‘Prince Laurent Wanted To Become A Muslim’

  May 5, 2009 at 3:07 pm by

Click on image to see photo at Het Laatste Nieuws

Click on image to see photo at Het Laatste Nieuws

Belgium’s prince Laurent never ceases to amaze people. This time the Flemish royalty author Jan van den Berghe, claims in his new book ‘God in Laken, het Belgische koningshuis en het katholicisme’ (God at Laeken, the Belgisan royal family and catholicism) that prince Laurent wanted to become a muslim and that he wanted to marry a woman from Mauretania. The magazine ‘Knack’ was able to read Van den Berghe’s book early and reveals this information.

According to ‘Knack’, Jan van den Berghe claims that he got his information from the infamous colonel Noel Vaessen, who is the former aid of the prince. That the prince is still a catholic is because of pere Guy Gilbert, who became a sort of a second father, according to van den Berghe.

More discussion about this in this TRF thread, and more information about the affair around colonel Vaessen in this TRF thread.

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