Joachim & Co Launch Boat in Sønderborg

  August 18, 2013 at 1:42 am by

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Prince Joachim brought along his family yesterday when he attended the launch of a new boat in Sønderborg.

The Prince, as patron of the Society for Nydam Research, visited the fishing village of Sottrupskov, north-west of Sønderborg, accompanied by his wife, Marie, and three sons, Nikolai, Felix and Henrik. The purpose of the visit was the naming and launching of the Nydam Tveir, a replica of a boat from around 320AD.

View the full gallery at JydskeVestkysten

The original Nydam was recovered in the mid-1800s from the Nydam Bog, in Sundeved. It is currently on display at Gottorp Castle in Schleswig, and is known as the oldest rowing vessel in Northern Europe.

Princess Marie officially named the boat, before Prince Joachim cut the ribbon allowing the boat to enter the water. The three young Princes were given the opportunity to have a look around the boat before the naming ceremony, and Nikolai and Felix were tasked with attaching two of the last pieces of the boat in position.

The Society for Nydam Research was established in 1983 to research further into the Nydam Bog discoveries, to educate about the history and findings, and to protect the Bog and its surroundings for future generations.

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