Royal Dachshund Bites Royal Bodyguard

  June 5, 2009 at 2:22 am by

Evita, the 11-year-old dauchshund of Prince Henrik, has biten a royal bodyguard, leaving the man in hospital needing stitches and a tetanus shot.

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The incident occured on Saturday May 30th, when the guard was walking Evita around the gardens of the Danish royal summer residence, Fredensborg Palace.

This latest occurance has caused Danish opposition members to call for Evita to be euthanised. “There is no difference between a royal dog and any other,” Bjarne Laustsen – the Social Democrats animal welfare spokesman – told BT.

The issue that arises with this call is that the Danish royal family, and its pets, are above the law. “We can not just roar out and interrogate Prince Henrik, or for that matter, prosecute him. But we got a notification, and we will obviously look at it,” political advocate Helle Just said when interviewed by BT. She said that it might be possible that it is requested for Evita to be examined by a dog psychologist.

In February 2008, another of Prince Henrik’s dauchshunds bit Nikolaj Fogh, a palace gardener. Fogh had to take three weeks off, on doctor’s orders, to recover from his injuries.

Click here to follow the case in Henrik’s current events thread.

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  1. Laraine says:

    Typical of reporters: they never think to ask WHY. Readers want to know WHY the dog bit. If she had good reason then she definitely shouldn’t be euthanased.

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