Prince and Princess of Asturias’ 5th Wedding Aniversary

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See more images at Casareal

See more images at Casareal

Today Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, and they have decided to celebrate it, working for Spain! At least, that was their pledge five years ago: “The commitment that today Letizia and I have assumed, transcends of the merely personal commitment. Since that I was a child, I’ve been very aware of my institutional responsibilities and the loyalty to the King and the sense of duty has guided my life. So I’m happy that, from today, Letizia joins me to this project with conviction and responsibility… Your Majesty, you can be sure that we will always think about Spain and that all our common life will be devote to the well-being of the Spaniards,” said Prince Felipe on his wedding speech.

So they will celebrate with the recipients of the Caja Madrid scholarships which delivery ceremony they will attend today.

TFR Avatar Colection

From TFR Avatar Colection

On November 1, 2003, their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain announced the engagement of their son, the Prince of Asturias, with Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano.

At first sight, she was an unknown girl, but mostly of the Spaniards knows her very well as Letizia Ortiz was the same girl that presented the TV news every day at 9pm. Since they got married on May 22, 2004, at Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, many things happened, as bad as good. The most important good thing is that the Prince and the Princess have given continuity to the monarchy with their two little daughters, Leonor born in October 2005, and Sofia born in April 2007. The bad thing is the very sad loss of the Princess’s younger sister, Erika.

Making an overview on this five years we can draw a few conclusions. As Prince Felipe said in their first public appearance after the announcement of the engagement, Letizia has all the conditions to be a great Princess of Asturias, and she is demonstrating this day by day. The Princess seems to be very comfortable in her institutional role and she has known how to combine work and having a family. Some people say that she lost some of her spontaneity, but it’s understandable due her continuing efforts to not make a mistake that could damage the institution which she represents, the Crown.

                       From TRF Avatar Collection

From TRF Avatar Collection

One of the greatest achievements of the Princess was her great influence on Prince Felipe. He may seem the same, but since they began their relationship he is more open, and it seems he lost some of his timidity.

In a TV interview on the occasion of his 30th birthday, Prince Felipe says, that he hoped his future wife could represent with dignity to Spain and the Crown, who was a good mother and that they were deeply in love. It seems that he got it! Congratulations to the couple.

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