Princess Elisabeth of Denmark Turns 78

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Princess Elisabeth of Denmark celebrated her 78th birthday on May 8th.

The Princess is a lesser-known member of the Danish royal family, and a first cousin of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. She is currently 12th in the line of succession to the Danish throne.

Princess Elisabeth is unmarried and was born in 1935 in Copenhagen. Her parents were the late Hereditary Prince Knud and Hereditary Princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark; her father was the youngest child of King Christian X of Denmark.

The Princess often attends official court ceremonies, such as the New Years Court and royal weddings.

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4 Responses to Princess Elisabeth of Denmark Turns 78

  1. Shirley-Anne Thomson says:

    Happy birthday – I was born on 30 April we are the same age.

  2. natalya says:

    Happy Birthday to Princess Elizabeth of Denmark !
    Health, High Spirits and the finest returns of the life !

  3. sulistyawati says:

    Happy Birthday Princess Elizabeth of Denmark, you are a beautiful Princess

  4. Cindy Widya Japardi says:

    Happy Birthday Princess Elisabeth of Denmark! You are beautiful as AKB48. It’s 20 days after my biggest fan Princess Ariane/Ariana of the Netherlands

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