Future of Soestdijk Palace Still Unclear

  February 14, 2009 at 7:36 pm by


Click the image to see the article at telegraaf.nl

Newspaper De Telegraaf claims that they have secret information about the future of Soestdijk. In the secret report ‘Royal Heritage as Example’ of the Rijksgebouwendienst (RGD) it says that the costs of restauration and conservation of the palace will be very high, which makes it impossible to turn the palace into a museum, instead the advice is that the palace will transform to a conference center for topics like sustainability, development aid and climate control.

In 2006 former US president Bill Clinton already created a precedent for this by launching a plan for a worldwide foundation for clean energy in the palace.

For the statement by the RGD (in Dutch), click here and for the Telegraaf article, click here (in Dutch).

Read about the palace in this thread. The official website of the palace can be found here.

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