Princess Christina Turns 71

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On August 3, Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson celebrated her seventy first birthday.

Princess Christina of Sweden was born on August 3, 1943 at Haga Palace in Stockholm. She is the fourth child of Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten and his wife, Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. She has four siblings: Princess Margaretha (born in 1934), Princess Birgitta (born in 1937), Princess Désirée (born in 1938) and King Carl XVI Gustaf (born in 1946).

On June 15, 1974, Princess Christina married Tord Magnuson at the Royal Palace Church. The marriage was considered unequal, and as a result, Princess Christina had to give up her style of Royal Highness and received the title and style of Her Excellency Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson. She and her husband have three sons: Gustaf Magnuson (born in 1975 – in 2013 he married Vicky Andrén), Oscar Magnuson (born in 1977 – in 2011 he married Emma Ledent) and Victor Magnuson (born in 1980 – he is currently in a relationship with Frida Bergström). Princess Christina and her husband have three grandchildren.

Despite not being a member of the Swedish Royal Family, Princess Christina still performs official engagements, such as attending the Nobel Peace Prize. For nine years, she was the chairman of the Swedish Red Cross.

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  1. NATALYA says:

    Happy Birthday to Princes Christina !

  2. The title, granted by her grandfather His Majesty King Gustav VI Adolf, by the Grace of God, Sweden’s, Gothia’s and Wendia’s King, is:
    Princess Christina, Mrs Magnusson (Prinsessan Christina, Fru Magnusson).

    Titles for her sisters, except Her Royal Highness Princess Brigitta, Princess of Hohenzollern, Princess of Sweden, who married equally, where granted in the same way:

    Princess Margareta, Mrs Ambler
    Princess Desirée, Baroness Silverschöld

    The style Excellency has never been a part of the official titles for the princesses.

    In today’s Sweden, the style Excellency is only officially recognized for the Marshal of the Realm (Riksmarskalken). Before 1975, when the unfortunate constitution of today became effective, the style Excellency was also recognized for the Prime minister (Statsministern) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesministern)

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