A Rest for the Emperor After Mild Fever

  January 30, 2017 at 4:44 am by

Emperor Akihito of Japan was unable to attend a ritual ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo this morning due to a mild fever.

The Imperial Household Agency confirmed that His Imperial Majesty was given a flu shot at the weekend as a measure to prevent pneumonia. However, due to the nature of the inoculation, it may have caused his temperature to rise. The Agency added that there were no signs of a cold or other illness and that Emperor Akihito’s cancellation was just to be “on the safe side”.

The ritual ceremony was scheduled to take place prior to the Emperor and Empress visiting the Imperial Villa in Hayama, Kanazawa Prefecture later today, but thankfully the trip will still go ahead and will allow Their Imperial Majesties a few days rest and relaxation.

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  1. mbruno says:

    Just a comment: the Emperor of Japan uses the style “Majesty” as oppossed to “Imperial Majesty”. It is only the princes of the Imperial House who are referred to as “Imperial Highness”.

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