Prince William Hikes for Charity

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Prince William went hiking through England’s countryside Friday, in the name of charity.

Six teenagers from Centrepoint, an organization which helps homeless youths, and members of Mountain Rescue, a volunteer run charity, joined the future King in a trek up Helvellyn, a mountain in the Cumbria region of northeastern England.

Prince William did this to help the teens get a different view of life.

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“A lot of these guys have never done anything like this so it is a real challenge for them and I have really enjoyed meeting them,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

The location of the hike of kept secret until today. Therefore, other hikers who were not part of the group were surprised to see a Prince go by.

But according to Andy Simpson, the spokesman of Mountain Rescue, William stopped to chat with those hikers.

“It was nice to see him engaging with so many members of the public. They just happened to be out for a walk and it’s just made their day,” Simpson said.

Once reaching Helvellyn’s top, the Prince and his team raised a flag to mark three years until the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics, taking place in London.

Those who trekked with Prince William were a bit taken aback by how down-to-earth he is.

“I didn’t know he was coming until last night but he was a lot more down-to-earth than I expected, he was canny,” said Johnny Glendinning.

At the end, William praised the folks of Mountain Rescue.

“These men and women are unsung heroes. They are up and down these mountains rescuing people with broken legs every day.”

Afterward, the Prince went on a boat ride with the members of WellChild, a charity that looks after sick children.
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  1. H.R.H Sunni says:

    There really is no charitable task to small, I’m impressed hiking is not as easy as one might. Good show Chap.

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