Princess Astrid Opens Clinic At St. Peter Hospital

  May 6, 2009 at 1:59 pm by

Click on image to see photo at Belga

Click on image to see photo at Belga

Princess Astrid of Belgium is known for her dedication to health care. She was therefore the most suitable person to open the new pudendal nerve entrapment clinic of the St. Peter hospital in Brussels.

The clinic will be dedicated to problems of the lower pelvis only. One out of three women have problems with their pelvis, sometimes caused by female genital cutting or after a woman gives birth. ‘Over 90 percent of our patients are women’, Michel Degueldre, chef geneacology says. Until recently these patiens had to go to various clinics to get the treatments they needed but now this is all located in the new clinic.

The clinic is already treating patients since January, but some details still had to arranged before the new building was completely finished. But today princess Astrid was able to open the new clinic, that is located on the 3rd floot of the St. Peter Hospital in Brussels.

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