Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in the Traditional Clothing of Greenland

  June 23, 2009 at 7:55 pm by

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During the recent trip to Greenland, Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark showed their close ties to the newly-independent nation by wearing traditional Inuit clothing. The Daily Telegraph of Australia has featured a photo of the Queen and Princess in the clothing, and briefly mentions that it is a big departure from the typical attire that royals usually wear.

It is indeed a big change from gala dresses and smart suits, but it is no less beautiful than any of the other articles of clothing that we have seen the Danish royals wearing.

The traditional outfits consist of anoraks with huge collars made entirely from beads. The bright collars are made of beads in several different colors, forming a pattern. Each pattern is unique to a person’s family. Patterns are passed down through the generations. According to Greenland.com, the use of beads came from European visitors in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Europeans also introduced silks to Greenland, and the anorak is typically made of silk. All of the beading and sewing of the outfits is done entirely by hand.

In addition to the anorak, the outfit for women consists of trousers with a corresponding pattern, and special boots that are worn over the trousers. There is a sash at the waist, which is usually multi-colored, and a floral design on the trousers. The traditional clothing is worn on special occasions in Greenland, such as weddings, confirmations, and a child’s first day of school. Royal visits are also a special occasion, and the royals themselves are proud to wear the traditional clothing.

To see more photos of the clothing, please click here.
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