Princess Elisabetta Does Internship At European Parliament

  February 28, 2016 at 6:24 pm by

Princess Elisabetta has been doing an internship at the communication department of the European parliament in Brussels for the last five months. This has been discovered by the Flemish television programme ‘Royalty’.

The last time Elisabetta and her husband Amedeo have been seen in public was in december 2015, at at a party where their mother (in-law) Princess Astrid was honoured. The couple seems to prefer to stay out of the lime light, in which they succeeded so well that it took the press five months before they discovered that Elisabetta is doing an internship at the European parlament.

Just like other EU interns Elisabetta receives a salary of 1200 Euros a month. The princess worked on various media projects during her internship. Elisabetta studied film and literature in London and has worked as a journalist for Bloomberg media group in New York for a few years. Her husband, prince Amedeo, works as a consultant.

Disclaimer: it is still unclear if we should refer to her as Archduchess Elisabetta, Princess Elisabetta, Princess Amedeo or simply as Lili Rosboch von Wolkenstein. At TRF we have chosen to stick to ‘Princess Elisabetta’ until the Belgian palace gives more clarity.

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