Willem-Alexander & Máxima in Gelderland and Utrecht

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On Thursday May 30th, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima made a visit to the Provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht.

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In the morning the Royal Couple arrived to Arnhem, the capital of the Province of Gelderland. They were welcomed by the Commissioner of the King, Mr. Clemens Cornielje, and attended a reception at the House of the Province where they met members of the Executive Council and the chairmen of the Provincial Council.

In Oosterbeek, a village of the municipality of Renkum, after being greeted by the Mayor of Renkum Mr. Jean Paul Gebben, the King and the Queen visited the art market where they saw art works from local and regional artists.

In Wageningen the Royal Couple made a trip through the city in a open carriage and then in the port the King and the Queen boarded on a boat “Eureka V” who took them in Amerongen along with 100 inhabitants of the provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht.

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In the afternoon King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited the Province Utrecht. At their arrival in Vianen they were greeted by the Commissioner of the King and the Mayor of Vianen, Mr. Wim Groeneweg. The Royal Couple met the Mayor of Utrecht Aleid Wolfsen in the district of Lombok who is a multicultural area in development.

The visit ended in Paushuize with a walk through the Cathedral Square and also the King and the Queen met the members of the Executive Council, the mayors of the 26 municipalities.

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