Meet the Stylists Who Help Crown Princess Mary Shine

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From the moment that her engagement to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was announced, Mary Donaldson has evolved from a sporty Tasmanian girl into one of the most elegant women in the world. She is known for her glamourous, beautiful style that often involves very tailored and streamlined clothing. As the patron of Danish fashion, Crown Princess Mary favors Danish designers such as By Malene Birger, Heartmade, Stories by Rikke Mai, and jewelry by Marianne Dulong.

Five years after her wedding to Crown Prince Frederik, Mary is still a popular princess whose style is admired and discussed by people throughout the world, not just in Denmark. Her transformation from ordinary young woman to elegant future queen is often discussed in the media. So how did Mary Donaldson evolve into one of the most stylish women in the world? She has had the assistance of stylist Anja Alajdi, make-up artist and hairstylist Soren Hedegaard, and occasionally from facialist Ole Henriksen.

Crown Princess Mary has worked with Anja, Soren, and Ole since her engagement. The Danish natives are celebrities in their own right, and tips from them regarding style are always sought-after. Even though they are often busy helping the Crown Princess, the stylists are involved in other ventures. Anja is a partner of jewelry-designer Marianne Dulong, Soren has worked on numerous television projects as a make-up artist, and Ole has a world-famous spa and skin-care line. He is based in Los Angeles and has many celebrity clients, including Renee Zelweger, Cher, Kylie Minogue and Charlize Theron, but meets with Mary whenever he is in Denmark for one of his many television appearances. According to an interview with Woman’s Day, Henriksen’s products are often delivered to the palace.

The stylists are not only working with the princess, they are also her friends. Earlier this year, Anja accompanied Mary to the By Malene Birger fashion show, and Soren has been on the guest list for the christenings of her children.

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