A Busy Day For Queen Maxima

  November 17, 2016 at 8:00 pm by

This morning, Thursday November 17, Her Majesty Queen Maxima paid a working visit to the Welfare Barneveld, a welfare organization situated in the Municipality of Barneveld.
Along with the help of volunteers, caregivers, seniors, adults and youth, the organization aims to provide support to all the residents of the municipality.

Specifically Queen Maxima visited the friendly project “Pride & Future” that is supported by the Oranje Fonds. The purpose of the project is to guide young people from 13 years old with the help of a mentor to develop and achieve their goals.

During the visit, the Queen met with the volunteers of the project and also the young people involved in it, they informed Queen Maxima how the project works. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are patrons of the Oranje Fonds.

In the afternoon, the Queen visited the community center De Mussen in Den Haag to mark its 90th anniversary. This center was founded to offer support to young people and their parents who are disadvantaged socially, economically and culturally and provides activities in the field of sport, health, art, culture and participation.

Queen Maxima made a tour of the center and was informed how the center works by the volunteers and the staff. The center employs 22 professionals, more than 100 volunteers about 40 trainees.

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