Sunday Times hails Letizia the “Style Queen”

  May 10, 2009 at 3:32 pm by

The Day Carla Met Her Match

Click the image to see the photo at the Daily Mail

Princess Letizia

Click the image to see the photo at The Sunday Times

Ever since that state visit to Spain by President Sarkzoy, the British press have suddenly taken notice of Crown Princess Letizia. Her fashion choices have featured on front pages of newspapers and in magazines across Britain and further afield. While we at the Royal Forums may be familiar with the Spanish royals, many are not. The attention that Letizia has received in Britain since the French visit has been quite unusual yet this was only down to the presence of Carla Bruni. However, it has been refreshing to see an increase in coverage of Princess Letizia in the British press. The day after the visit, Letizia featured on the front page of a number of high-profile British newspapers including the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. Headlines read “The day Carla finally meet her match”. It seemed to have been forgotten that Letizia has been a public figure long before we had even heard of the likes of Carla Bruni. The British Hello magazine featured Letizia on the front cover, something that had not happened since her wedding to Crown Prince Felipe five years previous. And the coverage continues with today’s Sunday Times featuring a spread on how to create the style of Letizia in their fashion supplement.

The Times article comments on many of the familiar features of Letizia’s fashion choices – the trademark white trouser suit from her engagement, her love of Spanish high-street fashions (Zara, Mango and Massimo Dutti), the killer platform shoes and the famous Letizia recycling. Letizia certainly does challenge Carla in the fashion stakes. There are a number of similarites as both Letizia and Carla married from their professional lives into the spotlight – Carla a former model and Letizia a former TV newsreader. Yet Letiza is completely different from Carla in terms of fashion, preferring relatively low-key designers such as Felipe Varela to the high-end fashions choices notably Dior that Carla favours. Letizia continually recycles her wardrobe whilst Carla is very rarely pictured wearing the same outfit twice. There is a relaxed and fun element to Letizia’s style that makes her the popular modern-day royal. The Sunday Times hails Letizia as Europe’s “new fashion queen,” but more important to Letizia is her royal role and her duties rather than fashion, something I think the ‘fashion-obsessed’ Carla Bruni could definitely learn a lesson from.

To read the Sunday Times article please follow this link.

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