Prince Dimitri Romanovich Has Passed Away, Aged 90

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One of the claimants to the defunct Russian throne and head of the Romanov Family Association, Prince Dimitri Romanovich, passed away in a Danish hospital on December 31, his wife announced today.

“Dimitri Romanovich died at hospital on the evening of December 31,” Princess Theodora told the Russian news agency TASS, adding he had been in admitted to hospital last week with serious ill health.

The Prince was the younger son of Prince Roman Petrovich of Russia, a second cousin of the last Tsar, Nicholas II; a great-great-grandson of Tsar Nicholas I. Following the death of elder brother Prince Nicholas Romanovich in 2014, Dimitri was considered the Head of the House of Romanov, as the senior-most male-line descendant, by the Romanov Family Association (Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna is the other claimant).

Prince Dimitri was born in Cap d’Antibes, France on May 17, 1926 and spent his childhood there before moving to Italy. The family later moved to Egypt after the Second World War as a consequence of their close relationship with the Italian Royal Family. The Prince moved to Denmark in the 1960s to work for a number of banking institutions.

He married twice: firstly to Johanna von Kauffmann, who died in 1989; then to Dorrit Reventlow in 1993. He had no children with either wife.

The Prince was a founder and chairman of several charitable organisations set up to provide assistance to the Russian people in the post-communist era.

Russia’s Prime Minister, Dimitri Medvedev, said of Prince Dimitri’s death, “He was one of our most outstanding compatriots and, as the oldest in his family, he was by right the head of the Romanov Family Association. During our meetings in person I realized again and again that he never distanced himself from Russia and always helped his motherland with real deeds.”

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    Condolence to the Russian Royal Family. R.I.P.

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