Crown Princess Victoria Visits Ghana and Tanzania

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From March 17 to March 21, Crown Princess Victoria visited Ghana and Tanzania. Accompanying her was the Swedish Minister of Trade, Ewa Björling. The visit’s aim was to deepen the relationships between Sweden, Ghana and Tanzania.

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During her visit to Ghana, Crown Princess Victoria was welcomed by the Ghanaian Minister of Health, Mrs Hanny-Sherry Ayitey, and the Ghanaian Ambassador to Sweden, Kilander. Victoria then visited a training project for young girls within the slums. The girls from the slum told Victoria that they were talking about their dreams and plans for the future, and also that they creating their own web page about their dreams. One of the girls told Victoria that she wanted to become a pilot when she was older, and Victoria said that she hoped the girl’s dreams came true. The day ended with a round Table discussion.

On Tuesday, she visited the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Center in Accra, Ghana. Ewa Björling was given an award on behalf of her support for the training center. She then visited the headquarters of Viasat, a television channel, where she planted a tree and had a lunch and dinner with the Ghanaian President. Ewa Björling said that Victoria seems to be very interested in what she discusses with the people and officials whilst on her visits, and that she has become friends with Victoria. Victoria, Ewa, Kilander and President John Dramani Mahama then had a meeting at the President’s chalet. Crown Princess Victoria also visited the Kwame Nkrumah National Park in Accra.

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On her first day in Tanzania, Victoria arrived at her first destination, Dar es Salaam. She also visited the Tanzania Investment Center and then WaterAid Sweden, where she learnt how to improve people’s lives with clean water and sanitation. During the evening, she went to the residence of the Swedish Ambassador to Ghana. During the day, she also meant Bernard Membe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The next day, Victoria visited a Tanzanian school. The day after that, she visited the CCBRT Hospital. The hospital is working to raise awareness and free children to women who are in the danger of losing their children. She then attended a seminar of Young Entrepreneurship.

During the last day, there was an interview with Victoria and Ewa.

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