Princess Claire at Télévie Rally

  April 20, 2009 at 2:02 pm by

On Sunday 19 April, Princess Claire of Belgium attended the Télévie Rally in Charleroi. Télévie is organized every year by the commercial television RTL-TVI. It is an action in which attention is asked for cancer and leukemia, and through all sorts of actions funds are collected for research and social projects. The kick off of this year’s action was given at the Long Term parking lot of the Airport of Charleroi (also called Brussels South Airport). Princess Claire really seemed to enjoy the rally of motor bikes, ancient cars, bikes and even tractors.

Click to see full image at LeSoir

Click to see full image at LeSoir

The Princess visited the public interest stands and walked through the crowds, talking to everyone and giving particular attention to the children present. A lot of people came to the event, probably lured outside thanks to the beautiful weather. There were so many visitors, that the organization suddenly realized there weren’t enough hamburgers for everyone.

For a thread about Princess Claire’s activities, see here.
For an article about the event, see here. (In French) There’s also a video caption.
There also is a picture gallery at Belga and LeSoir.

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