Prince Bernhard: Rascal or Criminal?

  April 7, 2009 at 10:46 am by

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The book “Van de prins geen kwaad” by Geert Aalders has been released last week. The book combines the various columns that Aalders wrote about Prince Bernhard for the republican magazine ‘ Republikein’. The author calls the prince a charlatan and wonders how Bernhard could have been so extremely popular while he, in the author’s own words: ‘lied, made u-turns, took bribes, cheated on his wife, only pursued his own interests, hung around with shady people, corrupted ministers and constantly spread fantasies about himself’.

Aalders writes in twelve chapters about various aspects of Benrhard’s life, the Lockheed scandal, membership of Nazi organisations, dubious friends and about the so-called stadholders letter, a letter in which according to some republicans, the prince offered the Nazi’s to become stadholder of the Netherlands.

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