Special Flower Girl For Princess Máxima

  April 7, 2009 at 10:03 am by

Click on image to see photo at www.volkskrant.nl

Click on image to see photo at www.volkskrant.nl

The mayor of Apeldoorn, where this year’s Queen’s Day will be held, has selected eight girls to hand over flowers to the Dutch royal ladies. The mayor started a competition in which school children could send in anything related to the theme ‘Queen Beatrix and Apeldoorn’. Of the 560 creations that were received, the seven best were picked, they werte made by: Noa (8), Anna (7), Demi (7), Sophie (9), Jasmijn (8), Noa (9) and Anne Ruth (10).

The 8th flowergirl is Suzanne Huisman (7). Suzanne will hand over the flowers to princess Máxima as she has a personal connection with her. Suzanne was born after a pregnancy of 30 weeks, 7 years ago and her weight was less than a kilo. Princess Máxima visited the Isala clinic in Zwolle during her introduction tour of The Netherlands, where Suzanne was in a neonatal intensive-care unit. When the parents asked if Maxima if she wanted to hold the baby, Maxima replied ‘mag dat dan?’ (is that allowed?), and she did. The picture made it to the cover of most newspapers and magazines.

Note that there are only 8 flower girls and 9 female royals, so that might mean that one will be absent, possibly princess Aimee who will be 7 months pregnant.

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