‘I Felt The Need To Defend Queen Juliana’

  March 31, 2009 at 6:08 am by

Click on image to see photo at anekdotes.net

Click on image to see photo at anekdotes.net

A new book on the late Queen Juliana (Juliana: an underestimated queen) will be available in stores tomorrow. The author tells in an interview with athe Reformatorisch Dagblad that he felt the need to defend queen Juliana after the book that was published half a year ago by Prof. C. Fasseur about the crisis at the Dutch court with faith healer Greet Hofmans in the fifties.

Fasseur has been critisized for being biased and for only showing prince Bernhard’s side of the story, solely blaming Juliana for the crisis.

On 7 April the director of the Orange fund will accept the first copy of the book in the ‘Juliana room’ his office in Utrecht. A large amount of the money that the Orange fund now has originally comes from the Juliana fund (which merged with some other royal funds into the Orange fund), so it is appropriate that the book will be presented in this room.

Click here for the article in Dutch.

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