Is the long wait going to be over for another Royal Match?

  June 20, 2009 at 11:07 pm by

It’s 2-1 odds at some British bookies this weekend, after reports that Kate Middleton has been formally invited to meet the Queen at Balmoral during the August Bank Holiday, that there will be an engagement announced this year. While Middleton has met the Queen previously, this will be the first time that she has been to the Scottish home of the Queen.

In the minds of many, it’s about damn time that something happened. Now that Crown Princess Victoria has finally gotten herself engaged, all eyes are on William in the hopes of another fairy tale wedding. However, unlike Princess Diana, Middleton has lived with the unending media attention and speculation for years now, so she has at least become somewhat accustomed to what her life would be like as a future British Queen.

Whatever the case may be, Wills will need to hurry along; he turns 27 tomorrow and he’s not getting any younger, as his balding head will attest. And if it’s not Kate that he marries, he’s got a long slog ahead of him to find someone else, if he does not want to put her in the same position that his mother was in. And besides, they do seem to care for each other quite a lot, if they’ve weathered all that’s been thrown at them thus far in their relationship.

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3 Responses to Is the long wait going to be over for another Royal Match?

  1. Sonjapearl says:

    But remember everyone – they are just friends and broke up months ago (LOL)

  2. Elspeth says:

    You’re such a cynic…;)

    But don’t they say it’s always best to marry a friend?

  3. Sonjapearl says:

    Supposedly yes, friendship is more important that romance in a marriage.

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