manage a 3-hour ski trip and have your own coffee.
H.K.H Kronprinsessan Victoria besöker Hemavan Tärnaby

Just before 21:30 on Tuesday evening, the Crown Princess landed at the airport at Hemavan. She came on a regular flight with other passengers from Arlanda and was welcomed to the mountains by, among other things, governor Magdalena Andersson.
Kronprinsessan välkomnades till fjällen _ Västerbottens-Kuriren

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Victoria has started her day with the school visits before the hiking by skiing started.
Belga Image
IBL Bildbyrå

At Skytteanska School

At Tärnaby Sameskola

Meeting members of Tärna IK Fjällvinden

Going with gondola lift


Meeting Plupp
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the Crown Princess performed her seventh hike in Sweden's provinces. The hiking took place in Tärnaby and Hemavan.
The day started with a visit to the Skytteanska school in Tärnaby, where the students begin school day with outdoor training. Then the Crown Princess walked to Tärnaby Sami School where Rector Jenny Andersson informed about the school's activities.
As a conclusion to the visit in Tärnaby, the Crown Princess walked to Ingemarbacken hill and met the association IK Fjällvind. IF Fjällvinden celebrates its 90th anniversary and has organized an international FIS competition in slalom and grand slalom in Ingemarbacken.
From Tärnaby, the Crown Princess went to Hemavan, where the hiking on the skis took place. The Crown Princess, together with pupils from grade 4-6, went from the top of the gondola to the top of the Kobåss trail in Högfjället.
The crown princess skiid to Kobåsbäcken and the skiing ended at Fjällparken in Hemavan. During the hike on skis, the Crown Princess received information about Vindelfjällen's nature reserve, its nature, animals and plants, the cultural landscape and the impact of climate change on the mountain environment.
As a conclusion to the hike in Lappland, the Crown Princess met Plupp, who together with preschool children visited the Naturrummet Fjällparken.
Kronprinsessans vandring i Lappland - Sveriges Kungahus

Plupp is a small figure with blue hair and a red nose, who lives in a kåta by a lake called Blåvattnet ("Blue Waters") somewhere in the far north.

Victoria stayed the night at Tärnaby Fjällhotel, and wrote her thanks to the guest book:
"A perfect start to the province hike in Lappland. Thank You!"

Kronprinsessan på besök i Hemavan och Tärnaby - P4 Västerbotten _ Sveriges Radio
Rana Blad - Kronprinsessen har innledet besøket sitt i Tärnaby og Hemavan

Photos from Facebook of Visit Hemavan Tärnaby

Freja Östergren, 8, to SVT News about meeting Victoria:
- It felt very funny!
Have you seen her before?
- Yes, but only in newspapers.
How was she really?
- It was so cool!
What have you done?
- We have trained.
To say hello? Did you say it in swedish or in sami language?
- I said it in swedish.
Freja 8 år_ ”Det var så coolt” _ SVT Nyheter
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Short video at court Instagram
Victoria says: For me to get a chance to be outdoors the whole day, and at the skis, to get a little winter again, it felt very nice! I'm really glad to have this opportunity, but also that you have wanted to be a part of it. And a part of what we call province hike, I will hike in our all 25 provinces in Sweden, much because I love being outdoors but also to show that fantastic environment we have in Sweden.

Victoria gave a short interview to SVT News about the day:
A little child asked "Where is the crown"
- Yes, I know. It is often a disappointment but one can come to the Palace and look at a crown.
The highlight of this day?
- The whole day. I can't pick up any special occasion. It's the whole experience, to spend a full day on the mountain, it was amazing, along with children and young people who have skied with. Really lovely!
The hiking was skiing instead. How did it feel?
- It was lovely to be outdoors. But it was heavy. It is late in the season. It was hard to ski. But it has been fun. It's hard to keep the balance, so there are many of us who have fallen. There has been a lot of laughter. The whole thing is to be out together.
Hör kronprinsessan om dagens höjdpunkter _ SVT Nyheter

Photos by photographer Pelle T Nilsson
The whole gallery

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