Prince Bernhard Also Lobbied for the F16 Fighter

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Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, consort to Queen Juliana wasn’t only involved in promoting American aeronautics Company Lockheed with the Dutch air force; in 1975 he also lobbied for the acquisition of the F16 fighter. This was revealed in the dissertation of Bert Kreemers, which will be presented today at the University of Leiden.

Prince Bernhard

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First Bernhard lobbied for the Cobra of Northrop, the president of the company, Thomas V. Jones even stayed at Soestdijk Palace when he visited The Netherlands, and used the car of the prince. After the American airforce picked the F16 by General Dynamics, the prine changed his course, he even warned Henry Kissinger that the issues with the landing rights of the KLM in the US had to be resolved if the Americans wanted the Dutch to chose thew F16. On 25 May 1975 the Dutch cabinet decided to acquire the F16 instead of the Cobra or the airplane of French aeronautics company Dassault.

A year later the Lockheed bribery scandals would come to light, which revealed that Bernhard took bribes from the company in exchange for his lobbying.

Read more about Prince Bernhard in this thread and more about the Lockheed scandal in this thread.

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