Pouring Rain to Kick-Start Henrik’s 75th Birthday Celebrations

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Denmark’s Prince Consort, Prince Henrik, yesterday began the celebrations to mark his 75th birthday. The whole Danish royal family was invited; as well as Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, his partner Carina Axelsson, sister Princess Alexandra, and the birthday boy’s brother Jean Baptiste and his wife Jill.

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As the royal party arrived at the Nordre Toldbod on Copenhagen Harbour, the heavens opened their doors and umbrellas were quickly found so that the guests could make the short trip from their cars to the royal barge to travel to the Dannebrog.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, in a multi-coloured BOSS Black frock, followed Queen Margrethe’s younger sister, Princess Benedikte, and her family in arriving at the Harbour, in exceptionally heavy rain. Teetering on her heels across the wet cobblestone pathway, Mary expertly multi-tasked holding an umbrella, overcoat and purse, while smiling broadly and occasionally waving to the crowd.

Princess Marie, dressed in white slacks and a fitted gray jacket, arrived with husband Prince Joachim to her first official appearance since the May 4th birth of the couple’s son. When Joachim was asked about life with his new son, he proudly told BT reporters, “It is so good!”

Then it was time for the man of the hour (or well, two days) to make his grand entrance. And with his grand entrance, Henrik brought a halt to the rain, meaning umbrellas were not necessary for himself and his wife. The family then sailed on the Dannebrog to Rungsted Harbour, where they disembarked at 3pm in relative sunshine.

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The luncheon was not the only celebration yesterday to mark Henrik’s 75th. A concert was held at the DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen, with the whole family once again in attendance. The luncheon attendees were joined by Prince Joachim’s former wife, Alexandra Countess of Frederiksborg and her second husband Martin Jorgensen, for the concert; which included a performance by the DR Symphony Orchestra. Foreign royals who travelled to Copenhagen for the celebrations were Prince Philip and Princess Isabelle of Liechstenstein, and the Duke and Duchess of Castro.

Celebrations continue today with a lunch at Fredensborg Palace’s Orageriet, and a gala in the evening. Read more about Henrik’s birthday celebrations here.

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