Katie Price, AKA Jordan, and Her New Royal Friend

  April 19, 2009 at 11:05 am by

Click here to see more from the Daily Mail

Click here to see more from the Daily Mail

In a new article in the Daily Mail, Jordan, the British glamour model and equestrian enthusiast, has struck up another royal connection: Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, and daughter of Princess Anne, the princess royal. According to Jordan, Zara Phillips has been her friend ever since the two met last year at the Burghley Horse Trials. This is not the first time that Jordan has mingled with royalty. Earlier this year, the glamour model claimed that she had been invited to have lunch with the Queen, but had to turn down the opportunity due to a previous commitment. She later stated that she would be meeting with Princess Anne at a later date.

Just like Princess Anne, Zara Phillips is an avid equestrienne, who competes in events regularly. Jordan has also been riding horses throughout her life, and is trying to make a name for herself in the equestrian world. When asked about the new friendship, Zara Phillips’ spokesperson initially admitted that it was true; although, he later denied it. Click here to read more from the Daily Mail.

For more information about Zara Phillips and Princess Anne, click here.

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  1. Ashley says:

    The Daily Mail also once wrote that “Jordan” dated Prince Will’s Etonian friend James Tollemache. That was a long time ago, though. Before James hooked up with Arabella, Will’s ex. But Arabella is apparently now Jamie’s ex too. Ah, the gossip mill. Who’s Dating Who. You could write volumes just on that topic. 🙂

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