The ‘Lille Prins’ Goes Sailing

  July 23, 2009 at 3:40 pm by

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Earlier today, the Queen and Prince Henrik were joined by Prince Joachim and his family as they sailed into Haderslev aboard the Dannebrog, ahead of tomorrow’s christening of the newborn son of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. Princes Nikolai and Felix, Joachim’s elder sons, were also with their family.

The christening will take place at 17:30, with two hundred guests attending and is likely to be a relatively informal affair, with a reception at 19:15 at Schackenborg, the family home of Joachim and Marie.

It will also be then when, in keeping with tradition, the names – probably four – of the baby prince shall finally be revealed (and forum members will find out which of the over 276 guesses was correct/closest).

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are currently continuing their annual tour on the Dannebrog.

For more information, please see this thread.

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