Parliament Wants Prince of Orange to Quit the Dutch Bank

  June 30, 2009 at 6:24 pm by

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During the television programme Eén Vandaag, it became clear that a majority of parliament wants that the prince of Orange to quit his position as a member of the supervisory board of the Dutch Bank (DNB). The parties fear that the prince will come in a vulnerable position due to the credit crunch and the parlementairy research commission after the crisis and the role of the Dutch Bank. The programme interviewed members of several political parties about the matter.

According to newspaper NRC Handelsblad, the minister of Finance, Wouter Bos, did not want to comment on the matter today, he did say that the powers of the prince in the board are very limited and directed journalists to the RVD (Goverment Information Service). The RVD emphasizes that the supervisory board of the Dutch bank is not responsible for the actions of the Dutch Bank in areas like the supervision of the Dutch financial sector, neither in the monetairy policies.

Parties like the VVD (liberals), PVV (extreme right), D66 (liberal democrats), GroenLinks (green), SP (socialists) and PvdA (labour) all fear that there will be a discussion about Willem-Alexander’s role when the dealings of the Dutch Bank during the credit crunch, and especially their policy with IceSave, will be researched.

The prince is a member of the supervisory board since 1998, his last reinstatement hapened on 1 June 2006. His term ends on 1 July 2010. According to the RVD his position in the board is happened to prepare him for his future task, he also is a member of the counsil of State, a member of the IOC and chairman of the UN advisory board on water and sanitation.

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