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Old 10-13-2003, 09:26 PM
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Crown Princess Victoria's Biography

Victoria-crown princess of Sweden

Basic facts:

Name: Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée Bernadotte
Who is she: She is the eldest daughter of the present swedish king
Titles: crown princess of Sweden, duchess of Västergotland
Born: fourteenth of july 1977 in the Karolinska hospital (famous university-hospital in Stockholm)
Parents: King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (born 1946) and Queen Silvia Renate (nee Sommerlath, born 1943)
Siblings: prince Carl-Philip (born 1979) and princess Madeleine (born 1982)
Religion: lutheran-protestant

Victoria was born as first child of king Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia on the fourteenth of july 1977 at the Karolinska hospital in Stockholm. Her height was 50 cm (19.7 inches) and she weighed 3250 grammes (6 and a half pounds). Little Victoria had her first meeting with the press at Solliden (summer residence of the Royal family on Öland, an island between Sweden and Finland)

Her baptism took place on the 27th of september (1977). As in high aristocratic circles common Victoria got more names, namely Victoria (like her great-great-grandmother Viktoria of Baden, later queen of Sweden) Ingrid (like her great-aunt, the late queen of Denmark) Alice (like her maternal grandmother) Désirée (like one of her paternal aunts). Desiree is also one of Victoria´s godmothers, the other godmother is Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (which was absent at the baptism), her godfathers are King Harald of Norway and Ralf Sommerlath (eldest brother of the Queen).

after the baptism:
After the baptism

Victoria got all the attention of her proud parents, but in 1979 Victoria had to share this attention with a little brother, called Carl Philip Edmund Bertil. Until the beginning of 1980 her brother was the crown prince, but equality/women rights were also a big topic in Sweden, and so in 1980 a decision of the parliament became a law and Victoria became crown princess (Sweden was the first european country, which established this new line of succession-law, which enables the first child, male or female, to succeed the throne). It has been reported that the king was not fond of this new law and the Queen said in an interview, that it was a problem for them, because Carl Philip was already crown prince, and that it would have been better to enforce this law in the next generation.
In 1981 the Royal family moved from the big palace in Stockholm to Drottningholm palace, a palace in a suburb of Stockholm. Drottningholm seemed more attractive to the royal couple to raise their children, because it´s in opposite to Stockholm palace surrounded of a huge park .
In 1982 the Queen gave birth to a third child, a daughter called Madeleine Therese Amelie Josephine.
Victoria, Carl Philip and Baby Madeleine

1982 was also the year in which Victoria started the Västerled parish pre-school/kindergarten, which she attended two years.
In August 1984 Victoria had her first school day at the Smedslättsskolan in Bromma (suburb of Stockholm), accompanied by mum and dad the princess looked quite skeptically and searched for the hand of her mother.

First school day:
Attached Images

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Unfortunately school wasn´t easy for her...a few months after her first school day specialists diagnosed dyslexia, which led to it, that Victoria had to study much more than her classmates to keep up with them.
At home the princess grew more and more into the role of the big sister. Her parents were very occupied with their role as King and Queen of Sweden, so Victoria took over (next to the nannies of course) also a little bit the education of her two siblings and rebuked them from time to time.
The royal couple was very keen to educate their children as normal as possible. So the royal children had almost no official duties, and when, then they were always accompanied by their parents. At her seventh birthday the princess handed over for the first time an award (which was founded on her first birthday) to the "sportsman of the year" and at the age of eleven Victoria visited for the first time her dukedom Västergotland. She wore the traditional costume of this part of Sweden and one young admirer of the princess-about the same age as her- was so overwhelmed of her, that he gave her a big hug (Victoria didn´t seem very thrilled of that).
For the intermediate level the princess attended the Ålstensskolan(Ålstens-school) in Bromma. At the age of thirteen she changed from the public school to a private school, called Enskilda gymnasiet (EG). EG is a very posh adress for children of rich parents, a school year costs about 60000 SEK (= 6600EUR or 8500$) One of the reasons why she changed was, that this private school had more resources for pupils with dyslexia.
When Victoria became fifteen she got more and more official duties.
Since then also her nameday was celebrated in public. Her parents took her with them to opening of the parliament, and she attended the nobel prize dinner.
Fifteen was also the age, when Victoria became confirmed at the Räpplinge church on Öland. Victoria, who describes herself as religious, attended a camp, which prepares students for the confirmation.
In spite of the increasing duties her childhood and teenage years were a "closed season" for her, the press made just photos, when they were invited of the royal couple or at official occassions.
This changed, when Victoria became eighteen. One day before her big day her father gave the seraphim order (an order only given to high ranked people) to her, and on her birthday Victoria held a speech in the Rikssalen (a hall in Stockholm). Victoria was really afraid of this event, because she had to held this speech in front of all the people.
Victoria on her birthday:

In december 1995 Victoria attended the nobel prize award for the first time.
And in june 1996 Victoria passed her final exams at her school with excellent grades. She got just one C (in sweden´s school system at that time it was a 3) in Maths, two B´s in English and Swedish and in all other subjects she got the best possible mark.
Victoria on her graduation day

With such grades all doors of the best swedish universities stood open for her...but Victoria decided to have a time out and went for one year abroad. She inscribed at an international french university in Angers. Victoria lived there(from october 1996 until summer 1997) like other students in a host family.
In summer 1997 Victoria went back to sweden to prepare seriously for her future role. From august 1997 to december 1997 Victoria followed a straining trainee-programme, which included practicals in the government, in the parliament, and at the UNO in New York. In addition to this Victoria had many official duties.
In summer 1997 it became obviously, that the princess had lost her puppy fat. This was firstly noted positively by the press, but when time went by it was rumored that the princess suffers from anorexia.
Because her bad condition wasn´t deniable anymore the court decided in November to admit that Victoria suffers from an eating disorder and gets professional help.
Victoria at the time, where the court confirmed her disease:

In spite of the fact that the press appreciated this openness, they went on with their massive coverage on Victoria.
As Victoria´s condition didn´t seem to get better the royal couple decided with their daughter, that she should go for another break to the USA.
So Victoria and her best friend Caroline Svedin moved to Stanford/Connecticut, where they lived at the guest house of friends of the king.
Firstly this stay was just planned for one term...but Victoria began to enjoy this new kind of freedom and stayed for two and a half years. She attended different courses (geology, french, medevial history, politics... ) as special student at the famous Yale-university. At the museum of modern art she made also an art course and in Brooklyn she learned glass-making. In spite of this impressive-seeming study-programme Victoria tried to use this (for her very important) time in the USA more for her personal development...she went two years in therapy to overcome her eating disorders, and she spent a lot of time with her boyfriend Daniel Collert in New york.
Victoria 1999 (on "holiday" in europe), visiting the late pope John Paul II
Video of an interview in the USA
In summer 2000 Victoria left the USA and after a relaxing summer she started her Queen-school again, this time far more self-confident and with more own ideas than three years before...
In the autumn of 2000 she had more official duties than practicals and she participated after 2 years of absence again in the nobel prize award.
In 2001 Sweden had the EU-presidency. That was an great oppurtunity for the princess to learn how the EU works. In the spring of 2001 she visited also Jordan, Latvia and she accompanied her parents for a state visit to Belgium.
Victoria 2001 with family at the silver wedding of her parents:

In 2002 Victoria travelled for the swedish help organization SIDA to Ethopia and Uganda, later this year she went for 6 weeks to Berlin to work in the offices of the swedish trade council and she did the same kind of work for another 6 weeks at the trade council in Paris.
In 2003 Victoria did a three-weeks-lasting military-course. She left all luxury and lived like the other participants in barracks. At the end of the course was a press meeting and the reporters found out, that Victoria is able to run 1kilometer with 15 kilograms (about 30 pounds) in 4 minutes and 45 seconds.
Victoria in the military:

Video of Victoria in the military
Later in 2003 there was a state visit from Germany and one from Jordan.

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The crown princess:

-state visits, in which she participated in Sweden: Austria 1997, South
Africa 1999, France 2000, Germany 2003, Jordan 2003, Latvia 2005
abroad : Finland 1996 (her
first), Belgium 2001, Finland
2003, Iceland 2004

-Journeys she did for the swedish foreign trade:

Japan (2001)-> Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Japan: October 2001

California (2001) Madrid (2002), Saudi Arabia (2004)-> Princess Victoria of Sweden's Official Visit to Saudi Arabia; January 2004

Hungary (2004)

Australia (2005)-> Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Australia: March 2005

Japan (2005)-> Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Japan: April 5-10, 2005

Turkey (2005)-> Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Turkey: June 13-15, 2005

-Journeys she did for the UNO/help organisations:

Jordan (2001)

Kosovo (2002)-> Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Kosovo: August 2002

Ethopia/Uganda (2002)-> Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Uganda & Ethiopia: 2002 ,

Cairo/Egypt-> Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Cairo, Egypt: November 17-21, 2003

Rome/Italy (2004)

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (2005)->
Crown Princess Victoria's Study Trip to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: April 2005

-Practicals: parliament (1997), at the office of the prime minister (1997) at the museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm (1997) at the UNO in N.Y(1997, 1999, 2000), various practical-days during the swedish EU-presidency (2001), at the swedish export councils in Berlin and Paris (2002), at the ministeries of agriculture and defense (2003), at the ministry of finance(2003), at a swedish bank (2003), at some swedish farms (2003), a 3-weeks-lasting military course (2003), a practical at a swedish bank (2004), practicals and visits in swedish medium-sized businesses (2004)

-Education: 12 years school-finished with final exams, which allow her to go to the univiersity, 2 terms at a french university (to learn french), 5 terms various studies as special student at yale, 1 month special course on conflict resolution at Uppsala university, in autumn 2004 and winter/spring 2005 she has attended a course on political sciences, especially focused on conflict resolution

-weddings (of other Royals) she attended:
wedding of Alexandra and Joachim of Danmark (1995), wedding of Elena of Spain and Jaime de Marichalar (1995), wedding of Christina of Spain and Inaki Urdangarin (1997), wedding of Alexia of Greece and Carlos Morales (1999), wedding of Constantijn of the Netherlands and Laurentien (2001), wedding of crown prince Haakon and Mette Marit of Norway(2001), wedding of crown prince Willem Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands (2002), wedding of Märtha Louise of Norway and Ari Behn (2002), wedding of prince Laurent and Claire of Belgium (2003), wedding of crown prince Frederik and Mary of Denmark (2004), wedding of crown prince Felipe and Letizia of Spain (2004) and the post-wedding festivities of prince Hamzah and Noor of Jordan (2004)

-Nobel prize awards she attended: 1995/1997/2000/2001/2003/2004 (pictures are chronologically)

-She is patron of following organisations:
Nordens Ark in Bohuslän ( a zoo)
Tobias Stiftelsen ( a donation, which fights against a form of blood cancer)
Barndiabetesfonden ( a foundation, which fights against diabetes)
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Kungl. Motorbåt Klubben (Royal motorboot-club)
Lutherhjälpen ( a churchly organisation)
Sveriges Centralförening för Idrottens Främjande (an organisation which promotes the development of sports)
Kungl. Svenska Segel Sällskapet (Royal swedish sailing club)
Radiohjälpens Nationaldagsinsamling (an organisation which collects money on the swedish national day)
Förbundet Ung Företagsamhet (Youth Business federation)
Fonden Kulturbro 2000 (fund culture bridge 2000)

-orders: Victoria is member of the seraphim order, the Amaranther order and the order of innocence

-Tiaras: Victoria got one simple tiara(1)to her 18. birthday from her parents. Since then Victoria wore also the rose button tiara (2) (with 4 roses), the amethyst-tiara (3), the Baden Fringe Tiara (4), Napoleonic Cut-Steel Tiara (5)

For more pics of these tiaras look in the jewel section!

-books on her: Victoria-kronprinsessa av Sverige (of Charles
Hammarsten and Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg)
Victoria, Victoria (of Alice Bah and Elisabeth Tarras-

-fix dates in her anual circle (where you could watch her): the sports-gala in january, her nameday in March, the birthday of her father in April, the polar music prize in May, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for literature in May, Sweden´s national day in June, her birthday in July, the Junior water prize in August, the opening of the parliament in September, the nobel prize award in December.

-notes: Victoria is godmother of Constantine Alexios of Greece (born 1998), Catharina Amalia of the Netherlands (born 2003) and Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (born 2004) ...and and she is member of "global leaders of tomorrow".
Old 10-13-2003, 10:08 PM
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The girl behind the crown princess:

-nicknames: Vickan, Oja (just her family and some friends call her Oja),

-eye colour: brown

-hair colour: in summer hazelnut-brown, in winter dark brown

-height: 1,68 meters (5´6)

-sign: cancer

-friends: Caroline Kreuger (heiress of a huge fortune-600 million SEK=66.693.412 EUR/$ , Caroline Dinkelspiel, nee Svedin(law student), probably her best friend- Victoria was her bridesmaid, Josephine Genetay, Andrea Brodin (journalist for the lifestyle-magazine, Anders Högberg (went with her to the same school), Martina Gahn, and of course all her crown prince colleagues in other european countries (especially Haakon and Frederik)
from left to right: Caroline Kreuger, Martina Gahn, Caroline Dinkelspiel, Anders Högberg, Andrea Engsäll (nee Brodin):

-boyfriends: Daniel Collert (born on the 1st of November 1974, movie producer-> Welcome to Isis Cataegis Pictures , his father died, when he was a little boy, his mother died of cancer, when he went to high school-the same school like Victoria) became her boyfriend, when she was sixteen. But Daniel wasn´t that kind of guy, who likes to stand in the limelight, and so he broke up with her, when she became full age. When Victoria left Sweden to go to the USA, he followed her and inscribed at the Columbia university. With Daniel´s help Victoria could overcome her eating disorders. But a few months after Victoria´s return to Sweden (2000) they broke up again...Victoria and Daniel are still friends. Victoria said about him in her second book, that he was an very important person for her, which helped her a lot in her time in the USA and in the fight against her eating disorder, and that this friendship will last forever.
Victoria with Daniel Collert in 1999 and in 2005:

Her second official and current boyfriend is Daniel Westling (born on the 15th of September 1973 in Almby/Örebro, part-owner of the posh gyms Master training Regeringsgatan and Master training Nybrogatan and personal trainer. He grew up in a little swedish town called Ockelbo). They fell in love with each other, when Daniel became Victoria´s personal trainer. In the opposite to the relationship with Daniel Collert the couple is seen more often in public (e.g at the wedding of Victoria´s friend Andrea Brodin)...but it´s also obvious that Daniel Westling has still problems with this new kind of attention. Edit September 2004: In the meanwhile Daniel became more open...he has talked to the press and it looks more and more as if Daniel Westling would be the one big love in Victoria´s life.

Victoria with Daniel Westling and Daniel at a basketball game (with the baby of a friend):

-rumoured boyfriends/flirts: prince Nicholaos of Greece, Svante Tegner (swedish society guy), Niklas Svedin (brother of her friend Caroline Svedin)

-hobbies: sports (active: in the gym of her boyfriend, skiing, golfing, passive: she´s often photographed watching ice-hockey-football-basketball-matches with her boyfriend), gardening (at Solliden), going to the cinema, painting (watercolour), Victoria likes to cook for her friends (but she doesn´t cook for herself)

-favourite food: as child spaghetti, now Sushi, pasta, pancakes, gingerbread.

-favourite drink: Seabreeze

-favourite music: as child the swedish singer Carola, later Roxette (in summer 2004 she attended the concert of the band of the male part of Roxette, Per Gessle and his band "Gyllene tider"), and now mostly all sorts of pop music

-attributes, which were used to describe her: decent/modest, funny, sensitive, ambitious

-she likes: honest people, which have to tell an interesting story, history, biology and physics at school, guys, which are happy, outgoing, and have a sense of humour.

-she dislikes: "friends", which shortchange her and tell untrue/true (but secret) stories about her to the press, her nose (her daddy has the same)

-style: very simple classic style. She often wears a ponytail and her glasses (she suffers probably from astigmatism or myopia), for galas she has special designed dresses of "her" designers Lars Wallin and Göran Alfredsson, her suits/trousers/shirts/skirts for her royal duties, but also for private are from different designers(e.g Dolce and Gabbana, DKNY, but also H&M and Zara), handbags are from Louis Vuitton and she is (like her sister) a sucker for italian 1998 Victoria was on Mr. Blackwell´s list in the BEST dressed section.

-Her relationship to the press:
Victoria was not fond of the press as little girl (quote: (She said this to a reporter) "stupid questions get stupid answers..."), when Victoria grew up she noticed that the modern crown princess job isn´t possible without the press, and she reacted very charming in front of the press and with the years she gave a lot of open interviews. But the more agressive media-coverage (paparazzi-pictures, invented stories) was always a problem for her. In 1997 a swedish tabloid put her head on the bodies of bikini-models...the court sued the magazine and Victoria became right and the magazine had to pay penalty. In 2002 the princess critizised the invented stories of the german media and in 2003 she told in a swedish TV-show, that these paparazzis make her feel naked. In 2004 Victoria was a lot in the press, because of the relationship to Daniel Westling. Tabloids have written several times, that the Royal couple wouldn´t want Daniel as prince consort, because of his lack of education. It´s reported that Victoria felt hurt and angry after that. In Interviews in 2004 she has defended Daniel Westling in the press by saying, that much what is written about him, is untrue...and that she can only do good work when she´s happy (in a happy relationship)

-Notes: Victoria was several times asked if she wouldn´t want to act as model (e.g. as bikini-model for a swedish magazine and as model for an italian underwear company) or actress. She said always no.

Thanks to Yennie and Josefine for the extra-help!
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Crown Princess Victoria's grades (from school)

she got highest grade in 16 subjects (grade 5)
2 subjects, swedish and english she got(grade 4)
and in math she got a grade 3

link for article
Old 09-19-2004, 11:00 AM
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Here´s an article from Hello! about Victoria. I thought it was more "bio-like" then a news article so I decided to post it here :)

When Crown Princess Victoria became Sweden's deputy head of state aged 18, a palace spokeswoman announced: "Her duties are what she chooses them to be." And the woman who will become Sweden's first reigning queen has focused on what it will take to be a good monarch.
"The prospect of becoming queen is something I can't get out of my head, even though it's in the future," she says, adding: "I don't stop focusing on the job with which I've been entrusted."

Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Vastergotland, was born on July 14, 1977 at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. The firstborn child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, she became a crown princess as a baby, after the 1979 Act of Succession enabled the eldest child, male or female, to succeed to the throne.

She was raised at Drottningholm Palace, where she continues to live, along with her younger siblings, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine. Victoria attended regular schools throughout her childhood, finishing at Stockholm's Enskilda Gymnasiet upper secondary school in 1996 and later embarking on work experience, including a stint at the city's Museum of National Antiquities.

It was during her French studies at the Universite Catholique de l'Ouest in Angers, France, that the athletic princess suddenly showed a dramatic weight loss. And after 5'6" Victoria appeared at a November 1997 event looking skeletal and fragile at 7st, the Swedish royal family confirmed what many had begun to suspect.

"The crown princess is suffering from an eating disorder," announced a palace spokesperson, who explained the stress of increasing public commitments and media interest had turned a strict diet into an obsession. "She is receiving therapeutic help."

"I feel very good now, but everyone went through a really difficult period," Victoria said of her struggles in 1998. After the revelations, Victoria shelved plans to attend Sweden's Uppsala University to study political science, and instead enrolled at America's Yale University, hoping to stay out of the spotlight. Though she calls the life of a crown princess "fascinating", she freely admits: "There are times when you wish you were somewhere else, and someone else."

Victoria then trained at the United Nations in New York and at the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC before returning to home to Sweden in summer 2000. After studying European Union and Swedish government the following year, she became involved with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and enrolled in a University of Uppsala course in world peace.

As an attractive 20-something and one of Europe's most eligible royals, one difficulty Victoria has had is maintaining privacy around her romantic life. "I am tired of the speculations," she says. "It's really a problem to have a relationship with someone." The princess has been linked with Nicolas of Greece, but in 2002 was rumoured to have a close friendship with gym owner Daniel Westling. "We're good friends, but I'm not going to say any more," Victoria announced. "It's a private matter... I don't want to comment on my private life and, really, I hope that people can respect my wishes."

The rumour mill continues to churn for Victoria, even generating news that she would be launching a Hollywood career. "I'm not going to be an actress... not even in a guest spot," she says. But it is true that after American producer Jason Schults offered her a role in a romantic comedy, she received a flurry of offers. "Yes, scripts came," admits Sweden's future queen. "I said no, and thank you each time."
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here are links to Victorias official visits abroud

Victoria's Official Visit To Cairo - 2003
Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Cairo, Egypt: November 17-21, 2003

Victoria's Official Visit To Japan - 2001
Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Japan: October 2001

Victoria's Official Visit To The USA - 2003
Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to the USA: November 3-8, 2003

Victoria's Official Visit To Kosovo - 2002
Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Kosovo: August 2002

Victoria's Official Visit To Australia - March 2005
Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Australia: March 2005

Crowm Princess Victoria's visit to Japan - April 2005
Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Japan: April 5-10, 2005

Victoria's official visit to Turkey - June 2005
Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Turkey: June 13-15, 2005

Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit To Saudi Arabia - January 2004
Princess Victoria of Sweden's Official Visit to Saudi Arabia; January 2004

Victoria's Official Visit To Uganda & Ethiopia - 2002
Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Uganda & Ethiopia: 2002
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Official biography from the Royal Court's website

Crown Princess Victoria

Victoria, Sweden's Crown Princess, Duchess of Västergötland, was born on July 14, 1977 at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm.

She was baptised at The Palace Church on September 27, 1977 and given the names Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée.

Crown Princess Victoria is the eldest child of His Majesty The King Car XVI Gustaf and Her Majesty The Queen Silvia. She has two siblings, Prince Carl Philip, born on May 13, 1979 and Princess Madeleine, born on June 10, 1982.

In accordance with the 1979 Act of Succession, which entered into force on January 1, 1980, The Crown Princess Victoria is heir to the Swedish throne.

The Crown Princess resides at Drottningholm Palace.

The Crown Princess attended the Västerled parish preschool from 1982-84. In the autumn 1984 she started school at Smedslättsskolan in Bromma, where she completed her junior level.

She completed her intermediate level at the Ålstenskolan in Bromma and went on to senior studies following a science and social studies programme at Enskilda Gymnasiet upper secondary school in Stockholm.

Matriculation 1996
The Crown Princess matriculated in June 1996. She spent her summer holidays gaining additional experience of practising foreign languages for example in the U.S. and Germany.

The Crown Princess was confirmed in the summer of 1992 at Räpplinge church on the island of Öland.

During her time at school The Crown Princess completed two work experience programmes, one at the Royal Household Collections at the Royal Castle in Stockholm and one at the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm.

French Language Studies
During the 1996-97 academic year, The Crown Princess studied French at the Centre International D'Études Françaises at the Université Catholique de L´Ouest in Angers, France.

During the autumn 1997, The Crown Princess followed a specially designed programme in order to gain a general insight of the workings of the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament) and government.

United Nations internship
In the spring semester 1998, The Crown Princess Victoria began taking academic courses at Yale University in the U.S., including political science and history. In conjunction with her stay in the U.S.

The Crown Princess completed two internships at the United Nations in New York (June and September 2002) as well as one at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. (May 1999).

During the autumn 2000 The Crown Princess completed studies in conflict resolution and international peace promotion efforts.

In the spring 2001 The Crown Princess studied the Swedish Presidency of the EU.

Swedish Government Offices
During the autumn 2001, The Crown Princess followed a study programme at Offices of the Swedish Government. During this time she visited the Swedish Style exhibition in Tokyo and the U.S. west coast on account of the Nobel Jubilee.

In the spring 2002, The Crown Princess completed a study programme at SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and visited Uganda and Ethiopia, amongst other countries.

She continued with her official engagements. In the autumn 2002 she interned at the Swedish Trade Council in Berlin and Paris.

Basic Military Education
In 2003 the Crown Princess continued her educational process studying Swedish trade and industry - with a study and trainee programme within Swedish agriculture and forestry as well as basic military training at SWEDINT (the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre).

In 2004 the Crown Princess participated in a state visit to Iceland , and visited Saudi Arabia and Hungary with official Swedish delegations. She also visited the Rome branch of the UN, made field trips to various companies in Sweden and continued with her official engagement duties.

During 2004 the Crown Princess has been taking courses at the Swedish National Defence College in Stockholm, focusing on political science, international relations and conflict resolution.

International aid work in Asia
In the spring 2005 the Crown Princess has made a number of trips abroad, amongst other places to Australia, in conjunction with Swedish Style in Australia and to Japan to attend the World Exhibition in Aichi.

In addition, the Crown Princess travelled to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to study international aid efforts in these countries. In June 2005 she visited Turkey with Thomas Östros, the Swedish Minister for Industry and Trade, in order to promote relations between Sweden and Turkey.

Diplomatic studies
In September 2006 the Crown Princess starts following the diplomatic programme of the Foreign Ministry.

Picture by Pressens Bild via the Royal Court

Royal Engagements

The Crown Princess represents The King on official state business when The King is unable to fulfil his duties as Head of State, for example on if he is on state visits abroad.

Official Representation
The Crown Princess takes part in state visits and other official visits such as the opening of the Riksdag (Swedish parliament), celebration of the Swedish National Day, Nobel festivities and official dinners.

Study programme
She is currently following a comprehensive study programme. She is greatly committed to her official duties and prepares ambitiously for each new task.

International peace efforts
Efforts that The Crown Princess is especially devoted to are crisis and conflict resolution and international peace keeping movements such as the United Nations.

International aid organisations
She is also interested in international aid organisations such as SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Church of Sweden Aid. In 2005, she studied aid efforts first hand on location in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The Crown Princess Victoria Fund
Radiohjälpen's annual fund-raising drive in aid of the Crown Princess Victoria Fund, which supports recreational activities for disabled children and youths, is close to The Crown Princess's heart.


Nature and outdoor activities, including walks and skiing, are amongst The Crown Princess's favourite pastimes.

She loves spending her summers at Solliden Palace on the island of Öland , where she enjoys helping out with gardening activities and has inherited Queen Victoria's (1862 - 1930) great interest in bee-keeping and production of honey.

The Crown Princess is interested in art and paints sometimes for relaxation purposes. She is a great animal lover. Dogs are her favourite animals and she loves to take long walks with her Labrador Jambo.

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biography, crown princess victoria

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Biography of Princess Grace Josefine Princely Family of Monaco 54 06-14-2011 05:46 PM
Biography of Princess Caroline Julia Princess Caroline and Family 33 09-18-2008 09:37 PM
Biography of Princess Stephanie michelle Princess Stephanie and Family 45 08-31-2005 08:08 AM
Biography of Queen Letizia Anna_R King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia and Family 9 04-30-2005 02:45 PM

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