Princess Beatrice d’Orleans Gives Interview to ‘Tiempo’

  May 8, 2009 at 3:16 pm by

Click on image to see caricature in Tiempo

Click on image to see caricature in Tiempo

Princess Beatrice d’Orleans, countess of Évreux, gave an interview to the Spanish magazine ‘Tiempo’ this week. The princess was born as Beatrice Pasquier de Franclieu, daughter of Bruno de Pasquier de Franclieu, count de Pasquier de Franclieu and Jacqueline Térisse, born in 1941. She married prince Michel of Orleans in a low-key ceremony in Casablance, Morocco on 18 November 1967. Her husband’s father, the late count of Paris, was against the marriage, as he wasn’t too impressed by Beatrice’s noble background (or the lack of it). The couple had difficulties in finding a priest who dared to marry them, as the count made his disapproval well known.

The marriage between Beatrice and prince Michel didn’t last however, the couple seperated in 1994, though they never divorced. After the separation the princess moved to Spain, where she still lives. In the interview with ‘Tiempo’ princess Beatrice says that it was a love match but after 30 years she grew tired of her husband and thew him out of the house. The prince was unemployed so the princess had to start working, and as a man of his generation prince Michel found it difficult to deal with that. Before the seperation the couple lived in Germany, Morocco and in the UK and had four children: Clothilde, Adélaïde, Charles-Philippe and François.

Click on image to see photo at

Click on image to see photo at

The princess also tells ‘Tiempo’ that she still has a title because she is not divorced, but a divorce would mean that she would get another title as she is the mother of French princes. The princess might refer to the situation of her sister-in-law, who became duchess of Montpensier after she divorced the present head of the French royal family. The princess says she received the legion d’honeur and the French republic did her a great favor by simply naming her Beatrice Pasquier and not as Beatrice d’Orleans.

The rest of the article deals with the life of princess Beatrice in Spain and she also promotes a macrobiotic clinic for which she is working. The princess also reveals that she buys clothes at Zara as well, but that her favourite designer is Dior. In the evening she won’t wear anything else!

Read the interview in Spanish in the online edition of “Tiempo” here.

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