Crown Princess Victoria Turns 40 – Her Life In Pictures (1987-1996)

  July 11, 2017 at 3:30 am by

Welcome to the part two of our photo retrospective of Crown Princess Victoria’s life ahead of her 40th birthday this Friday.

Crown Princess Victoria in 1987

1987: Her clothing definitively placing her as a chid of the ’80s, Crown Princess Victoria attends a concert with her parents

Princess Victoria, 1988

December 1988: Victoria with her siblings at Christmas

Crown Princess Victoria 1990

1990: A snow princess during a skiing vacation in Storlien

Crown Princess Victoria in 1991

1991: The Crown Princess at 14 with a camera

1992: The Crown Princess with her parents on the day of her confirmation

The Royal Family celebrates Queen Silvia's 50th birthday 1993

1993: In all their finery, Crown Princess Victoria joins her family to celebrate Queen Silvia’s 50th birthday

June 1994: Celebrating National Day

July 1995: Crown Princess Victoria on her 18th birthday

Crown Princess Victoria

1996: The Crown Princess on the day of her high school graduation

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2 Responses to Crown Princess Victoria Turns 40 – Her Life In Pictures (1987-1996)

  1. Teddi Anne says:

    I love her hair worn “down”….the photo with the camera is so beautiful! She is a lovely young woman.

  2. Southern Lady says:

    I agree.

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