Albert II & Paola Dieting Together

  July 13, 2009 at 6:38 am by

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VTM reports that king Albert II and queen Paola of the Belgians are following a diet together. Pictures of the state visit to Romania, earlier this week, showed that the king and queen already lost weight. It is not a very strict diet, according to the palace they just eat a bit less and pay more attention to their health. During the state banquet on the first day of the the state visit to Romania some in the press already noticed that king Albert II did not touch the desert of chocolate mousse, that he usually is so fond of.

According to VTM royalty journalist Kathy Pauwels, the king and queen are not the only members of the royal family to pay attention to their food. Prince Laurent does that too, says Pauwels: ‘Laurent always says he is dieting at least, though that isn’t always obvious’. ‘The prince likes cola, and only the real stuff, he doesn’t want Cola light. He is also fond of brown sugar, and he always jokes that he buys his uniforms and suits a size too small, so he is forced to lose weight’.

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