Mother-Daughter Date at Skansen Aquarium

  April 16, 2014 at 9:52 pm by

It was a mother-date date for Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden today, as she brought along two year old Princess Estelle for an engagement at Skansen Aquarium.

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There to officially open a new exhibition on endangered frogs and toads, Frogs – Jungle Jewels, the Crown Princess did so by dropping a cane toad into its environment, after the owner of the aquarium, Jonas Wahlstrom, gave a speech about the dangers surrounding frogs today.

Victoria and Estelle were then shown around the exhibit, and were able to hold some of the creatures. The aim of the exhibit is to promote awareness of the plight of frogs in their native environments, and to educate people in the ways which frogs are necessary for the planet.

The little Princess took home with her a bright green stuffed frog toy. Estelle was described by Mr Wahlstrom as being a “very forward little girl” – much like her mother – and that she wasn’t afraid of the animals or the people at the event.

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One Response to Mother-Daughter Date at Skansen Aquarium

  1. Joyce says:

    Prince George and Princess Estelle are adorable
    children! All I can say is when are they
    coming to America?

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