Prince Friso in State of “Minimal Consciousness”

  November 19, 2012 at 11:20 am by

The Dutch Government Information Service has today released a statement regarding the current state of Prince Friso.

The RVD said that Prince Friso, who has been in a coma since a skiing accident in February, has recently begun showing signs of minimal consciousness. This state is one of four states of consciousness which inhibit consciousness. In this stage, the patient may respond briefly to stimuli – ie. a smile – but are inconsistent.

No further information apart from the confirmation that it will be several more months before a definitive conclusion about the Prince’s state can be determined.

Princess Mabel did add a message of thanks to the statement, which she also Tweeted, saying, “This is the worst period of my life. My love for Friso, the support of family and friends, and the many messages of sympathy give me strength in this difficult time.”

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8 Responses to Prince Friso in State of “Minimal Consciousness”

  1. My deepest sympathies go to your family. My brother was struck by a car in 1982 just after my son’s birth. He remained in a coma until 2003 when he passed. In the beginning there was hope after his wounds healed, but his brain really never got better, we loved his smiles when we got them and dreaded his seizures when he was over-stimulated. I could write a book… Just love him as long as you have him with you. He can hear everything you say to him. God Bless!

  2. Natalie says:

    I hope all continues to be well!

  3. AstroHealer says:

    As I have predicted in Spring: Relief in and after November. Thank God. There will be more relief to come. My best wishes are with Prince Friso and his family.

  4. natalya says:

    Thanks to Dutch Government Information Service for thi wonderful news.
    The hope grows!
    Natalya Radovanskaya

  5. Shirinalzebari says:

    He will make it , and very soon, hope to see the smile again on his face and on the faces of all his family,

  6. Jimm says:

    May he continue to improve.

  7. Lady says:

    God Bless Prince Friso. Hope he continues to recover.

  8. This is a good news and hopefully Prince Friso would be okay and would be back in his consciousness before New Year, I think it will be a wonderful New Year’s gift for his wife, children and family.

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