Fürstin Eilika of Leiningen Dies A Few Days Before Her 88th Birthday

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Local press reports that Dowager Fürstin Eilika of Leiningen has died this tuesday in Amorbach, aged 87. The princess died a few days before her 88th birthday on February 2nd.

Fürstin Eilika was born HH Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg in 1922. She was the fourth child of Hereditary Grand Duke Nikolaus of Oldenburg and his wife Princess Helena of Waldeck-Pyrmont. Both her parents were first cousins of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands, which is probably why she acted as a bridesmaid during Juliana’s 1937 wedding to Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. In 1950 she married businessman Emich, 7th Fürst of Leiningen in Rastede. Together they had four chidren: Princess Melita (1951), Prince Karl-Emich (1952), Fürst Andreas (1955) and Princess Stephanie (1958).

The princess was an honorary citizen of the town Amorbach in Bavaria, where the family still owns a castle. She dedicated herself to the cultural life in the town and was active in various organisations.

Fürst Emich died in 1991. The prince was succeeded by his second son, Prince Andreas (now the 8th Fürst of Leiningen), who is married to princess Alexandra of Hannover. Before his death the 7th fürst disinherited his eldest son prince Karl-Emich due to his morganatic marriage to his Gabriëlle Thyssen. Prince Emich claimed that his family’s disapproval was one of the reasons why Gabriella Thyssen later converted to Islam and eloped with the Aga Khan IVin 1998.

In 2000 prince Karl-Emich has unsuccesfully tried to claim his share of the family properties estimated at 130 million, containing Amorbach castle, a Mediterenean island and other assets. He also claimed that his mother refused to speak to him since his wedding to Miss Thyssen. It is unknown if the family rift was mended but neither his mother nor his siblings attended his 3rd wedding to countess Isabelle von Egloffstein in 2008.

Details of the funeral of the dowager princess have not been shared with the press yet.

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