Spanish State Visit to The UK: Gala Banquet

  July 12, 2017 at 9:08 pm by

On the first evening of the Spanish King and Queen’s state visit to the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II hosted a glittering gala banquet at Buckingham Palace to honour her guests.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh posed for photographs with King Felipe and Queen Letizia before heading into the banquet, where they were joined by all senior working members of the British Royal Family (including a debuting Prince Harry) for a feast of poached salmon, Scottish beef medallions, and a dark chocolate and raspberry tart.

Both monarchs delivered speeches during the gala, speaking warmly of the long relationship between Britain and Spain.

King Felipe, wearing his newly-bestowed Order of the Garter, said that over the three decades since his parents’ own state visit to Britain “the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Spain have succeeded in building a very fruitful understanding” in regards to a number of sectors: culture, social issues, business and economic challenges, and the most recent fight against terrorism.

He thanked Queen Elizabeth for the honour of the Garter, saying he was “deeply grateful for this recognition which is due to your generosity and warm friendship, and which I receive as a clear example of the close and historical relations that unite our two Royal Families and our two countries.”

Queen Elizabeth in turn said that “a relationship like ours, founded on such great strengths and common interests, will ensure that both our nations prosper, now and in the future, whatever challenges arise. With such a remarkable shared history, it is inevitable that there are matters on which we have not always seen eye to eye. But the strength of our friendship has bred a resilient spirit of cooperation and goodwill.”

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2 Responses to Spanish State Visit to The UK: Gala Banquet

  1. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    I could not repress a smile upon reading a sentence included in Queen Elizabeth’s response to King Felipe’s speech at the banquet: “…With such a remarkable shared history, it is inevitable that there are matters on which we have not always seen eye to eye. But… our friendship…cooperation and goodwill..”

    Of course, the old sore eye for both sides – the Gibraltar matter – could not be entirely overlooked. But it was done so gingerly and tactfully (how else ?!) by the Queen. My Lord, how proud She made me feel (now and always) about my more than just a few drops of British blood in my veins.

  2. Quite important Royal visit

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