Danish State Visit from Greece Continues

  May 20, 2009 at 11:29 pm by

The State Visit from Greece to Denmark continued yesterday, with the Crown Prince and Princess stepping into the spotlight and accompanying President Papoulias and First Lady Papoulia to the various engagements that were attended.

Click to see the images at Polfoto

Click to see the images at Polfoto

Crown Prince Frederik was first to step up to the plate, viewing an energy exhibition at the Danish Ministry of Environment with the visitors. They visited the off-shore wind farm near Copenhagen Harbour. The trio then moved on to visit the “Mountain Dwellings” building in Ørestaden. President Papoulias and the Crown Prince then attended a climate change luncheon, before the President moved to the Mindelunden Memorial Cemetery for a wreath-laying ceremony. This particular cemetery is for executed freedom fighters and resistence movement members who died during the Second World War in concentration camps.

Click to see the images from Billed Bladet

Click to see the images from Billed Bladet

In the afternoon, Crown Princess Mary took First Lady Papoulia to visit the Skodsborg Observation and Treatment Home, which is a home for special-needs children. The two women then moved on to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk.

In the evening, the entire royal clan was out in force once more, attending an evening concert and return dinner hosted by President Papoulias at the State Museum for Art (Danish National Gallery).

The thread for the State Visit can found be here.

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