Prince Laurent Takes Family To Visit Homeless Shelter

  January 5, 2017 at 2:46 pm by

Belgium’s Prince Laurent and his family visited a homeless shelter in Brussels today, which is run through an initiative of Le Foundation prince Laurent. The initiative is unique in that it allows the homeless staying at the shelter to bring their pet dogs with them.

The Prince and his wife, Princess Claire, spoke with the individuals who run the shelter and the people taking up its services; while their children – Louise, Nicolas and Aymeric – feed kibble to the dogs there.

This is the sixth year that the Foundation has run the shelter initiative, which also provides the homeless with access to services to assist their financial, social and familial situations. Between 12 and 14 people stay in the shelter each evening.

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  1. Clarence LaFuentes II says:

    Good morning,
    This is inspiring. Thank you for the visit.

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