Commemorative Coins for Emperor’s Enthronement Anniversary

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The Japanese Finance Ministry announced on Friday that it will be issuing a set of commemorative coins to mark the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of Emperor Akihito in November next year. The coins are expected to be available later this year.

A total of 100,000 solid-gold ¥10,000 (about $100) coins and 10 million nickel-brass ¥500 (about $5) coins will be issued. The gold coin will be just over an inch in diameter and will carry a design of a phoenix and the Nijubashi bridge at the Imperial Palace; the nickel-brass coin will show two chrysanthemums. Both coins will depict the Imperial Seal on the reverse; this is a stylised crest consisting of a 16-petalled chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum has been associated with the imperial family for a long time; the Japanese throne is referred to as the Chrysanthemum Throne, and the Order of the Chrysanthemum is Japan’s highest honour (click here for more information).

Emperor Akihito succeeded his father Emperor Hirohito on the latter’s death on 7 January 1989, and his enthronement took place on 12 November 1990. A set of coins was issued in November 1990 to commemorate the enthronement; the ¥10,000 gold coin depicted a phoenix and the ¥500 coin depicted a royal carriage, again with the Imperial Seal on the reverse.

For more about the enthronement ceremony for the Japanese Emperor, see this thread.

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