Have You Guessed Yet?

  June 30, 2013 at 3:19 am by

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Since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that they were expecting a child in July 2013, The Royal Forums has several threads for members to discuss godparents, the gender etc. So have you joined in yet? If not, its not too late to do so.

For guessing Potential Names and Godparents see this thread. The Cambridge Baby: Musings and Suggestions thread can be found here.

And don’t forget to vote in the Gender Poll thread see here.

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9 Responses to Have You Guessed Yet?

  1. Shirley-Anne Thomson says:

    A daughter Diann, Anne, Elizabeth, Rachel, Charlotte
    God parents, Princess Anne, Prince Harry, Kates sister,
    7lb 12ozs

  2. Joan Hansen says:

    A girl named Victoria Elizabeth Diana Carol
    A boy named James Philip Charles William

  3. Kyle Klever says:

    Prince Kyle will be born on July 14, my birthday!!

  4. kathryn r says:

    A daughter. Victoria Adelaide Dagmar Alexandra Maude Xenia. 7 lbs. Earl Spencer and Pippa Middleton.

  5. Name: Elizabeth Diana Mary. Called Princess Diana.
    If a son, Prince Charles, Louis, Henry, Albert.
    Godparents: Pippa Middelton, Prince Henry of Wales, and others.

  6. Princess Diana Elizabeth Carol, 7 lbs
    Godparents: Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry

  7. Geri TAVARES says:

    I think god parents are traditionally chosen from neighbouring heads of state. Mary of Denmark is princess Victoria’s daughter estelles godmother. I am thinking the Greek royal chantal would be asked..Williams godfather is Greek.

  8. Blanchie says:


  9. Anniecat says:

    A girl, named Charlotte Michelle for her two grandfathers.

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