Saudi Princess given UK Asylum

  July 21, 2009 at 1:47 am by

An un-named Saudi Princess has been granted asylum in Britian after having an illegitimate child with a British man. The Saudi Princess was given asylum after she claimed she would face the death penalty if she returned to Saudi Arabia. The Princess claims that she met her non-Muslim boyfriend while visiting Britian and got pregnant a year later.

The Princess was married to an elder man who is from the Royal Family. She claimed that he was had become suspicious of her behaviour. She persuaded her husband to leave London, where she decided to have her child. She persuaded the court that if she returned to Saudi Arabia she would be punished by Sharia-Law.

The Home Office refused to discuss the case, and a spokesman for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London was unavailable for comment.

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2 Responses to Saudi Princess given UK Asylum

  1. Richard Rogers says:

    My sources inside the Saudi Royal family say the identity of the alleged princess is Sarah Al Amoudi.

  2. Ahmed Ali says:

    It appears the princess is hiding in the Netherlands with a Yemen friend or accomplice. Check out the link below.

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