Queen Silvia attends Manila School 200th Anniversary

  May 26, 2009 at 1:45 am by

Queen Silvia of Sweden attended the Manilla School’s jubilee celebrations today in Djurgården.

Wearing a green and white patterned skirt-suit paired with beige accessories, Queen Silvia opened the school’s celebration week and then toured an exhibition entitled ‘Manila School 1809-2009’ which showcases the history of the school, founded by Pär Aron Borg.

Students, who ranged from kindergarten to grade ten, told the Queen about the school’s history during the tour. They even spoke to the Queen in sign language.

Pär Aron Borg founded the school back in the early 19th century, coming up with the idea and then asking the King at the time, Gustav IV Adolf, for funding to start the school up. The school was originally called ‘The Institute for the Deaf, Mute and Blind’. Gustav IV Adolf’s consort, Frederica of Baden, became the school’s patron.

Queen Silvia’s current events thread can be found here.

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