Brazilian Royals Attend Mass For Air France Victims

  June 8, 2009 at 5:29 am by

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Members of the imperial family of Brazil attended a mass in Rio de Janeiro in the memory of those who lost their lives in the Air Flace plane last week. One of the passengers was prince Pedro Luís of Orleans-Bragança. His parents, prince Antonio, princess Christine and his siblings prince Rafael, princess Amélia and princess Gabriela were seated on the first row in the church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Antiga Sé in Rio de Janeiro. Behind them were other members of the imperial family like prince Alberto, princess Isabel and princess Teresa with her husband Jan Hessel de Jong. The mass was led by the archbisshop of Rio de Janeiro and prince Antonio was one of those who spoke during the service.

On June 8th the official memorial mass will be held in São Paulo and on June 10th a service will be held in Rio de Janeiro. On both occassions members of the Imperial family will be in attendance. The head of the Vassouras branch, prince Luíz Gastão, will attend the service in São Paulo, as is said on the website of the Brazilian imperial family.

This weekend there was also a mass in Belgium, in the memory of prince Pedro Luís. The mass was held at Belouil, the caste of the de Ligne family, as the mother of prince Pedro Luís is a princess de Ligne. The mass was attended by various members of the de Ligne family and other relatives like prince Amedeo and princess Maria-Laura of Belgium.

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